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  1. Tim just won at Golden Isles and was very emotional speaking of his dad being ill..... what is wrong ? Sending positive thoughts for healing regardless.
  2. They were good for a bit and we were waiting for the push to the front....just did not have the setup they needed....I can only imagine the disappointment for Stew and his 52 team....however, I hope they know that we are very proud of the year they had and so enjoyed our Fridays watching them race their way to the top four. Congratulations !
  3. Yes, a lot of complaints about this....really shows how bad the current system is.... I too like Crafton but basing a championship on one race is nuts... imo...
  4. cleo

    World Finals

    You did not misunderstand... it was announced last night at eleven that starting 38 cars was too many so there would be consis. 😳
  5. In a way, they did him a favor as the big story all over the place is that Stewy came from back to front to win !! It truly was a bad call and is obvious what happened there.
  6. Mandee often says that her videos are a snapshot of her involvement in racing and comes from the daily activities of her dad, brother and Mike. It is not meant to be an interview type show with other drivers.... Her videos are not required watching.... you need to go looking for her videos ... sooooo if you do not like them... don't click on. We really enjoy Mandee , Mike and family.
  7. We have watched every truck race available on tv for years.....was thrilled when fs1 finally became available to us on Bell sat.
  8. I do not care who live streams it....just hope that it is done....
  9. Since Matt started racing at Merrittville he was tagged with " Mighty Mouse" being so young and small....however, I am thinking the mouse part could certainly be dropped.... and many are now referring to him as Mighty Matt.
  10. I am very curious as to why it takes so long to open the pits....why are they closed...what determines when they are to be opened ?
  11. I have the Flo racing also.... looking good but my sound went out about 10 minutes ago.....anyone else having this issue before I start messing with my computer or bugging them for no reason. EDIT.. got it back !!
  12. Just saw the answer to my question re Weedsport tonight....on another thread.... Mav tv owns the rights to tonight's race.
  13. Exactly csg ! I was super hyped when I looked at Flo's schedule.... (thought it was their schedule anyhow) it is not....and now Iike you, I cannot find what they actually cover anywhere. I was thinking also that Brewerton probably will not allow live coverage since they did not allow Fulton... I did see someone commenting that Flo once it gets started shows everything on the track at Oswego and that it is good coverage....when I click on it says that live coverage starts Oct 10 at 9:45 ….if anyone finds out anything...please let us know....
  14. Is there livestreaming from Weedsport tonight ? I am not finding anything