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  1. I thought I read Skylar Gee had a ride but I don’t see his name on CB entry list. Side note and random thought I would be very curious to see how Eric Rudolph and or Stewart Friesen would do in the CB.
  2. Sorry is there any pictures of the 3/4 track I always just assumed they were on the big track for those events
  3. Is Tim McCreadie going? Sorry may have missed it.
  4. Nothing is impossible with a Big Enough Bank Roll I refer back to Frans post about Jakusa/Cayuga speedway that place was in disrepair until the new owner bought it!
  5. they said they got hassled more try to cross back into the USA then into Canada and that’s not the first time I heard that either. Yes It’s unfortunate to because when it was up at Ohsweken for the Two day show I sat next to four guys from Espanola Ontario who Said they were following the boys from Ohsweken into Quebec...how many people from other parts of Ontario/ Quebec were making a week out of it? I am still in shock when I tell other US race fans at Eldora I’m from Niagara Falls Canada they are amazed how far we drive. Indiana Sprint week one year we went to a race a Lincoln Park Speedway and I thought the guy was going to have a heart attack when we told him we were from Canada...they .tend to forget Woo Allstars USAC ASCS very rarely get up to We The North(Canada)
  6. So funny we’re talking about this...one of the big issues with the Canadian trips was the sale of T-Shirts...not sure on all the details (so maybe someone can give details) but the boys were told that they needed a work permit to sell t-shirts for tax purposes again don’t know whole story that. i talked to a couple of the Outlaw teams When I was at the Kings Royal they said they loved coming up to Canada and racing did not get hassled at boarder but they said the t-shirt deal was a big issue. when Ohsweken talked to the USAC guys and ASCS National Tour both organizations told them that most drivers, crews and equipment were Ineligible to cross the boarder because of paper work and passports needed!
  7. That my thought as well Ransomville has them The night before and with a regular night in Pa might hurt car count but...the Outlaws draw a crowd where ever they go
  8. Is the Ohsweken race part of there Summer Nationals?
  9. Only conflict that might happen and it’s definitely not personal but July 1st is Canada Day (national holiday) so there might be a modified race at one of the Canadian tracks!
  10. I was thinking he might get 25-45% (being conservative) of the winnings in the Behrents, Buzzchew and Wendts cars.
  11. Haha yea he can now build a three story igloo
  12. As of Saturday night I had Mat at $308,030, money not included are earnings during weekly runs at Merrittville or Ransomville, or any races he ran that weren’t SDS or STSS. i also didn’t include points fund money’s from Ransomville or Merrittville only reason I did not include these is cause I’m not sure what the winnings were lol Something that hasn’t really been mention Mat Williamson never ran weekly at a Big Block Track he ran Ransomville and Merrittville weekly. Im not sure if anyone has won the SDS title and not run weekly at a Big Block Track? Also Mat is the First Canadian to win the SDS and think about how many Canadian drivers ran the SDS Full Time in the past Friesen, Plazek, Bicknell etc.
  13. Mat does it again congrats! ESW 358 winner!