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  1. According to the story posted Big blocks only .. as of now but I'm sure if the right opportunity came along he would run them
  2. Sportsman as the headline class. Trying to get an ESS special and possibly a Big Block Sds race
  3. When did they have over 50 mods?? I would be very curious but the most I ever remember was upper 30's
  4. Half the field is already 358??? You must be watching a different race than me ...
  5. Sad I'm gonna miss this year!! If you have never been do yourself a favor and go atleast once in your life... hopefully I can get back there next year
  6. 3 races at the same track dont make it a special event ... having one Sds race at your track makes it special
  7. Lame schedule in my eyes ... 6 races split between 2 tracks ....
  8. Ugh ... must be slow season cause here we go with the Rolling Wheels rumors again !!! Dont get me wrong back in the day the Wheels was one of my favorite tracks!! That place needs a TON of work and someone with a very deep pocket to bring it back to life!!! Would I like to see it reopen and run a small schedule absolutely... we already have one track running 3 Sds races next year. If the Wheels was to open they could take one of the dates ...jmo
  9. Does you know if they plan to run while they are looking for a buyer??

    Dutch Hoag Memorial

    A press release was put out exactly one year ago saying they were gonna replace the wall, fence and the speakers. Obviously that money was spent elsewhere and the new improvements never happened. It might finally be time to spend that money and fix it ... before something serious happens!!!

    Penn Can

    As well as Thinder Mountain
  12. I dont see how Mr. Wright can help out Larry WIGHT??
  13. So you would be "ok" with giving said employee a 20,000 dollar bonus out of your own pocket??? I find any decent human would have a hard time doing this ..

    Chris Hile

    Chris was strong tonight at Brewerton!!! Just when you thought Tom Sears had it won Hile reeled him in for the Huge win which was well received by the fans
  15. Well Since Outlaw isnt dirtcar sanctioned I would say its regular points show there. I know Mods are off at Brewerton but Fulton is doing a regular points night for the mods.