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  1. According to the article, it was not the Governor but the Secretary of Health. However, if that is an appointed position it is basically the same thing. The last paragraph makes the order sound toothless, but it does give an indication of the direction they are heading. As for NY, the local authorities seem to be the most important part of the equation for now. Ontario and Montgomery Counties are clearly on board. Ulster County is not.
  2. No. They had room to handle more people without being to close together.
  3. It wasn't bad, I guess I was just expecting more. It's July and I hadn't seen a race in person since November, so I was ready to go. I may have falsely assumed more people felt that way. It was a work night. It was hot. It was on PPV at low price. There were several reasons why someone may have decided not to go. I chose not to go to Can Am the night before because I would have been cutting it close and didn't want to get stuck on the bottom row. Someone else just mentioned a worry about ticket sales being cut off. It worked out well. I think the track did ok. Those that went seemed to enjoy the night and there was enough room for everyone to spread out.
  4. I was expecting more, but it probably wasn't a bad crowd. There were several factors that could have held the crowd down a little. Regardless, it was nice to see a show in person.
  5. For anyone at Canandaigua last night, how did the crowd compare to a normal weekly crowd from last season?
  6. There is an article on the track website from last week that said they were already on the radar due to previous complaints.
  7. You're right, I should have known better. Back off topic. I'm going to Canandaigua tonight and I'm not watching the flagman at all. If I get confused I'll just look up on the roof and see where Miller has his camera pointed and look there.
  8. Apparently the word "knowingly" didn't register with you? And based on your last statement, I think I'll head out to Applebee's tonight!
  9. Watched the modified feature on Flo. Looks like a very nice facility and they had a really strong field of modifieds. It's a long way from home, but definitely a track I'd like to get to.
  10. You had me until this. You are way overselling the All-Stars. They are a long way from having a ton of competitive cars. Two of their top five bailed on them tonight.
  11. That's what I saw as well. When they came back again they were racing and we missed the lead change on the restart. Nice to see a WoO race on TV again, but it wasn't a very impressive production. Besides the previously mentioned technical issues, they had more caution laps than a NASCAR race. Any yellow was an excuse to run 4 or 5 commercials. Interesting to see them switch away from a battle for the lead that was developing to show the NOS 17 make a pass for 7th. They even stayed on him for a couple of extra laps. That must have been a financial choice.
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