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  1. I’ve searched high and low for that movie for my kids to watch, no luck finding it. Does anyone know if’s it’s on the internet somewhere? Great, great movie!!!
  2. Any sds pro stock race from the late 90’s though the early 2000’s. Dam that class was loaded with talent back then
  3. Jumper, do you have the heat lineups for tonight yet? And what time they start. Thank you
  4. Dan Dan, once they get their first one their hooked for life. Tell him job well done!!!
  5. I also have a picture of a 75 year old woman who shot an absolutely beautiful 8 point, with a bow, during gun season!!!!
  6. If only I owned a computer, lol. All I got is an iPhone. I got a buddy that posts on here once in awhile who’s pretty good with computer stuff, I’ll text them to him and have him post them
  7. Embarrassed to admit, 3 websites I can get to. Here, ESPN and mlb, lol
  8. Embarrassed to admit, 3 websites I can get to. Here, ESPN and mlb, lol
  9. No social media, never bought anything online, just don’t understand how this stuff works
  10. Can you guide me through how to do it? I’m extremely tech challenged
  11. Topdog, beautiful buck right there. We went to Kansas last year looking for a couple of them but couldn’t close the deal
  12. Larry and I were able to harvest a nice 8 and 9 point or the weekend. Very enjoyable weekend with friends and family. The stuff fond memories are made of.
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