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  1. Volusia is never considered a super dirt series race.. and has never counted toward points... just saying...
  2. The sad part is last week they knew they had a problem and reached out for help. Yet they chose to stay with what they had. This could have been so much better...
  3. as in any business you can have all the best equipment in the world. If you don't have good people to run it you're screwed...
  4. all i can say is his kids were playing with Tylers.... lol
  5. just think how far ahead of the curve Pauch will be when they all switch back....lol
  6. than it should have been brought up that way... for the record it wasn't... Watch Mandee's video... it was done dirty...
  7. Pa. is considered a safe state for us New Yorkers right now... The Carolina's are not... as per our Gov.
  8. they waited for him at the scale... total bullshit move. If they thought he had it they should have walked over to his car prior to his heat... shame on them...
  9. if they didn't check the winner why check him? Again they could have walked over after hot laps and had a conversation with him i'm sure he would have corrected it then...
  10. i see it another way... Someone went to DirtCar and told them Mike had it on his car. As you said he was a platinum driver. why not just pull him aside and say you can't run that... instead in the last night of a big series the decide to make an example out of him...
  11. Mike got the BONE! would seem they knew he had it.. they could have come over and looked before the heat and told him to get it off... They chose not too... Instead they waited and did him dirty...
  12. at the end of the day most of the good guys are traveling with spring smashers in the trailer now... just one more high tech tool to have...
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