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  1. The races in North Carolina were invite only. South Carolina was open to any competitor.
  2. Shame on a promoter for giving teams an opportunity to race and exposing dirt modifieds to new areas.....
  3. Bob Hilbert Sportswear has an awesome promo right now. Buy a STSS Strong t-shirt and get a free DTDtv t-shirt!!!!!!! Just $20 and free shipping!!!!!! This was advertised last night on DTDtv!!!!!! https://bobhilbertshop.com/shop/ols/products/sunshine-swing-2020-tee
  4. Great coverage!!!! Thanks DTDtv.... I thought the racing was pretty damn good. Nice racy little track!!!! Can't wait to see tomorrow's race and the adjustments teams make!!!!
  5. I'm hearing 20 cars...12+ hours...mods, crates, pro stocks, and street stocks. This was a trial run to show the county what safety measures they could implement in hopes of offering future practice dates.
  6. That's assuming Stew and Jess were the only ones to practice.....
  7. I believe Brett is trying to add sponsorship $$ to start each team. The teams should know all rules and procedures so it's their choice to make the trip. There's a lot of factors that are involved in this event. We all know the economic circumstances with no fans allowed to attend make this a challenge. Hopefully it works out for all involved. I give Brett and Heather props for putting this together!!!
  8. I think that's part of it and also your bigger special events are held later in the year.
  9. Let me add that DTD does a lot for racing in our area. Sponsoring classes, events, laps, etc. Let me know the last time Floracing, dirtvision, and others have sponsored anything local. I'll be happy to purchase both nights if for nothing else I'm helping local individuals trying to put something together for our teams and fans. Or course the same people criticizing the price would also be bitching if there wasn't a PPV option.
  10. Your expectations of the governor should apply to the VP as well....
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