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  1. and just like that the lights go out and the room gets locked
  2. No .. At this time the only way to see it will be on Flo...
  3. i'm almost positive i was at one of his wins in Canada.. might even have been his last when he was still driving for RC Putman
  4. Someone giving a driver a signal have been around for a long time... we were doing it in the early 80's at Fonda.. The stick think just pushes it to a more obnoxious level...
  5. Max is sending one to Matt ... Matt has agreed to wear it... the war's over
  6. I believe it was a Chrysler motor.. I was told the motor ended up with Hearn's buddy Cross.. not sure if it ever ran again.
  7. your not a customer here on my forum, your my guest. Nothing more nothing less...
  8. Sure you can... but remember... If your going to sit in my living room and drink my beer your not going to tell me it taste like crap... Maybe they will..
  9. S&S are done with Kenny but look for some deal with Mark Johnson to come up soon....
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