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  1. Glen Ridge has had it's ups and downs... Some of the best racing i ever saw was at the Ridge.... 24 ESS sprints run a feature with only 1 caution... a 35 lap mod feature green to checkers in less tha 10 minutes... Some big names have won at the Ridge...
  2. Happy Year to all from All of us here at Dirt Track Digest and Dirt Track Digest tv...
  3. Bob.. Can you please add Mike Ketchum to the list.. Mike Built some Smoke for several drivers in the area.... 12/5/2020
  4. plus the hauler never needs fuel and the ride home after the race is less than 5 minutes.... lol
  5. you would have thought someone would have taken that page down by now...
  6. Josh.. you would be suprised at the people who drank the Kool aid on this....
  7. Does He even still own the land? lots of rumors had it changing hands...
  8. Ok... Lets get back on Topic.. Here.. thats a pretty deep rabbit hole were not going down...
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