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  1. I'm actually a HUGE Jumpin Jack fan, Erick Rudolph, Pat Ward, Ronnie Johnson, Gary Lindberg, Kenny Brightbill, and many more drivers. I just call it the way I see it and I do speak to the drivers to find out what actually happened before posting on any site. I really get tired of people speculating before asking the DRIVER. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, therefore you have yours and I have mine. But I do believe what I saw is exactly what Ronnie confirmed with me. Call it what you want, but it won't change what I saw. I honestly call it like I see it. If you notice I don't go on here and post too much. Read a lot, but I don't post unless I feel there's a need. As my buddies say NUFF SAID.
  2. Here's what Ronnie said he didn't over drive, he knows the track, hit the gravel and it sucked him into the wall. Hope that helps. I'm not here for a debate, just facts buddy. Take it for what it's worth. Happy racing folks.
  3. See the tweets on the right side of this page for updates. All 3 heats are finished.
  4. Robert, if you do need more tickets I know where 4 complete packages are available. I sent you a pm if interested
  5. I don't know if it's too late, but my friend will be getting in touch with you via e-mail. Let me know if you do still have it available Thanks
  6. Keep the info coming scottv36 and Wheelsuphammerdown10!!! That's awesome info for us. I haven't been to Oswego since 1988!!! Can't wait
  7. Awesome!!! Congrats to both Ronnie Johnson and Jake Spraker!!! Well deserved team!!
  8. Nicely said Spudman. YOu are spot on. I'm with you on this one. This night was suppose to be about a fabulous driver who had one heck of a career. Class act, great driver and always put on a great show for us fans. I will never forget Jumper. I hope that Ronnie see's what you wrote and ignores the rest of the garbage on here. Not saying all is garbage, but seriously people quit all the bashing. Life is way too short. As for Fonda the track, give them a break. Seriously, maybe the people complaining should stay home or help out at a track and see what it really takes to run a track. Hopefully we can make the drive to Fonda next year for the show. I would love to be able to go. Work won't let me. LOL
  9. Congrats Ronnie and Jake. AWESOME!!!!! Now only question I have for Mr. Spraker. Why don't you get Ronnie to race Merrittville and Ransomville's Dirt Qualifiers??? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE
  10. BINGO!!!! Every track has the same issue. Not much they can do. All tracks are doing their best with what mother nature has dealt them. It's been a brutal year so far.
  11. Erick Rudolph 12 hrs Tonight is the start of busy week. Albany-Saratoga's Big Show Super DIRTcar Series kicks it off. Thursday another Super DIRTcar Series show at Canandaigua, Friday to Ohio's Raceway 7 for their BRP Tour event. Saturday Merrittville Speedway and finally Sunday's Super DIRTcar Series show at Utica-Rome Speedway. We will keep you posted of any changes. Per his site
  12. Geez Bob Miller are you serious. I mean OMG look how wide that 1 lane racing is. Looks 3 wide. Wait a minute I must be seeing triple in the corners. LOL Looks like a must see show to me. Wish I could go. Enjoy the show people. If you like dirt racing than this really should be on your bucket list.
  13. Wow!!! Another awesome night for the Johnson/Spraker team. Congrats!!! I am so happy for Ronnie and Jake. I new if Ronnie had a good car once again that he would be in winners circle. Keep the tradition going!!!
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