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  1. I’m all for “BIG MONEY” reason he’s at $242,430 as of right now and that’s all the listed earnings I found on the links below http://www.dirtcarump.com/points/ http://shorttracksuperseries.com/point-standings/ Add in the 7 wins at Merrittville, the wins at Ransomville ( not sure on number) and then add in other races through out the course of year Specials, One off Races, Etc. He was Fourth in points at Merrittville and second at Ransomville so there’s also points fund money come, and what ever he gets from the SDS point fund and 358 Series points fund. Im thinking just off the top of my head he’s probably at $250,000-$260,000 in total race earnings, and point fund payouts not included In that number and the season isn’t over yet! Pretty incredible year for a Modified driver!
  2. Mat “Big Money” Williamson lol jk in all seriousness he is hotter than a fox in a forest fire right now!
  3. Racerfan2003

    Oswego Surface

    How’s the track look....I saw some pictures and have yet to see any holes developing
  4. Racerfan2003

    Oswego Surface

    Video up on Super Dirt Week Twitter page surface looks mint! First Outdoor Hockey at Dodger Stadium then Dirt on Oswego what a world! Lmao
  5. Racerfan2003

    Oswego Surface

    Saw some videos of practice so far it looks fast
  6. Racerfan2003

    Fulton Wild Card

    this is still for Non Qualified Cars right? Draw for Twin 25-Lap Modified Qualifiers Top-Two Finishers in Each Earn $1,000 & $500 Top-Ten in Each Qualifier Advance To The Feature Top-Four in Last Chance 12 Lap Showdown Advance 50-Lap Wildcard Feature – 1st – $4,000 2nd – $2,500 3rd – $1,500
  7. Looks like your not the only one seeing picks of the cars going through tech today!
  8. I think Hidden Valley is closed but...way to be on your toes saw your post about how many tracks with in a 100 miles thought someone might call you out on that lol
  9. Oh well now I feel silly....do you know how long it took me to translate his Facebook post lmao jk
  10. Gary Lindberg driving Sittler 37s at Satellite shows
  11. I saw on Facebook David Hebert will be running the Big Block Race
  12. Nice place saw an allstar show there 5 years ago very racey place from what I recall
  13. Mat Williamson wins the $100,000 at OC barely a peep about his biggest win ever because everyone is talking about Stewart Friesen and Matt Sheppard not winning. Fonda has both Stew and Matt S going barely a peep about that because everyone is talking about Williamson/Ruldolph not going Fonda lol HMMM LOL
  14. This Conspiracy shit is on the same level as Colts Season Ticket holders asking for the money back when Andrew Luck retired!