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  1. i'll take that... They were hurt by loosing 2 tracks most of the drivers enjoyed running... They were forced to run other tracks some were not big fans of.
  2. You are correct.. The ESS will make it's return to both Fonda and Utica. Not sure if Fonda will get back its Memorial Day event but I'm ok with baby steps here...
  3. Anyone remember why they dropped the hole home track point thing for a few years?
  4. What makes the race count more interesting was the number of tracks that had more than 1 race at it this year..
  5. if you add Sprint Cars to a Modified event ... The Mod's become a second class division...
  6. lets keep in mind the clay sat in a pile for 2 years.. the bottom line is it was to wet when it went down and the weather never allowed it to dry enough to be packed tight. Lets hope for a dryer September in 2022...
  7. Brett's time has passed.. He's no longer racing on a regular basis. He's not going to beat Matt and Stew who are...
  8. I'm not an engineer but they say if water gets trapped as you put down the clay its all bad..
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