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  1. I don't personally trust the government as far as I can throw them, as a result, I'm trying hard to not watch the news and feed into this craziness... But, I'm here, so I'm failing at that. This horse left the barn a LONG time before anyone knew the door was open. The only question now, excluding the overall health of society, is when/if do we think we'll actually get the season kicked off? I would hope we could get started in May, but I won't be shocked if the first races of the year start up around Labor Day.
  2. westracing01

    Simpson 12

    Ray Graham has a long or sordid history of experiments. The only constant in all the years of Graham Racing, both asphalt and dirt, is the name of the team.
  3. Wait, you can't get dirtvision on a smart TV?
  4. The black '67 GT500 with the aluminum 427, 700hp engine signed off in the Shelby Registry by Caroll himself as the engine that was in the car, that was sold at Barret Jackson in 2004. Or, if said relative didn't see that car or isn't a Ford fan... '87 GNX. It's a big barn... Maybe both are in there.
  5. There is no way to do that without some kind of deal between the Toresse Brothers (track owners) and DIRT to do the work in the off season. DIRT cannot build a tunnel in the month they have control of the track. If it's going to be Oswego beyond 2025, then I'd say OK, let's get everyone together and sit down to make a plan that benefits everyone. Oswego builds the tunnel (and paves the track while they're at it) in exchange for DIRT rebuilding the Green Lot so it's not a quagmire. It's a win for both, can be utilized by both and will make a lot of people happier on both sides. But, there has to be a longer term deal and even more cooperation between the two parties than there is now. No one is going to make that kind of financial investment into the facility for only 6 years... Which I'm sure if we could see the fine print, DIRT has an out within that time frame should a venue more viable become available.
  6. Indeed. I actually forgot about Fonda. I meant that more in comparison to everyone complaining about Oswego and how it should be run at night, but you're right, there are 200 lappers run at night.
  7. Guys, let go of Rolling Wheels. DIRT sold the thing and they have no interest in buying it back nor does the current owner have any intention to do anything there other than grow weeds. You'd be better off petitioning NY's worthless governor to rebuild the mile.
  8. Well, it worked. The lake on the backstretch drained and we're racing. Halfway through the street stock feature as I type this. I'll give them this much, they didn't give up on it. Everyone wants to see what a late season 200 lapper looks like under the lights, now you'll find out.
  9. Right, and when NYS stops reimbursing them for all the work, will Oswego still make financial sense, or would it make more sense to, at that point, put all your eggs in one basket down South? When we were running the Mile Labor Day, July and SDW with Glenn at the helm everyone thought, "but it's a success, ain't gonna change." And here we are...
  10. Say it with me now... CHARLOTTE. The World Finals basically is SuperDIRTWeek, just three days. Combine that with the World Short Track races the week before and you have a combined 9 days that offers more racing than SDW ever had.
  11. You can move starting times on race day, but moving an entire event up a day will never work. You have a lot of fans who are going Sunday only who may not be able to go Saturday. Imagine the shit rain OCFS, or any track, would receive if they screwed the fans like that. Case in point, Port Royal has already moved tomorrow's Outlaw race up 4 hours to 1pm. That's going to effect people as it is, but not as bad a moving it a whole day. They can run it at night if they have to. I would think if they can get a green flag by 7 or 8 then they can run it Sunday.
  12. Forecast looks horrible for Sunday with an inch of rain or so. However, there is a chance, I stress chance, to get it in under the lights Sunday night if that track doesn't flood and they can run it in. Might be racing to midnight, but that's nothing new. I seriously doubt they'd run it Monday. Their best bet would be to run it on Sunday Nov 3rd so as not to conflict with the STSS race at Georgetown.
  13. westracing01

    Brett Hearn

    Not so sure Matt would've been in a position to feel the need to vent his frustration in that manner if Brett was the GM. I suspect when Brett gets the keys to the Kingdom Chris will let him run it the way he thinks best. At least I hope he does. Brett taking over has been the rumor since before this season started. It'll be interesting to see how it all shakes out. I'm no Hearn or OCFS fan, but I do wish them all success. Orange County being a big hit with Brett at the helm can only be good for NE dirt racing as a whole.
  14. Not only have I been, I will be there this weekend for the WoO Sprints. I LOVE Port Royal. Best race track I think I've ever been to. I say it all the time, if I wasn't 5 hours away I'd be there every Saturday night.
  15. Looks like my butt will be hauling to PA on the 28th/29th of August next year. Wife doesn't really care for Late Models but she loves Port Royal so maybe when the best of the best roll into town it'll change her mind.