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  1. I dont see how Mr. Wright can help out Larry WIGHT??
  2. So you would be "ok" with giving said employee a 20,000 dollar bonus out of your own pocket??? I find any decent human would have a hard time doing this ..

    Chris Hile

    Chris was strong tonight at Brewerton!!! Just when you thought Tom Sears had it won Hile reeled him in for the Huge win which was well received by the fans
  4. Well Since Outlaw isnt dirtcar sanctioned I would say its regular points show there. I know Mods are off at Brewerton but Fulton is doing a regular points night for the mods.
  5. They did a random test of 5 guys at Eldora. Heard he didnt pass obviously so he has been suspended

    Doctor with Sweetners?

    Why would he be in "something "?? He hasn't really been on top of his game for awhile. Other than a top 3 here and there I dont see him setting the world on fire like everyone thought once he went back to Sweetners plus. I can think of alot of more qualified drivers that would produce better results than the Dr. ... sorry to say but I think it's time to hang up the helmet

    Doctor with Sweetners?

    Wouldn't surprise me at all ... surprised it lasted this long!! Time to pack it in and call it a career I think
  8. Even though they cancelled earlier in the week it wouldnt have mattered!! I drove through Brewerton at 4:00 and it was a torrential downpour so they wouldn't have gotten the show in anyways. So the 5 plus pages of people bitching because they cancelled is now all for nothing...
  9. Probably be getting afternoon showers and storms as predicted this weekend and tracks will be cancelling anyways ... so canceling because of the heat will be a non issue

    Fulton Finish

    Everyone on here complaining about the payouts. .. I'm sure John would be willing to sell the tracks to you at anytime and you can pay whatever you want!!! They are getting the most small blocks and sportsman that I know of so they must be doing something right!!! It has been proven it doesnt matter what a race pays if guys want to race they will show up ... just ask the promoters

    Fulton Finish

    Well seeing as I'm there every week I will say it wasnt packed but with the weather forecast for rain it wasnt a terrible crowd. If they took the picture at 830 and there was only 89 people in the stands its probably because it was raining and they went to get shelter. There were definitely more than 89 people there ...

    Fulton Finish

    Were you there??
  13. This has to close to some type of record for time since we have had a Sheppard topic .... thank god we have another one
  14. Being that I'm at Fulton every week I didnt think the crowd was too bad. You have to remember how big the grandstands are at Fulton compared to say Lol. Did I expect more people to show with no racing yea it would have been great but it didnt happen. The racing in the small blocks in my opinion is much better than the big block tour. There are more 358 drivers capable of winning versus going to the Big block tour races. You have to remember also this is really a bad time of year with graduation parties, weddings and whatever else people have going on that cuts into their racing budget. I personally got invited to 9 graduations and 3 weddings over the summer. That's alot of money to put out to cut into my racing budget... with that in mind I'm going to 1 wedding and 1 graduation party