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  1. While that could happen. I don't see it.. Super Dirt Week is a New York thing... not sure everyone is willing to travel that far to make it happen. I don't see that working...
  2. We've got Both Fonda Speedway and Howie's House of Speed Lebanon Valley tonight on DTD Tv tonight...
  3. Sorry it didn't work well for you.. It did for lots of other people. Did you contact customer support? and to answer your question... NO it's not our bandwidth ..
  4. Last warning We are a racing Forum . Keep all the other shit off it or we are going to pull the plug.... LAST WARNING !!!
  5. Nobody bitched about Tim's motor in Florida when he got beat every night... just saying not defending...
  6. we use some track stuff so in some cases we can only be so good..
  7. i'm sorry our service doesn't fit everyones needs to those who like what we do and support us Thank You... I'm done trying to justify what we charge as everyone with zero skin in the game seem to have all the answers. All it takes is money and you can own it. .
  8. your a whole bunch closer with your numbers than anyone else... you seem to get it... thank you...
  9. but we were also already there... The video crew was already at the speedway to do the track video. expenses for that are reduced. We were also working off the cost to get in as well.
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