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  1. I got some real good info here for the coalcracker at Big Diamond so let's try it for Penn-Can. Any recommendations on where to sit? Can I go in early and save my seat? How's the tailgating and most importantly (for my wife) is there an accessible bathroom out in the parking lot for the tailgaters?
  2. Nice place, I don't think I brought enough beer. 🥴
  3. Thanks for the info guys, I'm heading out early Sunday morning. Looking forward to it.
  4. Since there's no Classic weekend this year and I enjoyed the hell out of my PA speedweek trip, I was looking for information on Big Diamond for Sunday's big race. I've never been there. Will I be able to get a decent seat if I get there an hour before gates open? How's the tailgating scene (can I go in, save my seat and go back out)? Good places to eat nearby before the show starts? I really don't want to drive 4 + hours to sit on the bottom row in turn 4. I'll do it but I don't want to 🥴
  5. Could somebody recommend a wheel/pedal kit compatible with the PS4? I don't mind spending a bit for something that works well and will last.
  6. Never use again? Drivers won't be allowed to run other American racer shows? I was unaware. My apologies.
  7. 6 races in 6 nights with travel in between? How many teams won't buy tires for a Deyo show but will do all 6 nights?
  8. I was there last night and for about the 1st hour after the gates opened event staff did a pretty good job keeping people to abide by the every other row rule, but then they just kind of disappeared and people sat wherever. I'm guessing they just gave up with all the people flowing into the place.
  9. Same here, cant get info from Fonda. With the good crowds he had last year social distancing isn't very realistic. Will they limit ticket sales? Am I going to drive out there just to be turned away at the gate? I doubt that would happen but some info would be great.
  10. That will be ok for me, as long as I can eat. It should work out ok.
  11. After changing my mind 37 times I went cheap and booked a room in Carlisle for 6 nights. Definitely going to try to do the Gettysburg thing.
  12. I'm leaning towards this one. Lincoln, Selinsgrove, and the Port are all 50ish minutes away. Grandview and Hagerstown are both about 90 minutes. I'm thinking I should wait a few days to be sure places will be open, my big concern being restaurants.
  13. Not looking for anything fancy. A reasonably priced clean room. I'd like to be walking distance to some restaurants and maybe some bars, some kind of night life in case of a rainout. I'm not even sure if things are open in PA but they are allowing fans at the tracks so I'm assuming they are. So its between Mechanicsburg and Carlisle so far.
  14. I'm seriously considering going to the PA speed week coming up. Starting 6-27 at Lincoln thru 7-2 at Hagerstown would be the races I attend, looking at a map it would seem that Harrisburg would be the best spot to settle into a hotel room for 6 nights. Anybody familiar with the area have any helpful advice? I'm coming from upstate NY.
  15. It's time to go racing with fans in the stands. Lets face it, the riots have put an end to social distancing. If people can loot together we can watch the races together.
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