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  1. I can't respect that#50YOcromudgeon#opiniondoesntmatter#justdie Lollollol
  2. What's the difference if you drive 200 tons of dirt down the road or drive bleachers down the road?
  3. I never sat in the grandstand anyway, is track still fully in tact? Is having back there with make shift grandstands possible?
  4. Is it feasible to have SDW @ Malta or LVS? I don't want to Travel further, but how long can they do this? (Bring 200 tons in once a year) Are they Big enough for Such an Event?
  5. I believe Matt would be back Larry all but said he was over it But the point I was trying to make which I didn't make to clear from start was no love lost as far as how Brewerton felt about scheduling against the Tuesday show.
  6. So you don't race one year due to a global pandemic and you lose your night? I know its a new promotor and two guys raced their not what 5 years ago because I don't get my way once and choked the track owners son? Friesen race their too not long ago. Look you can be a hater Leroy, just own it
  7. Now I'm confused, Brewerton has run Fridays since I can remember. UR switching to Fridays was a power move don't kid yourself there..Hate who you hate like who you like I guess
  8. Why confused UR races Sundays before this year this year run Friday 30 min down road
  9. Talking about scheduling against each other, didn't U-R change their whole season to conflict with Brewerton? I wonder why there would be any animosity? Lol
  10. Scott, wish you had better luck on that field goal attempt in SB 25. Can easily see how you were distracted by Whitney's fantastic version on That National Anthem. Yes I meant Bicknell.
  11. Who said a "Team" of engineers? RIT is a college who's best assets is it engineering education. Matt has the mind of an Engineers. Who builds the chassis Bucknell right. Engineers don't design that? Matt doesn't make adjustments (i.e. rubber floor) and everybody can do that? Just putting that out there. As far Stew there's nothing he learned from an engineer that helped with set up? Oh really not buying it. Good article though
  12. Stew wins U-R, Hile Driver wins Brew House. Enjoy racing, why is everything a debate? Go where you want my guess is during dirt week both shows will do well.
  13. Money off ( even a D3) program a full scholarship is unrealistic however there are lots of partial scholarships (anything below D1 can't give full rides) lots of colleges in this area are good colleges and have great programs.
  14. True about cost & travel but once you're in a program that follows USA hockey guidelines families in my community can get gently used equipment people donate. Expensive yes, but it costs a million dollars (on average) to raise a kid from 0-18 anyway. Lol Also I get to spend that time with my kid.
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