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  1. What kind of car counts can you expect this Friday for the Thunder Series at Utica Rome? Will you see the normals guys or will this draw some other cars? Thanks!!
  2. Pretty good source told me that they got roughly dozen loads of new clay. And did some track reconfiguration. Also did some work with the jersey barriers to make entering and exiting corners better. Hopefully this will help the racing out!!
  3. You won’t get it. What you’ll get is a island full of bs. 👍🏼
  4. You go to get away from it all but you consistently bring it on here or blat about it if you see it.
  5. Not to much chatter on the 358 series race at Fulton this past Saturday. Amazing car counts I noticed. Anybody go, plus or minus’s to share?
  6. Man look at that top 5! Will they all be staying?
  7. Fulton for me. Can’t wait to see the car counts for the 358’s and sportsman.
  8. From what I heard the CSRA sprint series will be cancelling there April races due to tire shortages.
  9. Good thank you. Scumbag brings absolutely nothing to this forum in regards to racing.
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