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  1. She did. From what I gather she got crossed up trying to get out of the way instead of holding her line.
  2. I can't view Robert's wreck but that one at Oswego was real ugly indeed. Glad everyone managed to get out of these things.
  3. The fight got people talking... For the wrong reasons but anyway... I learned I wouldn't mess with Johnson. Dude's got a good left.
  4. Unless you know someone in the field of the other divisions, the vast majority of your Saturday Night fans are there for the Modifieds (or whatever the headline class is.) All the other divisions are there in support of that. If people actually came to the track to watch the Sportsman or Pro Stocks or 4 Cylinders, half the grandstand wouldn't leave once the Mods were done. We'd be standing there with the Sportsman and they'd call to pack the track, or our feature would get moved because it was running late, or some other situation would arise and the guys would say, "What the hell, why ar
  5. Generally, racers are idiots. They bitch, whine and complain about costs, then open their wallets and burn stacks of $100 bills on the newest stuff. Businesses, homes, wives, everything is for sale to pay to play the game. All that said, I agree Johnny. We're going to get to see some seriously good fields in the next few months for some pretty decent pay days.
  6. Racing in general is. Everyone is always looking for that magic bullet of power, driveability and 5000 lap rebuilds... Hasn't happened yet. I wish more racers had realistic expectations. They'd wind up spending a lot less money in the end if they were just realistic about the whole deal up front. Crate's don't do it for me. We had one for a season. No thanks. As a fan, they're visibly slow, but that just my opinion.
  7. It did this if you were watching the race replay. I missed it live and picked up the replay with 84 to go and had that happen.
  8. EDIT: Johnny and I posted at about the same time... More people need to understand how this actually "works." No, none of the vaccines mean you cannot get Covid. If you sit next to someone who has it, you can get it. These things are not different than the Flu Shot. The Flu Shot does not mean you won't get it, just that if you do, it's not as bad as it would be if you didn't have the vaccine. Same thing with these. Pfizer and Moderna at 90% efficacy mean you can jump into a vat of Covid and it means you have a 90% chance of never getting anything... But there's a 10% chance yo
  9. You are correct Leroy. I think they race a total of 11 times, don't have the schedule in front of me to check. Just to back up for a second, I did not mean to infer that losing KFR, Britton and Ronnie were not big hits to the Valley. They obviously are. I mean we're not going there weekly like we would've and that is specifically because of who's not racing there. We will be there for the SDS races, and the JC Memorial, but that's probably it.
  10. ^ That's what I was going to say. He doesn't need to go back to OCFS until like August or something.
  11. Probably not that mad considering OCFS had 23 big blocks to The Valley's full field.
  12. Keith hit the nail on the head. Some guys going to go run the special is one thing, but when you're a DIRT sanctioned track and there's a tour race guys are going to, and you decide to pull this, that's more ridiculous.
  13. Haha... Yeah, that one came across wrong. I meant more like it's LOL funny, but really to just to me. Like, I may not like OCFS, but I don't want to rag on those that do. I think I'll put my shovel down now... I've dug this hole for myself deep enough.
  14. LOL... I laugh only to myself on that one. Keith goes to the one track I dislike the most. Best of luck Keith!
  15. ^^^ Nice! I sat in front of some boys from Oswego last year at the National Open. Backstretch, about 7 rows from the top toward the Beer Hill end of the stands. Wonder if that was you guys? We're planning to be at Oswego for the Memorial Day 200, weather permitting... Fan permitting for that matter. Hopefully get to bring my mom & dad along. Been a long time since they've seen a Classic.
  16. Go race Fonda Keith! RJ went back home and the Fonda fans would love to have you in the house. For my own selfish reasons I would have no problem calling Fonda my Sat night home once again.
  17. So would I. With that said, if he decides to race somewhere else on Saturday's and it's a reasonable distance, we'd probably go. I like the Valley because it's cheap, the food is good, it's only a couple hours, and the wife LOVE's Keith... Probably more than me come to think of it... LOL. He packs up and races somewhere else we're VERY likely to follow.
  18. I won't sit here and say that money and equipment don't matter, because they do. The only thing I'd add is something Johnny and RPM touched on, information. You can have all the equipment, the best car/engine combo available, the best shocks with a smasher and a dyno... And you'll go nowhere if you don't know what to do with them. This is work. If you're out there to have fun, awesome. You don't need all that shit the big teams have. If you want to go out there and challenge for top 5's and wins against this level of competition, you're going to work your ass off to get there. Deci
  19. The answer to dominance is always the same... Beat them. Build a car, set it up better, wheel the snot out of it and beat them. Far easier said than done. Success starts in the shop with preparation.
  20. Why in the world would you do something like that? You knew some of "your" guys were going to go to Bristol and with Deyo throwing down the loot up North combined with what has just happened, it only made sense that Ronnie would race there. The only thing that makes any sense is that this move was purely out of spite for "your" guys running somewhere else.
  21. I actually thought the track prep was outstanding. If we hadn't gotten the rain and it had run as normal, Saturday you'd have seen a much better track to work with. It was the best it could be with the conditions they were given. Neither of the races were atrocious, but clearly Friday night was better. Modifieds were definitely more racey, but that should've been expected. The 410's reminded me of what 410 racing looked like at The Valley. Crazy fast, but mostly in a line. Friday there was obvious passing but the track was available for that with the work they put in to get a top going.
  22. So, now that it's over, what is everyone's take? Mine, in no particular order... Walking in that place my face must've looked like a kids seeing Disneyland for the first time. Jaw on the ground. TV does no justice to the banking or the immensity of those stands. Track looked great. Impressed with the job they did there. Man, that is some hilly terrain around that joint. Got a workout in Friday. The fact they let us stand right up against the inside wall was awesome. Watching the 410's come into the corner at warp 9, 25 feet or so away, the sense of speed was unbelievab
  23. Our issues had nothing to do with Bristol in general and yes, we knew the forecast. For all intents and purposes, yes, we stayed at a dump. It shouldn't have been, but it's run by completely incompetent dingbats with no clue how to work their computer system. 3 hours on the phone with corporate got us no where. It was just a trainwreck. I woke up from a nap on Saturday around 2:30 and the rain stopped, saw a little sun and was like oh c'mon. On the way home we had a small taste of blue sky and a nice rainbow before the darkness enveloped us again and our trip returned to it's previ
  24. Well, that was a nightmare of a trip. Track was amazing and racing was decent enough. Everything else was utter trash. When they canceled and 30 mins later the sun came out, combined with all the other garbage we'd been dealing with, we said the hell with it and came home.
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