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  1. The track looks amazing and racey!! Not like the slick shit shows we have around here!
  2. Bob if you do Instagram there is a page on there and the guy does all the dirt tracks that are closed down with pictures and a brief history of them. And google earth views of what they look like today. He covers them all over the world. It’s really interesting.
  3. After 9 pages of this my only thought is my hopes would be that promoters and organizations would work together for the common good for the sport and drivers.
  4. Heard some good news on Rolling Wheels Raceway in NY this weekend, could see racing there again this year, deal in the works from a local promoter to rent the track for multiple races during the 2019 season. From RacePage Facebook page. Might be old news but fingers crossed.
  5. Hate to say it but it’s almost like there is to much going on lol!
  6. I agree Bob on the moving up part. It’s definitely time. Good luck to him!
  7. This track is on my list to go to for next year. It’s been probably 15 years for me.
  8. Not a red car fan but glad to see Billy running the tour again to give Matt even more competition. The series is shaping up looking better and better.
  9. Yeah that whole ex girlfriend part I always found quite amusing.