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  1. TheUnderdogBulldog

    Valley Prostock

    The program that's used for scoring is, sometimes, a bit finicky. It has a panic attack if 2 cars have the same number in the system even though the transponder numbers are different. That's why when you look at Race Monitor you will see cars that normally don't have a letter attached to their number have a letter. For example, some tracks will have Stewie in the system as 44 and some as 44F. That's what happened here. Dan and Luke both had 97 as their numbers and the system flipped out.
  2. TheUnderdogBulldog

    Valley Prostock

    The race at Airborne on Saturday was cancelled due to the weather. As for Malta Friday night... are they past lap 40 yet? I was concerned that I was going to run out of popcorn.
  3. And Gasket does get the bonus points. It did go green to checkers. That was definitely one of the best d*mn pro stock races I've seen. (I may be slightly biased.... #prostocksrule)
  4. While we're at it... Via the Friends of Hondo Memorial Society Facebook page... The Hondo Classic is a 29 Lap Pro Stock Race at the Legendary Fonda Speedway and pays tribute to the memory of the late Hondo Carpenter. Hondo piloted the #9 Pro Stock and was having a stellar season when it was cut short by an atv accident on July 4, 2005. Each year Pro Stock competitors vie for one of the biggest pro stock purses in the East in a showstopper of a race. You don't want to miss it. If you are interested in sponsoring the 2019 event, contact Kelley or Kaitlyn Keefe on this page or email HondoClassic@gmail.com
  5. TheUnderdogBulldog

    Carrier Dome Indoor Races

    My thoughts exactly. They wouldn't have access to the Dome until at least April unless they aren't hosting any NCAA tourney games.
  6. Here's the World 100 story about the win, the deal with the trailer, and the polish victory lap around Eldora. https://racingnews.co/2018/10/14/tim-mccreadie-did-a-polish-lap-with-his-little-trailer-after-winning-eldora-video/ And, oh, if you haven't seen the photo, Timmy's midget (and number!) for the Chili Bowl looks a little familiar. Think Dad!
  7. There is a curfew at Charlotte and it's a hard one too. 11:00pm - no if, ands, or buts (I think because of that 3am talked about earlier). They ended up making this past weekend's Short Track Championship a Saturday/Sunday show because of the weather and that they had 9 divisions and over 400 cars.
  8. Currently watching Friday's activities at Oswego on FloRacing.
  9. Darrell - see here --> http://www.dirttrackdigest.com/SDWLIVE2/?p=1968
  10. Solved. http://www.dirttrackdigest.com/SDWLIVE2/?p=1968
  11. So... with Time Trials rained out today, what are the options? Or are they slim to none and Slim's about to walk out the door?
  12. TheUnderdogBulldog

    Fonda 9/15

    August 21, 2010 to be exact.
  13. TheUnderdogBulldog

    Fonda 9/15

    I do believe they said Pat's last win was 2010.
  14. The pond makes me think Utica-Rome as well.
  15. That's actually Cody Bleau in the 73 and that's the good side of the car. The other side has been beat up for a while without the sail panels.