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  1. this is why i never post anymore here... everyone needs to grow some thicker skin...
  2. some strong man love going on there... wow...lol
  3. looking Forward to this event again this year... looking like we'll have a new big winner this year as all the past last round winners are no longer calling Fonda Home..
  4. and boy were they fun to watch last night at Fonda
  5. Danny is running Orange County in the 66 car.. for the point tilte ..
  6. Outlaw Photos


    just like tv Superman 2.0... lol
  7. so you liked it? thank you for letting us know.. we continue to move forward here at Dirt Track Digest.....
  8. Watch it live here.. . http://www.dirttrackdigest.tv
  9. it does take that out.. now should the trucks be running it does ease up on his schedule...
  10. to be honest... we don't know what second is going to pay yet do we... so we are not even sure its a top heavy purse yet.... so please lets not name call yet... lots of time for that later...
  11. we ran a late model race in 1976 at Devils Bowl ... Jay Blesser won and was paid $ 1000.00 the advertised price... we ran second and got 110.00..... Top heavy has been around along time....
  12. Rob does a great job with them..
  13. if you think this race is going to be decided 35 laps in you have not seen the last 2 100 lap races at Fonda... Both were decided with 10 or less to go...