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  1. Outlaw Photos


    Hope you feel better soon Bob...
  2. Marlar can wheel a race car... i wouldn't bet against him...
  3. Donnie runs his late model for fun... he runs his sprinter for his pay check....
  4. for the record .. they needed clay 40 years ago.....
  5. Paul Atty and some friends from Gloversville owned the car.Webster leather which i think was Pauls dogs name at the time. The car is famous for blowing up during time trials at Syracuse after some of the crew soaked the air filter in nitrous.. how did it go Jake.. . Ron Hutter to the 112 Ron Hutter to the 112...
  6. woo woo... the train keeps rolling down the tracks... lol
  7. This might have been the best Bill Ag ever... and the others were outstanding... if you missed it get the dvd...
  8. Outlaw Photos

    Matt Sheppard

    He picked the wrong tire at the Big Show.. i wouldn't bet the farm against him winning a ton more this year...
  9. What a great night of racing it's going to be...
  10. Dan Ballard.... hows that for a pick... Second Kenny Gates....
  11. this is why i never post anymore here... everyone needs to grow some thicker skin...
  12. some strong man love going on there... wow...lol
  13. looking Forward to this event again this year... looking like we'll have a new big winner this year as all the past last round winners are no longer calling Fonda Home..