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  1. Jeremie's son runs sportsman at Brewerton and Fulton so I cant really see him going down to Orange County
  2. Not sure if he is running the same car at Lol as he is at Outlaw but I know he's running a 430 small block at Outlaw...
  3. Man Utica Rome cant catch a break ... racing is canceled for this evening May 15th.
  4. He isn't running weekly this year. Concentrating more on Brewerton and Weedsport. Only gonna be hit and miss at Cmp
  5. I heard he left before they started because he didnt think they were gonna race ...
  6. Your right I wouldn't be going to this race this year as I'm still in Florida. I've been to Outlaw many times and I gotta say this is a deterrent to people to go especially if they have children that want to attend. It might be different for families if school was out but it's not. When I get back north Outlaw is still a 2 hour drive one way for me and would love to attend but just cant do it with the amount of classes they run on a regular basis. They need to listen to the fans ... it's not just me that feels this way. Stop trying to cover your expenses on the back gate, run 2-3 classes and get people out at a decent time... everyone goes home happy!!!
  7. They might not be last on the card but they still have to sit through 4 other classes of qualifying!!! On a Tuesday night ... I'm good
  8. Driving the Tyler Siri car
  9. There are some special shows that I would love to attend at Outlaw but when they schedule 5-8 classes and I have to drive 2 hours one way they wont get my money!! Its sad because they are hurting themselves and the fans that want to see the shows. I'm sure I'm not the only fan that feels this way. And this isnt the only track that does this so dont think I'm bashing just Outlaw!! These tracks need to smarten up or they are gonna chase people away ...
  10. I never understood why some tracks feel the need especially on daytime track conditions to run 8 classes!!! Other than the back gate mentality cut it down to 4 and you have pretty much eliminated half the laps and cars on your track!! This isnt to bash Outlaw cause they aren't the only one to do it. If I see that many classes on a daytime surface I know enough to stay home and wait another week for a good track surface where I can actually see the track and the race. .
  11. Rained out tonight
  12. Yea speaking of getting way off topic ... I started with Dale Planck and it ended up with Beer,Wine and Pizza
  13. I think the move has worked well. I attend Fulton pretty weekly and I gotta say the racing has been just as entertaining if not more so. I'm gonna guess with the addition of more cars this year they will be back to a full field.
  14. I hear he's running for Aj Miller's family out of eastern NY. Aj is a sportsman driver at Fulton and wants to learn from Dale before he moves up