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  1. No. I call it like I see it. Telling paying customers and teams to stop complaining about obvious serious issues because the golden goose might leave is bullshit. Racing is littered with money men who thought they could solve the problems with cash. You can't. Maybe they should stop telling the teams in the drivers meeting "if they don't like it they can leave." That certainly endears the guys responsible for putting asses in the seats to the track. People are picking on OC because a lot of people feel like they're bringing this on themselves. Be serious, it wasn't a threat of rain, it was the fact the drivers couldn't see that called the show. Believing otherwise is just towing the company line and defending the track's poor track prep. I'm done with this. When I said "make it up on the fly" I was not criticizing the track. I understand weather problems come and you have to do the best you can and roll with what you've got. Pretty sure we're done racing at Middletown anyway. I sincerely hope that place can return to it's former glory. I really do. In the meantime, when LV screws the pooch, or Fulton makes a fool of themselves, Brewerton, Oswego, The Grove, Port Royal or any other track I go to I promise you I will tell it like I see it with them.
  2. Then I will say hi. I always, always buy a 50/50 ticket from Lisa as I walk in.
  3. Lot of racing for the fan for their money. Hope they get a good crowd. Weather looks like it might finally cooperate.
  4. Pretty sure the posted rain dates are for that weekends races. But who knows. They could change it on the fly and use them as open ended make up's to make up any show that got lost before that date.
  5. I echo what's been said. 5PM gate opens and hot laps start. 6PM on the dot will be the first street stock feature, then probably either Sportsman or Big Block Heats, then on with the show from there. Barring anything crazy, 9:45-10PM for the whole show. 9:15-9:30 if you leave after the Big Blocks. If you want Tower Seats that's cool, but you won't get dirty at The Valley if that's the need for indoor seating. Get a Grinder (Sausage or Meatball), hand cut made in front you fries and a soda. If you get heartburn, bring whatever antacid works for you. It's worth the pain I promise. I think they sprinkle crack in those sandwiches 😁
  6. Oh for Heaven's sake the RACE FORMAT should be set in stone, not changed each week depending on what pair of socks they put on. Heat races, no, time trials, no wait, lets do heat races again, oh, hey, how about a dash now too. C'mon. You want to know the ticket price for a race 3 months away and they're not even sure what rules we're going to race with in 5 days. Stuff like that just makes everyone frustrated and annoyed and drives teams and fans away. Anyone who's wondering why those stands are empty just needs to read this thread as it's a good summation of all the problems. Anyway, that's enough of that. I hope they get it together fast. I was really looking forward to that $100K race weekend. Now, I dunno.
  7. westracing01

    Rocky wins fonda

    Grew up at Fonda. Sorry, The Valley wins the food debate hands down. Those Grinders are the best $5 I've ever spent at a racetrack.
  8. Defending the incomprehensible decisions, track conditions and attitude at OCFS right now is hard to do. We'll see. I make no bones that I do not, nor have I ever, really liked the place, but that's where the boss decided to race so OK, let's go. Just because I don't like it doesn't mean I want it to fail. Quite the opposite. I would be pleased as punch to tell someone, "Man, I used to hate that dump, but those boys really turned it around and it's a great place to race now." The last thing any of us want is for another track to be put on the ash heap of history. It's because of that I think that a lot of people bitch and complain. The things going on there can't continue.
  9. Let us not leave out that they did one lap with the water truck... Then pulled the plug. I don't know. When they cancelled we all looked at each other like, "huh?" Something just doesn't seem right.
  10. I will refrain from saying what I would like to say. They pulled the plug before they wrecked every car on the grounds and got someone seriously hurt. Track conditions were absolutely abysmal. 5th on back in the small block consi was driving in total blindness. For a track that has the resources of OCFS every single one of the people in charge should hang their heads in shame. OCFS right now is a joke. No one in the stands on a night with a potential $18k on the line? That's the kind of show I would think fans would want to see, yet no one seems to show up. Someone better be asking themselves why that is or Halmar will be building commercial condo's at Middletown instead of making a mess of the track.
  11. When Greg Furlong and Otto Sitterly were winning what seemed like every damn race at Oswego anyone who could beat them became an instant fan favorite. I respect greatness. Doesn't mean I'm a fan of them. Just think, in 20, 30 years we'll look back and say, "Yeah, this is a good run so and so is on, but remember that run Sheppard went on back in 19? Man, he won every time he unloaded no matter where it was or who he raced against."
  12. westracing01


    I believe OCFS started all the Mods. Not positive though.
  13. westracing01


    The guys at OCFS must all have stock in body panels and rub rails. Those boys race rough for such a fast track. No one's mentioned the Sportsman demo derby. Ran 16 laps on a rough as hell track last week, this week on a much smoother track they barely went 4 laps before bouncing off each other. Leaders beating on each other under yellow. With the way they tend to race at that track I was surprised anyone went out for the non-qualifiers race and risked junking their stuff for nothing. What did the covered grandstand crowd look like? I saw maybe 25-30 cars in the drive-in and it looked very sparse in the half covered.
  14. westracing01


    Track surface was smooth I'll give it that. Show ran quickly. No one there to see it but it looked like a well run show. We were loaded and back to the shop by 11:30. Changing formats like I change socks is not the way to go but what do I know.
  15. westracing01


    6 Sportsman heats, 2 consi's and a LCQ. Should be a 28 car field for the main.