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  1. westracing01

    Turn 1,2,3 or 4

    Inside T3 at The Valley on top of the dirt pile with the WoO Sprints coming at you at just shy of Mach 5, kicking them sideways and passing you just out of reach of slapping the wing... Just before security came and threw us out of there.
  2. westracing01

    Favorite Track

    Port Royal. If it wasn't 5 hours away I'd be there every Saturday night without question.
  3. Ah, I stand corrected then. I thought it was Jeremy too so I was wrong. Indeed. The Oswego track surface the last few years has been excellent.
  4. Any truth to the rumor I heard Jeremy Corcoran isn't prepping the surface this year?
  5. It don't look good if you win the feature by a straight away the week after flunking tech...
  6. westracing01

    Dippel suspended

    I have tried it... 5AM eye opener after drinking all night, Moody Mile circa 2007... ðŸĪŠ
  7. I agree the stands were empty but the racing wasn't bad. Start of the mod feature was dusty but it calmed down. The top wasn't really there, or at least not consistently, but the racing was still OK. The organization sucks, the tech sucks and pretty much everything that ISN'T the actual racing surface there sucks. Larsen has is own play thing with OCFS and that's fine. Other's do too. But I fail to believe that others don't care if the stands are empty. I've heard it over and over from people in the pits that Chris doesn't care if no one is there. I simply do not understand this mentality. How can you not care? I know he makes more money on a Tuesday morning by 9AM than he will all season at OCFS, but if you really love it you've got to be a little heart broken when you look in the stands and you could fire off a double barreled shotgun of buckshot and not hit anyone. Here's something for everyone to consider... If Chris Larsen wasn't in charge of OCFS right now, no one would have to worry about ESW or any other race because the place would be closed. You cannot make a go of it when you've got 300 people in the stands. Without limitless money, OCFS would never survive as it stands right now.
  8. westracing01

    Dippel suspended

    Well, when you supplement your morning coffee with blow and whiskey... Oh, wait a second... 😈
  9. Oh, he came down out of his ivory tower onto pit road long enough to tell Gurda what he wanted done.
  10. I believe this thing was done as a literal one time only deal. I'm going to refrain from saying what I really think since the internet sleuth's might level some sort of draconian penalty upon me for potty mouth and hurt feelings. Regardless, everything I really wanted to say about Gurda, Larsen and OCFS are in the other threads on this topic.
  11. Yes. The final decision didn't come down until at least 30-40 minutes after the teams had been working on their wrecked cars.
  12. Not sure what the video shows, no facebook. Matt, Perrego and others voiced their concerns to Gurda in the 4th pit road meeting in 30 minutes in a fairly calm manner. After Gurda consulted with Mr. Larsen and others for the 5th time and came back and said basically, "OK, that's it. You work on your car behind pit wall and you go to the tail. End of discussion." At that point BOTH Matt and Anthony started screaming, "You're a f***ing liar you f***ing piece of s***! You're a piece of s***! You f***ing told us one thing and now you changed you f***ing liar!"... etc. If Matt's no longer welcome than niether should Perrego. He said the same thing Matt did with every bit as much vehemence. If Matt didn't take a shot at Gurda I thought Anthony was going to. Luckily no blows were thrown but it was real close.
  13. Yeah, Friessen didn't do that on purpose to draw a yellow. That boy was wheeling that car for all it was worth and then some. The drivers are pissed for three reasons... 1) $100k... 2) Perrego and Sheppard we're legit threats to win. Them, along with everyone else, were told one thing by THE RACE DIRECTOR, then overruled by Mr. Moneybags and his cronies. 3) As far as I know, and I could be wrong, but this was a race purely for money. It had no track points, no series points, no nothing but money and bragging rights. The TRACK caused all this chaos by being incompetent boobs and not throwing the yellow or just not starting it when rain was so close. When it's the tracks fault, the track should take some responsibility for making the situation as right as possible. OCFS deserves all the negative publicity they get for this one.
  14. OCFS is Mr. Larsen's sand box. Now, understand exactly what I mean by that. He's the King, you race their at your own peril. Expect no fair play. Gurda and Sanchelli didn't make any calls, it just came out of their mouths. Sanchelli made the initial call, was overruled and from there the real decisions were coming from the top. Everyone thinks Larsen is God's gift. That's nice he put in new bathrooms, and speakers, catch fence and new lights are coming. That'll make the boring ass truck race he wants so bad look good and it'll make his field of Halmar sponsored cars look good on Saturday's when they're the only ones running there once everyone gets tired of getting screwed.
  15. Just got home. Chaos. Just, chaos. I was not 3 feet from Sheppard when he went off on Gurda. Suitcase told them they could go work on their cars without penalty. Gurda overruled him and Larsen said basically piss up a rope, this is how it's going to be. So, if you went into the pits, you were told originally you could fix your car without penalty, only to find out later this is not the case and you'll start at the tail. Sheppard and Perrego both were fit to be tied. Thought one of them was going to break Gurda's jaw but they backed off when it looked like Gurda just might throw down. Larsen was in no mood to hear any of that garbage. Middletown is a confused, chaotic, ass backwards, hypocritical hell hole and I cannot wait for next weekend to be over so I don't have to go work on the car at that disgrace. Having all the money on God's Earth doesn't mean you know how to run a racetrack and this $100k fiasco proves it. I said before it was either going to be a disaster or a triumph and you probably wanted to be there to see it. The half full (and that's generous) grandstands were probably glad they were there, but for all the wrong reasons. Now, track surface was very good, before and after the rain. Truck exhibition was worthless. Race itself was very good. The running of the event, no, not so much.