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  1. IT'S BACK!!!!!!! 💰🏁The Bill Ag Memorial Elimination Race is back on June 20, 2020 for Sunoco Modifieds🏁💰 Here's a list from last year's event!!!!!! FINAL UPDATE 6/29 Saturday June 29th The Bill Ag Modified Elimination Race 💵Money Won💵 Stewart Friesen $1,975 Josh Hohenforst $1,112.12 Bobby Varin $975 Dave Constantino $725 Rocky Warner $400 David Schilling $300 Craig Hanson $300 Danny Varin $100 Danny Creeden $100 Win And You're In *Josh Hohenforst Winner-$200 and In The Elimination Event $100 Zach Dufel $100 DirtTrackDigest Loser-$100 DirtTrackDigest * David Schilling Round 1- $525 *Dave Constantino $250 Rick and Tom Kietlinski $100 Parks Companies/Tadd Parks $75 Jay DeTraglia $50 In Memory of Wayne Hazzard $50 Chrissy Anagnostopulos Round 2- $812.12 *Josh Hohenforst $587.12 In Memory of "Featherfoot" Don Rose Camp Can Opener Pat Rose/Bill Rose/James Yesse/Brad Scanlon/Chris J Brown/Chris Kocjan $100 Parks Companies/Tadd Parks $75 Jay DeTraglia $50 Chrissy Anagnostopulos Round 3- $400 *Bobby Varin $250 Fonda Speedway/Brett & Heather Deyo $100 Winner's Circle Restaurant Staff $50 Chrissy Anagnostopulos Round 4- $475 *Bobby Varin $250 Harry and Shelly Shaffer $100 Parks Companies/Tadd Parks $50 Chrissy Anagnostopulos $75 Jay DeTraglia Round 5- $575 *Stewart Friesen $300 Swagger Factory Apparel/Michael Jackson $100 Chrissy Anagnostopulos $100 Parks Companies/Tadd Parks $75 Jay DeTraglia Final Round- $1,200 *Stewart Friesen $1,000 DirtTrackDigest Mike Mallett/Gt Smith/George Smith $100 Jay DeTraglia $100 Parks Companies/Tadd Parks $100 1st driver eliminated- Sheila Dornburg *David Schilling $100 2nd driver eliminated- One Zee Tees *Dave Constantino $100 3rd driver eliminated- Winner's Circle Restaurant Staff *Josh Hohenforst $100 4th driver eliminated- Mimi Lazzaro *Danny Varin $100 5th driver eliminated- Gary & Cindy Eckerson *Bobby Varin $100 Final driver eliminated- Mohawk Valley Vintage Dirt Modifed Series/Laurie Fallis *Rocky Warner Final Driver Chosen By Draw- $100 donated by Dirt Modifed Nostalgia Tour/Thomas Coughlin *David Schilling Last Man Left(Last Driver Chosen For Final Round) $100 In Memory of Vern Wagoner- donated by Pat Rose *Rocky Warner Fastest Elimination Race Lap- $100 donated by Larry Wrobel Sr. *Stewart Friesen 1st Heat Race Winner- $100 One Zee Tees *Rocky Warner 2nd Heat Race Winner- $100 In Memory of Bill Ag *Stewart Friesen 3rd Heat Race Winner- $100 In Memory of Bill Ag *Craig Hanson 7th Place Modified Feature- $100 Chrissy Anagnostopulos *Dave Constantino 16th Place Modified Feature- $100 Chrissy Anagnostopulos *Danny Creeden Modified Feature Hard Charger- $100 In Memory of Bill Ag *Rocky Warner Bill Ag Award- $200 *Craig Hanson In Memory of Bill Ag Oversized Winner's Check Donated by JK Motorsports Concepts and Sign Design/Jeff Karabin
  2. Let's give Stew some support from modified fans!!!!! https://m.nascar.com/ganderoutdoorsmostpopulardriver
  3. Are Volusia and Eldora Invitationals counted as SDS wins? If not then you really can't include them.😉
  4. Brett must be doing something right if one of the constant criticisms of him is a slogan.........😂🤔😂🤔😂🤔
  5. Jeter doesn't play all 162 games.....guys take a day off and a fan knows that when buying tickets. Same thing with the NBA....players now "rest"/"load management" on a regular basis. Can someone share the Platinum status rules and the clause where you're penalized if you don't attend a rainout?
  6. Fair is the same week every year.....
  7. A little different when discussing scheduling weekly vs. special events.
  8. Hope to make it a weekend of racing in PA!!!!!
  9. The Short Track Super Series Firecracker 50 returns to Fonda Speedway on Wednesday July 1st 2020!!!!!!!!
  10. Scott Friers

    Brett Hearn

    There's more to racing than car counts and purses. Those are important factors but there needs to be some attention given to the grandstand side. Upgrading the facility is a great start but there's more to do and I'm sure Brett already has a plan to address certain things.
  11. Scott Friers

    Brett Hearn

    This is great for OCFS fans and drivers. Gives them some credibility moving forward with Brett involved.
  12. Scott Friers

    Brett Hearn

    AARN Headline Hearn takes position at Orange County, Goes into semi-retirement as driver
  13. Isn't Fulton usually under the lights? Fonda was this year.
  14. I see A LOT of wishful thinking in some of these posts.