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  1. If I had the cash to field a car Chris would be my first choice. I wouldn’t even be wasting my time on some of these other guys.
  2. I agree. Was surprised at the 358 car counts. Racing was still good tho. But didn’t they used to get 60-70 cars for these satellite races?
  3. Surface was great for the feature. Well done !!
  4. I’m surprised at the car counts and the racing surface to be honest. No Fuller or Jordan McCreadie either. Sure the features will pick up!
  5. Other than Dirt Week, what’s your must see fall modified race?
  6. I’ve said it for years and years and I know many feel the same. Stop with the Friday portion of it, have it another weekend. Give the mods a fresh track on Saturday and let’s have anything but single lane racing.
  7. Who can confirm will be in a modified there this coming weekend for the 200?
  8. I mean I think this is a legitimate question that needs to be answered. He racing it or not?
  9. I’m not sure why Matt’s actions has anyone surprised or shocked. Have you seen his old man in action before 😂?!
  10. Absolutely should be ashamed of themselves. And I’m trying very hard to speak nicely on here.
  11. For a little while now I’ve viewed Chris as a guy I would love to see get a ride and see what he could do with it. I’d rather see him and a few others get a shot rather than guys who car hop way to much.