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  1. It's been a while since I've posted anything on here but I have a lot of new content. Check out all my new 2019 videos. Thanks for watching and hope you enjoy.
  2. Enter this free giveaway for a chance to win the ultimate race gear from Dustin Purdy Racing and Purdy Motorsports. We are giving away a hat, hoodie, tee-shirt, driver card, window sticker, and free pit pass to one race for the upcoming 2019 race season. Good luck to all and may the most dedicated fan win! https://gleam.io/IlVjc/ultimate-race-fan-giveaway
  3. The premier of the Short Track Super Series Lightning on the Mountain race from Thunder Mountain Speedway on September 23rd is this Sunday @ 2PM. Check it out on our YouTube channel. Make sure to hit the reminder button to get notified of the event. Come join us and watch the video live with us. Hope to see everyone there. http://bit.ly/LightningontheMountain
  4. Check out the premier of "The Aftershock" at 11 A.M. on Thursday. http://bit.ly/Aftershock2018
  5. Check out this great battle with Jeff Trombley during CRSA heat race action. Check out some hot laps from the night.
  6. That was not my intention Gasket. I guess my editing skills still need honing.
  7. My intention was to show that Stew got checked up from the lapped traffic in front of him, and I thought that was shown by the view that I had, but apparently I was mistaken. I cut back to the contact to also show that it looked like Bobby attempted to go high. It was a racing deal either way. As far as the biased comment, I could care less either way...I am a sprint car driver. You will never please everyone. Let's move on from this.
  8. Here is a multi-view video from Stewy's car. Sorry about the shakiness. There was a lot of vibration and the mount loosened up a bit. Hope you enjoy.
  9. I apologize. Work has been crazy and I completely forgot about it. I will get it up shortly.