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  1. Dirtcar needs some new venues, why not a series race at Stafford Springs or Thompson on the asphalt. Maybe a series race at Oswego on the pavement.
  2. Children should not be out on a speedway racing with 20-30-40-50 year-old drivers, no matter what the under-age skill level.
  3. (1) Without Oswego, there is no Super Dirt week. (2) Racing the 200 at night, has it's own set of problems. (like freezing your a$$ off) (3) Dirtcar made big dollars on Sunday, and money always win$..
  4. OCFS has a h%#d-@n for Sheppard because he can handle their boy Stewie. Little Perrego was popping - off , no suspension for him..
  5. Went last night, had a blast. Looking forward to the next race at Brookfield..
  6. Long night. Racing was good. Track was typical (sprint car) U-R, dusty & slick.
  7. The bottom line is always money. If there was a return on the investment, this place would have been built already. No return $$$ for the investor - no investment.
  8. Millennials. When I win, the track is the best. When I lose, the track sucks..
  9. Looks like. Crate Sportsman, Pro Stock / Street Stock, 4 Cylinders. Thursday, July 11 .
  10. Camping $1,000 per site. not a bad deal, put 10 people in a pop-up, only $100 a person..
  11. Super Dust car racing , is super slow motion racing , compared to Supermodifieds.
  12. Maybe we let Brett Deyo run a few events at Fonda, before people go bug sh%t. As far as Dust car, their show is super stale. .
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