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  1. I skimmed this mess... At the end of the day, here's the deal. 70% of the population needs to be vaccinated if you ever want anything close to normal again. End of story.
  2. What about the BB guys that get 8 races? If they don't have a SB laying around then they have an expensive boat anchor. A lot of teams can't travel so please don't say "go race somewhere else." What are they supposed to do, shelve the BB motor program and go buy a SB to race Saturdays? It's like they put a dart board up of bad ideas and just starting flinging to see what the next choice is.
  3. The hell is in the water out there? Someone tell the Larson boys and Brett not to drink what's in the backstretch moat. I had a long response typed out but whatever. Let me know when the ole girl finally goes up for sale.
  4. Wonder how that's going to work... Use the backstretch and infield to create a smaller track... So, put in proper drainage to deal with the cesspool of a moat back there? Big culvert and go over the top of it? Going to permanently pit on the outside of the track or those unfortunate enough to be on the back stretch pits going to be in straight up mud now instead of just rocks and mud? Of course, I guess the pit thing doesn't matter with, what, a couple divisions racing each night? I get what they're going for, but in the grand scheme of the problems they have, this is a step in the w
  5. Finally someone mentions the gold standard. The plot is nonsense, but the racing footage is second to none. I never cared for Le Mans the movie. Ford vs Ferrari and Rush are pretty good though. Biopics are hard because they add too much dramatic license. With that said, both those are better than most. Not perfect, but pretty close.
  6. There was some passing, but not a lot and most of it was with guys on new tires later in the race. The dust calmed down after halfway and track started to shine back up after they tore it up. General consensus amongst my friends was the race was boring. I didn't think the race itself was too awful, usual long distance show. A lot of people I suspect were spoiled with last week. The scoring confusion didn't help. Might be time to think about adding some of the banking back to OCFS. Tracks way slower than it used to be and it might help guys run the top a bit better.
  7. Does anyone know if you can or cannot lose a lap under yellow? Last year you couldn't, but I'm not sure this year. There was definitely some confusion on the scoring.
  8. That would be delightful Karen. Swiss if you please. It'll go nicely with the holes in the front stretch.
  9. Wow... This has got to be the least professional, hokiest bunch of hillbilly horseshit commentary I think I've ever heard. Larson should be embarrassed his name is associated with this farce in any way. Oh, and somehow the boobs directing this managed to miss a crash that literally involved 1/3 of the field and blocked the track. Does Pitts suffer from multiple personalities? One minute he's talking normally, the next he switches to West Virginia hill folk mid sentence.
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