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  1. just to let you know your win list has a couple mistakes in it the ofp1 can that he won in was not owned by roger heroux it was owned by skip and Marianne Albanese just as a little heads up to you
  2. very well said Jamie I personally liked joe some of the calls he made were questionable but he did a lot of good things for the sport that people don't want to acknowledge but what do I know
  3. at least it is going to that and not to something else that we don't like
  4. small block stuff is still enders I believe
  5. 99j car only goes to the HBR shop when he needs some of the equipment he does not have at the 99j shop
  6. it doesn't need a super special car really and I can tell you some guys if not most guys use the same motor they have run all year just freshened up I don't think the racing is all that great at the mile but it is just the history of the place if you took it away from the fairgrounds it just would be super dirt week anymore
  7. yes they sure did bub its close but he still has more money which is kind of impressive considering brett won two of the bigger paying races of the year in that of the valley and eastern states
  8. well considering matt is ahead of brett in points and has won more money and has the same amount of titles this year id say matt has
  9. I would say knock the prices down a littlei know everyone is gonna say well they cant and make a profit but if they did more people would come the hard part to swallow is having to buy a pass to park all week and especially if you get the infield parking pass the parking situation is a joke there is usually no where to park and it is really bad when it rains.   Friday night lights I don't mind it but there needs to be more lights in the corners especially coming out of 4 there is a huge dark spot there get some of those portable construction style light trailers to put on the cinder track would make for better vision.   that's all I have for now but im sure I could come up with some more oh and leave the USAC cars home
  10. I wasn't really talking about stewart but if you look at Sheppard he has won at 14 different tracks this year (Big Diamond, Brewerton, Canandaigua, Cornwall, Five Mile Point, Fonda, Fulton, Mohawk, New Egypt, Penn Can, Thunder Mountain, Utica-Rome, Volusia and Weedsport) he has 25 wins in 92 starts that's better than a win every 4 starts. the more impressive part than the wins is the 64 top 5s in 92 races (69%) and 83 top 10's (90%) on that one yes I know he races for two different teams and blah blah blah but you still have to show up and race and by golly I would say hes done a damn good job of it this year.  
  11. no they have not brett 09 matt 10 11 12 brett 13
  12. I did look at them but it doesn't always mean that it is right I am a sheppard fan myself and have seen where they have messed it up it the past im just trying to tell you that is what it said in the rule book
  13. bretts engines are from performance technologies in Indianapolis and the teo is not a cookie cutter teo it would not make sense there are some very minor and major differences compared to the cookie cutter teos
  14. E.) In any DIRTcar Series event(s) where there are a set number of drivers that qualify for the feature event based on time trials, these drivers may not be required to participate in a qualifying race, but will be awarded 5-points for qualifying through time trials. Once a driver is qualified for the feature event through an event that has a set number of drivers that qualify for the feature event through time trials they may not earn any other points in any other qualifying race and/or event.