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  1. DWI checks. They also sit in random parking lots on the sides of the road. Got pulled over for a license plate light out couple years ago. Had a nice 5 minute chat with the officer about the races before he said goodnight and sent me on my way.
  2. If it weren't for the flagger at Penn-Can I'd have had no idea where the hell we were in the feature. Thank God he threw up the high five to the field so I knew we had 5 to go.
  3. SDS is off for a while longer with the extension of no fans until July 21.
  4. Donny is not in his prime right now, he's on the downward swing. The Big Cat is in his wheelhouse at the moment. I would love to see Kyle go on the full WoO tour and watch it play out. I don't think Kyle would mop the floor with them. Not saying he wouldn't win the title, but he wouldn't go out there and beat them into next week. The best have a way of rising to the occasion. If Kyle came to play full time I think you'd find some of those boys game would rise to meet the challenge. Same way 6 or 7 of the best 10 to ever wheel a dirt mod were around at the same time. When you race the best you either get better or get brushed aside. Those guys raced the best and because they rose to the occasion many of them came to be considered the best. Sheppard and Friesen would still be considered among the greats I think, sure their numbers would be lower, but by the same token if Jack, Horton, Brett, Danny, Alan, Bob were racing right now in their prime, without any other competition except for Stewart and Matt, their numbers would be even better than they are.
  5. As an avid Indycar fan and Pocono ticket holder until they left, some of this is true and some is huh? What 500 did Penske lose with little Al for being too low? Penske didn't leave to create his own Indycar, Tony George more or less banned the CART teams from coming with the 25/8 rule which he later said was a mistake. Now Roger got his revenge and own the whole damn shebang... Thank God. Now, more pressing matters... I agree that Indycar needs more ovals, but they simply do not draw fans outside of Indy and Gateway. Pocono had good numbers the last year but the guys couldn't stop wrecking all the good cars on the first lap to give the fans a race. Texas usually draws OK but they ruined the track. Michigan and Fontana put on good races but no one shows up. Most 1.5 milers are unfit for Indycar. Kentucky might be back on the schedule next year but we'll see. Richmond would've been one lane on the bottom freight train. Iowa is pretty good, but only draws half a grandstand full. Road racing on the other hand routinely plays to large crowds. I personally love road racing (only thing I drive on iRacing). I loved the Indycars at Watkins Glen and me and my good friend go to the 6 hours each year. Maybe with the aeroscreen they can go back to some of the more dangerous ovals (Michigan and Fontana) but the way they structure their schedule makes it hard. I trust Roger will get the ship going in the right direction. As for Kyle, can't wait to see him at The Grove and Port next week. If he goes with Tony, you can bet your bottom dollar we'll get to see him ply his trade at the Brickyard without fenders. Probably with a Honda team or in a Stewart car if Ford comes to play ball in Indycar again. It won't be a Chevy team. Partnership with Andretti makes the most sense.
  6. Run around like lunatics making changes to the car and doing our best impersonation of a Chinese fire drill... If we're bad. If we're good... Send someone to get ice cream.
  7. Interesting... So July 2 is a go at the moment... Mahaney and Sheppard I suppose won't be at OCFS for the twin 50's... Wonder if it'll be show up points only at Orange County. I'd be a little surprised is this SDS season ever gets off the ground.
  8. Surface was garbage before the rain. After the rain the track was solid. Very fast and Middletown unforgiving if you got too high. The berm caught some guys out. We tore the nose off twice before we trashed the car in the feature (not the tracks fault.) A lot of other guys trashed their cars too in the big, big crash down the backstretch. Anthony was untouchable. Expected more from Lehner having won his heat race by over a straight away. Drive in was pretty full. Excellent views from out there, or anywhere for that matter, without the haulers in the infield.
  9. Exactly my point. Sides don't matter when you stand on that hallowed ground. Back on topic, PA Speedweek offers a wealth of opportunities for experiences you will never forget. All of it only 5 hours from home. If you are able, it is not to be missed. I believe the finale at Port Royal is going to pay $10K to win as well for the 2nd Greg Hodnett Classic. What better way to celebrate the 4th of July than 410's for a good pay day to honor one of the best to ever strap in a Sprint Car?
  10. Is the battlefield even open? We go every year when down there for The Open. If you've never been, it's an absolute must. Stand on the Confederate side of the line, looking across a mile of open field and imagine thousands of dug in Union troops on the ridge in the distance, knowing that the boys that stood where you stood marched across that field to almost certain death... Do that and tell me you don't get goosebumps. That place is amazing and is worth a week trip just to go there. You can't do it all in a day and appreciate it. Sorry, minor segway there. West Harrisburg really isn't Harrisburg. It's actually South of Harrisburg on the map right off 15. A Hotel there and you deal with no Harrisburg traffic for Lincoln, The Grove or Hagerstown and you can get to the Port going the backway over the hill.
  11. They'll have to race first. It'll be a win if they get the 200 in. Anything else would be gravy. They say they want to be on track for July 4th... We shall see. Would be cool to see Max in a Super.
  12. Friessen will get to 20. He's at least 1/4 of the way there now. It took Kyle a little while to get in the groove. Be interesting to see how the summer plays out. Beating up on the All Stars is one thing, beating the Outlaws at Knoxville is another. Boys on a roll right now.
  13. Comfort Inn West Harrisburg is my usual joint. Staying at Wyndam for the Natty Open due to some dumb. That area has a couple restaurants but no bars I know of. If you can get something closer to Lincoln that might fit the bill. Port, Lincoln, The Grove, Hagerstown all within about an hour of Lincoln itself. Grandview's a little more than that I think but nothing crazy. Staying farther away from Harrisburg should be cheaper too. Wish we could do all of Speedweek but the world sort of threw a wrench into all our plans so we're making this up as we go now... Just like everyone else. I cleared out our schedule to August 2nd so up to then, we're winging it week to week.
  14. So, how did that work? Like, did you have to buy a pass like you going to the infield and then walk across the track up to the stands or did you park in the normal lot across 20 and go in like a normal Saturday? Serious question. When we make it up there I want to know how it's orchestrated so we can be as expediant as possible. Thank you for supporting one of the best tracks in NY.
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