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  1. Just wondering how many people on here check what the rain out policy is for a track that they don’t usually go to? Reason for this question is I was at Mansfield this weekend and last night got rained and the track was not giving any refunds unless they can not come up with rain date! Now I already knew this policy going in because the weather was iffy as before I left to go down Thursday morning but our group had already preordered the tickets. I am in no way complaining about it as the policy was on there website before we ordered tickets in February but people are losing their minds over it on Mansfield Facebook page, with that said does everyone else on here check Rain Out policies, Refund Policies and if there is a Make Up Date before they go to a track they have never been before or are preordering tickets?
  2. Add Mansfield to the list
  3. Racerfan2003

    CNYRP ??

    Such a sad situation all around!
  4. Racerfan2003

    Rolling Wheels

    Wasn’t even upset about it! ! But thanks your a true race fan bud!
  5. Racerfan2003

    Chili Bowl

    The other interesting factoid is the fact that they need to take a break to help air out the building, in talking with a guy that goes every year he said that the fumes and dusty get to be a bit much after a couple of races (worse than the NF Convention Centre races and Toronto Supercross days when they ran 2 strokes) i have never been to the Chilibowl myself but I could imagine after seeing it on tv. To me when they are starting at the O Main and have 2 mains for each letter up to A not being on time is not a huge surprise thank god for DVR lol
  6. Did I miss it but didn’t see Dylan Westbrook race? Check his Facebook page but no updates
  7. Not to get off topic can you watch the Chili Bowl live???
  8. So is Ransomville looking at Alcohol as an option?? If not might really hurt Merrittvilles car counts
  9. Tom posted on Gary Lindbergh’s Facebook last night that the Merrittville owners are working with DIRT to get a date for 2019
  10. Congrats to Mat Williamson, well deserved! Just out of curiosity does his dad (Randy) still crew chief for him? Heard Randy knows a thing or two about those Bicknell Chassis’s lol
  11. Why doesn’t the the people in charge of the SDS start asking the the local guys and car owners what might entice them to run more than one or two events a year? the weekend warriors are what makes up over 50% of any touring series in the Modified Division! Hell they are the guys fans love to see beat the “Tour Guys” As fans we have are own ideas of what needs to be changed but we are just passionate about the sport heck we would complain if SDS had free admission to there races because we would think that had we paid to get in the purse would be that much bigger lol
  12. No matter what happens I hope Mat gets a ride and runs the SDS full time, I like him as a driver and I like his dad Randy. He has good equipment and motors already runs Merrittville weekly and select B.B. specials and is getting good results!