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  1. This Thursday will tell the tale. One division show but mostly big blocks, 100 laps plus all the heats. Testing Sunday showed the same characteristics as Saturday night so I expect three lanes to work with Thurs. With no sprints to blow off the top it should be there almost all night.
  2. Is there video of that anywhere and/or the feature? My buddy bailed on me so I went to Middletown with the racecar to test.
  3. Sprints had the wrong tires there. They'll be better when they come back. Modified's were excellent. Bottom to top, though the top petered out in the second feature. Another foot and they'd have been dragging the bumpers across the concrete they were so far up. Track surface reminded me A LOT of what we've had at Oswego the last couple years.
  4. Surface was a lot like Oswego is I take it...
  5. Really have to call the track to get what you want. There are tons of seats, but only if you buy individually. You can't pick a three day ticket and then pick the seats you want if you want the half covered on the website. If you go individual, you have pick of the litter at the moment. Have to see what the boys want to do. Might be pit pass one night, G/A one night, then reserved ticket for the big dance.
  6. Best thing I saw in a LONG time was a packed house at Fonda standing on their feet loosing their minds over the finish Weds night.
  7. westracing01


    Based on the video and the twitter post, the mistake I see Max made was not hitting him with the nerf bar to move him out of the way. Had his move worked the way he say he intended, he still would have drove through Rudolph... Anyway you slice it, Max intended to remove Rudolph from the lead by force, not by skill.
  8. westracing01

    STSS at Fonda

    Drove two and a half hours from CT up for this race. Got word that Riverside Drive was a parking lot so bailed in Amsterdam and came down 5. No problems. Parked about back in Johnstown though... LOL. HUGE crowd. Place was a zoo which made the atmosphere even better. Walking in it had that big race feel to it and the field didn't disappoint with many of the big boys in town. 39 cars is nothing to sneeze at and it was a quality field. Track was rough to start and I thought we were going to be in for a long night, but they go it fixed and the surface for the feature was pretty solid. When the green flew I figured anyone in the top 8 had a shot at it but when Stewie got the lead I thought it was over, but in the span of 30 seconds the top two blew up and blew a tire which changed the whole race. The next 19 laps were stunning. I am so glad I was there to see it. Stew's drive back to the front was nothing short of remarkable. One well timed caution gave him a chance and he did the rest. Passing one of the best, on the last lap, around the outside of Turn 4, with the entire grandstand on its feet going crazy. ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED? Friessen, Shepherd, Rudolph top 3. Three of the best in the business right now. I don't know how anyone could ask for anything else out of that race or complain about that show in the least. Yes, the track was iffy to start, but it came around and provided one of the best races you're likely to see anywhere this year.
  9. westracing01

    STSS at Fonda

    We get out at 2 today. As long as the traffic is completely batsh*t insane I should be able to get home, get the wife and get to the track in time for Qualifying.
  10. And that right there ladies and gentlemen is a gigantic goddamn problem that OCFS has got to understand. Here you have someone who was all set on going, had their hotel BEFORE any sort of ticket price was even thought of, and had to cancel not because of work commitments, or family, or anything in life other than the fact they could not actually buy tickets to the biggest race of the year. There are a lot of ways to put that, but ridiculous covers most of them. EDIT: I might be willing to wager tickets won't go on sale until after the Sprint Car race weekend...
  11. New lights too you say? Like, the whole shebang (top notch Musco stuff) or just changing the light bulbs? Hadn't heard about new lighting going in. Looking forward to seeing what the All Stars do on the new track. We're shooting to have our car back together to be there for the Sunday July 14th rain make up.
  12. Everyone pissing and whining about not being able to see at OCFS should go to the Valley. There's no seat in that track, except maybe the very tippy top of the T1 stands, where you can see over Hough, Tremont, Flach, Bachetti, Britten, etc. haulers in the infield. I exclude Tower seating as we're only talking about the actual grandstands. If you're going to complain, then at least be fair about it. We usually sit top row of GA in the blue section at The Valley. You lose some of the exit of 1 and 2 and the vast majority of the back stretch. Sitting near the top of the half covered at OCFS and you can easily see 90% of the track. Hell, there isn't a seat in the house at Oswego where you can see the entire track. You lose T2 from the front straight and T1 from the back straight unless you're absolutely top row on the T2 end... That's without any haulers. As for spin the wheel... Whatever. It'll change in a week or two to some other format.
  13. westracing01


    Didn't see it answered. If both the covered and half covered are all reserved, where exactly is GA seating? I'm not going to buy a reserved ticket because of scheduling possibilities that might mean I couldn't make a Sunday rain date so I wanted to get there SUPER early and buy tickets at the gate.
  14. $80 with the ticket and parking permit for just Saturday... I really want to go to this but I might stay home and watch it on TV. $165 for a weekend pit pass? We pay less for the passes at SDW. I'm cutting my over/under from 104 modifieds in the pits on Saturday to 75. Now, with that said... This is a $100K to win race. No one has ever paid that much and it's double the next highest paying show (basically.) I think any of us who thought ticket prices would be similar to a $50K show were fooling ourselves. I thought Saturday only might be $50 for general admission... Didn't plan on the parking permit though.
  15. westracing01

    Lebanon Valley

    I said in the OCFS thread I'd call a spade a spade on conditions at any track, and those were some of the dustiest conditions I've ever seen at The Valley. Guys at the back in the mod features definitely had a hard time seeing. With that said, that was also some of the best racing I've seen there in a while. All divisions, top or bottom. Bachetti and Flach put on a show in the first feature. If Brett had 2 more laps he might've won the second. Pro stocks we're outrageous. Great, if dirty, night at the track.