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  1. last warning keep your political views to yourself we're here for the racing...
  2. Deep breath everyone.... The topic is Can Am ... been a while since i've locked a topic or sent anyone to tobyville but today could be the day...
  3. I believe at the time Tom Czaban was shooting the video..
  4. It's weird Gary... I still remember the smell of the french fries cooking at Fonda from when i sat up in the stands as a kid... We'd get the first fries dumped every week....
  5. I'm a Fonda Homer... but my best race day ever would be Orange County and the Eastern States 1983 when CD Coville won. I was lucky enough to be one of the guys who worked on and maintained the car. It was just a wild weekend... thats mine now share yours...
  6. Last i knew the ESS was a traveling sprint car series not attached to any race track ...
  7. Having Matt Sheppard at your race track is good for business...
  8. Seems the ESS found a date for Airborne Speedway http://albany-saratogaspeedway.com/ess-announces-albany-saratoga-and-airborne-2020-race-dates/
  9. Outlaw Photos

    Sportsman Deserve Credit Too:((

    The Company i work for Sponsors a Pro Stock . While i agree with you on some level we do not have the staff to cover everything in depth. Check out the gallery .. i feel i did a pretty nice job for the sportsman guys who towed down to All Tech Raceway.
  10. Outlaw Photos


    that would be interesting to say the least..
  11. Fonda was told no room in the schedule for a 5000 to win sprint race... Yet Plattsburgh is going to run and seems to be able to get a date this late..
  12. it is... we have a great place to stay on the waterin ormond great place for people running Volusia
  13. anyone looking for rooms drop me a line... might be able to get you hooked up
  14. Outlaw Photos

    Devils Bowl Issues....

    i'm wondering if charges will be brought against the 3 for trespassing? or why none were filed?
  15. https://www.wcax.com/content/news/Racetrack-owner-accused-of-holding-trespassing-teens-at-gunpoint-565703512.html?fbclid=IwAR2CJ7Z91y09bapAOtji7i48ICcfqZStDFkw2UF_WCdoIQZ2gNeRNSIPA1Q lets keep this clean.... and on point....