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  1. It was Beau Ballard that got Luke Horning. It happened right as they were coming to DTD.tv's cameraman on the backstretch. He got it all the action on camera.
  2. Don't know if this helps, but the logo on the fencing, Terrafix, is out of Canada.
  3. As some one who does scoring, both by hand and by transponder, it was the right call to have the transponder locations looked at by tech. They could be mounted in the same place and one could be just fractions of an inch off compared to each other's location. This is where other track officials would get involved (not just scoring) to make the final decision. However, there are other factors at play as well. Some are mentioned above... Where are the photographers standing when they're taking the picture? Where is the video being taken from? Does scoring and/or race director have a full view of the car (as in is can the car be fully seen when running the outside from wherever scoring/race director is)? Where exactly that scoring loop in relation to the flagger and the start/finish line? What bodies are the cars running and does one bumper stick out justthismuchmore than the other (is it Chevy Body v. Chevy Body or Chevy v. Ford, is there accident damage, you get the idea)? At the same time, something I've always wondered, is what is the positioning of the loop that's buried? Think about it for a second. You constantly have cars driving on the track in the same direction, high, low, and middle. You've got packer trucks going in the opposite direction. That earth has to move since the clay can be dug up and new put down. Who knows if that loop's moved and if it has, is it now at a diagonal, meaning the inside guy (2nd place) may trigger it before the outside guy and vice versa or is it still in a straight line just thismuchaway from where it originally buried. The other thing at play, and it doesn't sound like it applies here, is are both transponders working? If one of the cars has to be manually inputted into the scoring system, then that is another added issue because it's done on approximation. This, I would think, would automatically trigger a video review if it was, in this case, tooclosetocall. Down... to answer your question, when the cars go over the loop, the loop will detect the transponder and send the signal to the server/decoder box located usually in the scoring tower and then send the info on to the computer software. The software gives us the time it takes for the transponder to cross the loop and then cross again and then cross again, etc as the laps tick off. If for some reason the loop isn't picking up the transponder (for instance battery dies, it comes off the car, accident damage, doesn't have one, etc), we can manually add the "signal", but it will only be a close approximation since we are working off of our eyes, as in if they are 4th, we'll make them 4th. If, in this case, it was tooclosetocall, then we would have to rely on video/photo to see what they got to make the final decision. I hope this all makes sense.
  4. I don't know if I would consider this the best day, but it was certainly one of the most memorable, for me. Someone might have to fact check the date, but I do believe it might be April 29, 2006 - Fonda Speedway. Jessica Zemken (now Friesen) started about 12th in the 360 Sprint race and they had a bunch of cautions at the beginning. The attrition due to the cautions was slowly getting her to the front. Finally, with some green flag laps, the race was on. When she took the lead, and eventually go on for the win, you would have thought that Lou Lazzaro (who had passed 6 years earlier) had just won another feature at Fonda. I hadn't seen a Fonda crowd get that excited, or go that crazy in a while. Everyone was pulling for her.
  5. If you see a stopwatch in the upper right hand corner, then the times are sorted by fastest lap. If you see a 1-2-3 podium, then it's sorted by position. Something didn't get checked/unchecked when the link to Race Monitor was created.
  6. The program that's used for scoring is, sometimes, a bit finicky. It has a panic attack if 2 cars have the same number in the system even though the transponder numbers are different. That's why when you look at Race Monitor you will see cars that normally don't have a letter attached to their number have a letter. For example, some tracks will have Stewie in the system as 44 and some as 44F. That's what happened here. Dan and Luke both had 97 as their numbers and the system flipped out.
  7. The race at Airborne on Saturday was cancelled due to the weather. As for Malta Friday night... are they past lap 40 yet? I was concerned that I was going to run out of popcorn.
  8. And Gasket does get the bonus points. It did go green to checkers. That was definitely one of the best d*mn pro stock races I've seen. (I may be slightly biased.... #prostocksrule)
  9. While we're at it... Via the Friends of Hondo Memorial Society Facebook page... The Hondo Classic is a 29 Lap Pro Stock Race at the Legendary Fonda Speedway and pays tribute to the memory of the late Hondo Carpenter. Hondo piloted the #9 Pro Stock and was having a stellar season when it was cut short by an atv accident on July 4, 2005. Each year Pro Stock competitors vie for one of the biggest pro stock purses in the East in a showstopper of a race. You don't want to miss it. If you are interested in sponsoring the 2019 event, contact Kelley or Kaitlyn Keefe on this page or email HondoClassic@gmail.com
  10. My thoughts exactly. They wouldn't have access to the Dome until at least April unless they aren't hosting any NCAA tourney games.
  11. Here's the World 100 story about the win, the deal with the trailer, and the polish victory lap around Eldora. https://racingnews.co/2018/10/14/tim-mccreadie-did-a-polish-lap-with-his-little-trailer-after-winning-eldora-video/ And, oh, if you haven't seen the photo, Timmy's midget (and number!) for the Chili Bowl looks a little familiar. Think Dad!
  12. There is a curfew at Charlotte and it's a hard one too. 11:00pm - no if, ands, or buts (I think because of that 3am talked about earlier). They ended up making this past weekend's Short Track Championship a Saturday/Sunday show because of the weather and that they had 9 divisions and over 400 cars.
  13. So... with Time Trials rained out today, what are the options? Or are they slim to none and Slim's about to walk out the door?
  14. That's actually Cody Bleau in the 73 and that's the good side of the car. The other side has been beat up for a while without the sail panels.
  15. Sail panels aren't that bad (throw tomatoes here!! 🍅🍅🍅) if they're done right. The panel itself must have the same or a continuous paint job as the rest of the car, especially if you're going to run several races a year with them on. Otherwise, why? WHY??? See example below.
  16. I remember trying to find the track many moons ago when I was a SUNY Cortland student. It is/was certainly off the beaten path to get there. Is the Fish & Gun Club still across the road from the track?
  17. If anyone on here even has to ask where that's from, then we have truly failed today's youth, because, gosh darnit, the Germans did bomb Pearl Harbor.
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