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  1. There was some passing, but not a lot and most of it was with guys on new tires later in the race. The dust calmed down after halfway and track started to shine back up after they tore it up. General consensus amongst my friends was the race was boring. I didn't think the race itself was too awful, usual long distance show. A lot of people I suspect were spoiled with last week. The scoring confusion didn't help. Might be time to think about adding some of the banking back to OCFS. Tracks way slower than it used to be and it might help guys run the top a bit better.
  2. Does anyone know if you can or cannot lose a lap under yellow? Last year you couldn't, but I'm not sure this year. There was definitely some confusion on the scoring.
  3. That would be delightful Karen. Swiss if you please. It'll go nicely with the holes in the front stretch.
  4. Wow... This has got to be the least professional, hokiest bunch of hillbilly horseshit commentary I think I've ever heard. Larson should be embarrassed his name is associated with this farce in any way. Oh, and somehow the boobs directing this managed to miss a crash that literally involved 1/3 of the field and blocked the track. Does Pitts suffer from multiple personalities? One minute he's talking normally, the next he switches to West Virginia hill folk mid sentence.
  5. The handful of times we took the racecar to OCFS, other than costing more money, nothing was different with Brett in charge. OCFS blows. I have never liked the place and nothing I've seen the last few years has changed my mind. I basically bought this damn thing because my buddy wanted to watch it and now I'm not sure he's even coming over.
  6. Yeah well, staying with what they had probably put more cash in their pocket. Short sighted for sure since they're losing out on more potential customers.
  7. $40 for both days wasn't a bad deal. We'll see what we get today. If nothing else, laughing at it is like MST3K. Track conditions were a solid meh. Despite Pitts and dingbat 2's optimism, it was dusty and virtually no passing unless you were Wight or Decker. The pole race had more passing, but not a lot. It was mostly Larry on the top and everyone else making mistakes and slipping up the track. Stewie even said track is slick bottom to top and pretty even, just the top is a longer way around so the bottom was the ticket.
  8. They must be listening to someone. They finally stopped that cutaway foolishness.
  9. For real. They're getting lit up on Facebook for this atrocious display.
  10. This is borderline intolerable. They're coming to green, so they switch to the pit reporter for the interview with the previous heat winner. In doing this, they miss the first two laps of a live race... Every... Single... Heat. The camera guy in the half covered stands can't find the front stretch to save his life. I swear, for a place that makes noise about being professional and wanting bigger races, they've got a LONG way to go before they're in that conversation.
  11. Pitts is trash and so is this other baffoon. LOL. It's like amateur hour. Why does OCFS have this aura of having to be different? Like, it's a sickness out there where they just can't seem to do things that are proven and have to do it their way even when their way is clearly not optimal. This whole broadcast would be hilarious if it weren't so sad. Whatever. They have my money and I'm being entertained one way or another.
  12. Actually, as long as you're running it on a computer and not trying to cast to the TV from another device, OCFS stream is working pretty well. The director leaves a little to be desired and Pitts is over the top with his call, but the actual stream is not bad. I give OCFS a lot of grief because I don't like the place, but I will also call it fair and this is working pretty well now. BB Time Trials going out now.
  13. Double whammy since that's what I have... So, on my computer, it's damn near flawless. If I try to play it from my phone to my TV, it's garbage. So I just dialed up an adapter at Best Buy so I can hook my work computer to my TV and play it that way.
  14. I got a response back and the correct email. jimhouston1@mac.com The stream was running... But not very well. Keeps freezing.
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