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  1. From the UR FB page… 🚨ALL 2022 Utica-Rome Speedway events will be broadcast LIVE on FloRacing as part of the annual subscription starting with the Season Opener. Dirt Track Digest TV remains on board to handle production. 💥Utica-Rome joins the Short Track Super Series, Fonda Speedway and Georgetown Speedway as BD Motorsports Media LLC entities on FloRacing. ▪️ www.floracing.com ▪️
  2. Welcome back Tadd Parks!!!!!! It’s great to see a car owner return to the sport!!!! Best of Luck to Tadd, Rocky and the entire team!!!! Can’t wait for the 2022 season!!!! https://www.dirttrackdigest.com/columns/mike-mallett/2021/12/30/former-car-owner-returns-to-help-warner-complete-22-racing-schedule-dtd-exclusive/
  3. Agree….and just because Horton hasn’t won doesn’t mean he should pack it in either….
  4. Just think…. If the fans kept silent about the racing the powers to be would think everything was fine and things would remain the same.
  5. Nice job by all the parties involved!!!! Early Christmas gift for race teams and fans!!!! Kudos to Paul, Dean and Brett for working together….should be a great year of racing in 2022!!!!
  6. If dirts best are traveling around every Friday and Saturday night for half the summer it might impact your weekly track. Maybe it doesn’t impact you but plenty of fans attend to see their favorite drivers.
  7. It’s not a big deal if it’s your regular weekly track. What if every dirt member track wanted a series race on their regular race night…..
  8. Would it be a big deal if every dirt member track had a series race on their regular race night? Shouldn’t this be an option for every dirt member track?
  9. It would have affected Lebanon Valley and Fonda those years they were dirt sanctioned.
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