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  1. https://www.tsn.ca/nascar/pinty-s-series/video/stewart-and-jessica-friesen-make-racing-a-family-affair~2167054
  2. Might have already been talked about but is Stew, Tim, or anybody else running both the BB/LM at Volusia 🤔
  3. Need some good Racing podcasts on my IPhone...anybody got suggestions🤔
  4. Josh what number will he run? He has a different number for each car he runs Mod 44 Truck 52 Sprint 1z Late Model????? Not sure if anyone mentioned it but Stew ran a Crate Late Model at Ohsweken a couple of years ago don’t remember how he did as he ran the 360 race and BB race as well that night.
  5. Not to deter the conversation here but I just want to see pictures of Friesens late model, that is if there is any! Thanks
  6. https://speedsport.com/dirt-late-models/other-dirt-series/bristol-set-to-host-bristol-dirt-nationals/
  7. Is it just me or did the Safety Crew seem really confused? It looked like they had trouble with the fire extinguishers? Scary situation no matter what amazing Roman walk away. His name has been brought up to run with Foyt in Indy car.
  8. Well it’s a decent amount of cars for this time of year I hope the Super Modified Series continues down there or maybe the STSS can make it the Ark-LA-Tex region?
  9. Do we have any kind of entry list I just happened to see on Twitter Dave Rauscher is going. So I was curious to see who else was going. Also is the local group is it Ark-La-Tex Modifieds or is it the Southern Modifieds? I used to keep an eye on both series but not much in recent years. If I remember right Jason Johnson of the World of Outlaws ran a season or two with the Ark La Tex Modifieds way back in the early 2000s when I found out about the group. I know our boys went down once already but I hope this works out I really do I hope it becomes yearly!
  10. Indy 500, Kings Royal, SDW, Canadian Sprintcar Nationals, NHRA at Norwalk, Port Royal Tuscarora, and Smackdown at Kokomo. plus a couple SDS races the Classic, Woo Lm race at Genesee We got a credit for the 2021 Indy 500 but being from Canada, Border, 14 Day Quarintine Rules, that might not happen if there isn’t significant changes.
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