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  1. Humberstone has had some massive upgrades in the last year. New LED lighting around track, the surface is pretty good. new guard rails on insides of track. infield has been levelled off. Pits have been levelled off. New lighting and sound systems in pits. New victory lane in grandstands. The grounds themselves have been cleaned up.
  2. Just curious if anyone has heard anything about any sportsman shows in January or February?
  3. I thought it was more of a “preferred” starting position in LCQ if they didn’t make it through heats? As in they’d start pole or outside pole.
  4. You do know that Bicknell racing products is separate from Pete’s automotive (Hoosier tire Canada) right? I have a hard time believing any conspiracy theory about that.
  5. Yea, I thought Christopher bell had one of Toyota’s 410’s
  6. Curious question, are there any dodge or fords out there? Wonder if Toyota will come in with an option in the future.
  7. So risk getting suspended and lose potentially thousands more? I mean I don’t blame him.
  8. In Canada you can’t get insurance on vehicles without a vin number. Race cars don’t have vins. as for the equipment all you can get is renters insurance which is just a blanket policy that covers x amount of dollars.
  9. Here is a local sportsman’s go fund me page to help them recover what they lost also. https://gofund.me/cfba0e1b
  10. Hey everyone, yesterday, a shop fire in NOTL Canada destroyed many race teams. I believe up towards 9 teams are effected.m, from sprint cars and 358 modifieds to street stock and mini stock. As well as many classic cars that where stored on sight. A local fabricator also lost their business. Terry Vince (operator of hunberstone speedway) has set up a go fund me for the 358 team (who is also the local fabricator) https://gofund.me/9bc559e7 Hopefully they can all get back on their feet
  11. Woulda been cooler to race before the SSTS on the way down. Then race Ssts and GRIT if there was anything left haha
  12. Humberstone speedway used to be gasport I’m sure Fran knows if there’s more names for it.
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