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  1. In their defense, Pennsylvania does meet the criteria, but the goalposts moved again. Although I'm happy now, I don't expect it to last. I still think my planned trip to Pennsylvania could be squashed. It will depend on the wording of the additional guidance that is coming.
  2. Sounds better than saying we made it four days instead of two to get more front gate money. I don't really have an issue with that, if it is the reason. Hard to make money at 10% (or whatever the number is) and this one is not a back gate driven show.
  3. I still don't know who won, but I did see Larson win again yesterday.
  4. According to his post on the fan page, it was a change of tire compound that didn't end up working.
  5. Announcing it at the driver's meeting is definitely a positive sign. I wouldn't read too much into it being on the Dirtvision schedule. They don't delete anything until it is officially cancelled. There schedule showed earlier races that everyone knew wouldn't happen until the official cancellation.
  6. Not sure what happened, but they certainly dropped the ball on the broadcast.
  7. For those of us nowhere near Bridgeport, that weekend does show on the current Floracing schedule.
  8. I believe it was 3 for about 10-12 laps. Not bad, but the potential for a problem is there. Would have made more sense to just run 50 without counting any.
  9. I was just looking at the weekly schedule emailed by Floracing and noticed that they have Sunday at Weedsport listed. I have seen them in the past post shows and later remove them, but this one seems odd.
  10. Malta - Friesen Utica Rome - Sheppard Fulton - Sheppard Can-Am - Sheppard Canandaigua - Sheppard Weedsport - Sheppard Sheppard9s has been pretty quiet lately, so I'll do it instead.
  11. Their Facebook page has a link to the article. It also has a post that says no in person ticket sales with more information to be posted at a later date.
  12. I don't see the draw here. Unless you have poor internet access, why would you drive to the fairgrounds six times for the same price you can watch from your own house? Perhaps a group of friends could meet up to watch, but if they enforce distancing, that won't be easy.
  13. That's how we do it. We have an older laptop that sits by the TV. We just turn it on when there is a race, switch the TV input to the correct HDMI port and we are all set.
  14. So is Brockville. Until it has the watch or listen links, I'm not going to take that too seriously.
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