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  1. Outlaw Photos


    that would be interesting to say the least..
  2. Fonda was told no room in the schedule for a 5000 to win sprint race... Yet Plattsburgh is going to run and seems to be able to get a date this late..
  3. it is... we have a great place to stay on the waterin ormond great place for people running Volusia
  4. anyone looking for rooms drop me a line... might be able to get you hooked up
  5. Outlaw Photos

    Devils Bowl Issues....

    i'm wondering if charges will be brought against the 3 for trespassing? or why none were filed?
  6. https://www.wcax.com/content/news/Racetrack-owner-accused-of-holding-trespassing-teens-at-gunpoint-565703512.html?fbclid=IwAR2CJ7Z91y09bapAOtji7i48ICcfqZStDFkw2UF_WCdoIQZ2gNeRNSIPA1Q lets keep this clean.... and on point....
  7. not everyone has one... back in the day yes they did.. but over time most do not use them....
  8. This years car was more geared towards modified .... had some adds which pushed the sticker up well over 44 thousand...
  9. Outlaw Photos


    just so were all clear... She's laughing all the way to the Bank.... Congrats to Mandee... She's turned her life into a profitable business...
  10. look at you being the voice of reason.... lol
  11. Outlaw Photos

    Sheppard STSS Grand Champion

    I think it's 57 total... not 67... but Congrats to Matt on a great season on the STSS tour and how about Brett Deyo paying that kind of point fund...
  12. Outlaw Photos


    Andy Romano... lays claim to that event....
  13. Outlaw Photos

    Simpson 12

    Peter would still be there if they stayed Troyer
  14. Outlaw Photos

    A New DTD

    it's like the wizard of Oz here... lol
  15. Outlaw Photos

    Graham Racing

    wouldn't it be pretty wild if Graham ordered a few Bicknells for next season too?