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  1. There is CCTV at the place, any chance that feed is available to purchase online.
  2. See what I did there lol
  3. If I buy the monthly plan is that recurring billing or is that just for the year?
  4. OK now that this topic has spiralled into madness like many before it. I'll try this John or Cory and Matt Sheppard and company can you please get ahold of each other someway, somehow and put this to rest. I believe its possible after seeing the Larsen incident get amended. Didn't I recall someone quoting John last year saying maybe next year? Or was that " fake news"?
  5. Hands around the neck after intentionally wrecking someone is the same as a bump now? Got it. My guess is yes if I'm a betting man, if he calls and asks. But will he?
  6. On front page is says sportsman 305 sprints street stocks is mod open still a part of this show. Sail Panels too, right?
  7. I don't mind it if the complaint is legitimate and the same person is just as quick to point out positive things that happen. I do get your point though. I'm of the contraian mind set if posters pile on too much, I won't listen. I.E. this track is bad because of this call or that call don't go there, I will go there. I wish OFCS was closer to me for example cause I'd be there. Again though I understand the just of your post.
  8. JazzyJeff89

    Josh Bayko

    I don't have a problem with it if the "lady" is a willing participant. And not a victim of the sex slave rings. But as it turns out these ladies were cops so I guess that's a that's off the table. I take it he's not a handsome fella? Lol
  9. JazzyJeff89

    Josh Bayko

    Late model engine builder. I didn't know Josh had 2 accounts, lol
  10. Thoughts on the arrest of Andy Durham?
  11. JazzyJeff89


    Lucky you. Do they test you when you get back?
  12. JazzyJeff89


    Ive said all I have to say anyway. I hope it's not anything harder than weed for the sake of the young man. Just saying punishing someone for something 80% of us on this forum have at the very least tried without being able to prove he was actually high that day is not very cool. That is all.
  13. JazzyJeff89


    How so because you don't agree with me? That's fine this is America. 13 states have legal recreational marijuana 24 medical they agree to apparently.FFTR no one is suggesting driving under the influence of weed. Just like no one suggests you take prescription medicine or drink and drive but those are legal. The simple fact is marijuana has a longer half life and therefore stays in your fat cells long after you were " high" hope this helps.