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  1. Brewerton. Quality big block field, even if sometimes light on quantity. Fulton. Victoria 200 Oswego. Speed - front stands really display the speed the supers carry. Time - boy they sure know how to waste it. Classic - the show I would go to if I could only go-to one race a year. Syracuse. The biggest race there was. Weedsport. Cornstalks Rolling Wheels. Speed Utica Rome. Cushion. It used to have one and it was fun to drive there, or even above sometimes. Canandaigua. The track I always wished was closer. Fonda. Home track as a kid. Wouldn't have been anywhere else on a Saturday night. Glen Ridge. Dust. Normally not an issue, but our first trip was a day race when the water truck wasn't working. Also some interesting people back in the early days. Genesee. Parking lot. That's as far as we got because of rain. Lebanon Valley. Horsepower Ransomville. Moat. Afton. Camel. Went there once and drove by a camel tied up in some guys yard on the way.
  2. Thanks for the heads up, I just penciled it in. With the weather this year, I've given up on pen.
  3. I understand what you are saying, but the last thing I wanted to do was make that drive and see 4 classes with single digit car counts. I agree about the future, but it will take time.
  4. Thanks for the detailed response. I was hoping for a couple more, but 14-16 is probably a solid number for this show. It will be a last minute decision between this one and the USAC show on Sunday. Weather may end up being the deciding factor.
  5. Anyone here close enough to the ESS Sprint scene to know how many cars to expect Saturday at Evans Mills? The race pays $4000 to win $500 to start, but I don't remember the car count being strong in past years. Thinking about going, but not sure it's worth the gamble, especially after seeing the car count from the regular classes last week. Yikes!
  6. First new track in a long time. Made the long trip to Stateline for the first time. Thought the All Stars put on a really good feature and the late models were pretty good. Loved the two division show that gave them time to work the track before the features and still be done by 9:40. I'll have to go to another thread to discuss the track before it was reworked.
  7. Fulbrew


    I believe the second Mahaney was actually Matt Williamson. I think Mallet had a flashback.
  8. Fonda's Facebook page had pictures of drainage work being performed yesterday.
  9. Interesting. When was the last time Pauch was at Fonda? Alan Johnson posted that Fulton was more likely for them, but they were considering Fonda depending on how Friday night goes.
  10. Yes. The sign didn't work. You went to the wrong track.
  11. Any comments on last night's indoor show from the fairgrounds? I'm thinking about going tonight and was curious how the racing and crowd was. Was it ok for indoor racing?
  12. Was the crowd as small as it looked? I watched the end of the night on fanschoice and it looked sparse.
  13. I'm trying to figure out how you can be off topic when you started the topic. To answer the question, I watched part of one over the summer. I have no interest in doing it again, but I will admit that the pit stops were interesting.
  14. Yes. Not a problem for most events, but the Florida St football game was brutal.