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  1. Found this info on the internet: LAST ROUNDUP AT THE DKG Pee Wee Griffin made a killing in the Miami drug trade. Then he thought he’d settle down, buy a little spread near Denton. The feds had other ideas. http://www.dmagazine.com/publications/d-magazine/1985/november/last-roundup-at-the-dkg/
  2. My two daughters, Judy & Sarah, and I went to the races this past Saturday night - Sprints & Micro Sprints at Bubba's track. Most everyone writing about the Sprint Cars are saying they were 410's. I tend to disagree. Doesn't a 410 engine have 4 separate exhaust headers? How about 360's? Don't they have one in front, two in the middle and one in the rear - like a small block?? That's what they ran. I don't think they were 410's just by seeing those exhaust headers. Am I wrong?
  3. Wonder how this will effect the DIRT show - wil they have more time to get the clay down & run in?
  4. I hecked out my digital edition this AM, and it seems there is some "big" news due to be released today at 3:00 on their digital edition: " Your thoughts on what this might be about - in today's AARN: No idea what's going on, but when I checked the AARN this AM, there was this special notice on Page 7: TIME SENSITIVE MATERIAL -- page wil be released Tuesday, February 7th at 3 PM
  5. One that might not be at OCFS next year - Ken Sands. Talked with him last night at a race down here in Florida. He's an "official" at the Florida track and also purchased a mobile home (in a park, I believe).
  6. Sweet Racing - my bad. Meant we're going there tomorrow (Sat).
  7. Planning on going there tonight. Any problems with handicapped parking & use of a wheel chair? Looking up info on the track, and some of their contacts, the name Ken Sands came up, with his (NY) phone # listed. Is he asociated with the track in some fashion? Tom Avenengo Cape Coral, Fl
  8. And another driver calling it quits: John Wes Townley Calls It A Career By SPEED SPORT Staff - January 10, 2017 MOORESVILLE, N.C. – Former NASCAR Camping World Truck Series race winner John Wes Townley has reportedly decided to end his racing career. As a result Athenian Motorsports, the team started and owned by Townley’s father Tony Townley, has ceased operation and has begun liquidating its assets. A veteran of 186 starts between the NASCAR XFINITY Series and NASCAR Camping World Truck Series, Townley scored his lone NASCAR victory in 2015 in a fuel milage gamble at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Townley also scored victories in the season-opening ARCA Racing Series event at Daytona Int’l Speedway in 2013 and 2016. Despite winning the ARCA race at Daytona in 2016, it was a rough year for the 27-year-old Townley. He missed two races with a concussion and the final three races of the year after suffering a non-racing related ankle injury.
  9. To all those on Dirt Track Digest. Hoping you all have a great holiday season!
  10. ARDC has had some pitiful car counts lately, and I think the trael distance to Briddgeport would eliminate even more midgets.
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