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  1. Man there’s a name I haven’t heard In awhile. Same with guys like Ray Bliss, Brian Weaver, Jim Gabriel.
  2. I wonder why tho he feels the need to change drivers so quickly? I mean on the racing world, that doesn’t look good at all for him.
  3. I can’t wait to get some wings and some pitchers and watch any kind of sports at a bar. Shit I’ll watch tennis at this point.
  4. And that’s how people will vote for him, they will feel sorry for him. You watch. The first time Trump makes him look silly the sheep will all be up in arms and poor Joe.
  5. Surprised more isn’t said about this. He seemed pretty pissed on his Facebook page.
  6. Great post. My parents always said that money was the root of all evil. I told them I disagree now and taking it’s place is any form of social media or any platform that one can hide and spout of his or hers own opinions. Anyway jwin I’m with you. Was sure hoping by July we would be racing but it’s not looking good now. This state will drag this out as long as we can.
  7. Going back to the original topic, I don’t for see any racing happening till schools open back up. I think we can base many things on how schools will handle things the next few months.
  8. Look I’m by far the biggest Trump supporter. But at this point kids, it’s time to be a part of the solution and not continue being the problem. If everybody hates Trump so much then, please Democratic Party, provide me with a candidate to vote for and vote him out of office. Till that happens put up or shut up. Again this is coming from a non Trump supporter.
  9. I worked with a guy who put 34 years of time in at his job. One day in a joking manner had made a comment in front of the wrong person at work about MLK day. Lost his union job and because he was fired his pension as well. You simply cannot say anything anymore and as a society we’re to far gone to go back. Was the word Kyle said wrong, yup. Did he mean it, nope. and imo just said it without any hurtful intent. Just like the guy I worked with.
  10. Great question. Turn one at Weedsport and Rolling Wheels when it was open. Forever I always loved the turn one grandstands at Fulton all the way down before they chose not to replace them 👎🏻. Brewerton turn 4 in the grandstand in between 3 and 4. LOL when I go turn 4, nothing like the mods coming right at you there. I’ve always thought turn one at Dundee was fun till you get pelted with stones 😂
  11. Not sure if process means inquiring or an offer was actually put forth. No clue.
  12. While scrolling thru my feed on Facebook I came across a picture of Danny and Alan on one of Alan’s 14j fan page. Reading the comments it was stated that a group of investors, one being Bob Theis of Freedom Raceway where in the process of purchasing Rolling Wheels according to a article in AARN. Set to take place this year or 2021. Anybody got any info or truth on this?
  13. I actually think this is great news for LOL. On many different levels. I know now I’ll be making more trips.
  14. Totally agree. And with those handful of guys following the tour, means less fans, and which in turns means less revenue. I’ve been saying it for years, the same guys winning all the time is not good for a already expensive sport.
  15. Reading about all these costs and changes I don’t know why anyone would even consider running the series. You don’t make any kind of money whatsoever obviously. But throw the in everything else, yeah no thanks.
  16. Sure my opinion will be unpopular but I think it’s a good thing the same guy isn’t winning every race. And your seeing more different guys winning already. And no I don’t want to hear Matt sets the bar high for others to catch up, that’s the dumbest argument in auto racing. So far I’m excited others are winning and doing well. Maybe spectators will come back to the races. It’s no secret many have left due to the same people winning. At least at my end it’s that way.
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