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  1. How many of the drivers that ended up going to the rear of the field would not have worked on the car had they known the eventual ruling? Those are the drivers with a legitimate complaint. Those with heavy damage may be upset, but they still would have done the work.
  2. Was more interested in the number of big paying shows. Getting Matt's name in there is a bonus. 🙄
  3. Matt Sheppard just took home $10,000 or more 4 times in a 7 day period. I don't think that has ever been done before. My question is has there ever been that opportunity in BB/SB modified racing before? I'm sure it has been there over a two weekend stretch, but in a seven day period?
  4. Fulbrew


    According to his Facebook post, some of those close to him talked him into checking himself back in. Sounded like he wasn't necessary getting worse, just not improving like he had hoped. I'm sure he'll update us before too long.
  5. Planned on our first trip to Woodhull, but we will have to wait until next year now. I'm a little surprised that they didn't use the Wednesday rain date. Forecast is good for tomorrow, but the OC weekend may may be the reason for not using it?
  6. That's ok. Knew exactly who you meant.
  7. I wondered about that as well. Pit if they put sounds like you feel you have them covered and don't want them on a different strategy. That wasn't the case. Do the opposite of what they do made more sense. Also, if the crew chief was willing to stay out if the 27 did, fuel didn't seem to be a concern. Did anyone see or hear what happened to Dippel early in the final stage? TV showed the end of the incident, but not how it started. He was well ahead of Sauter before that happened. Did he go on his own or get run over from behind?
  8. They need sail panels. 😁
  9. That was pretty excessive, even for that track.
  10. And these shows are no longer listed on the upcoming events list.
  11. Interesting observation. I just compared the remaining schedule on the two sites. Flo lists the Lebanon Valley show, but the SDS site does not, so that one could go away. The only other 2 that differ are the LOL and Utica Rome September shows that are no longer on the SDS schedule. Those probably would have been broadcast, since other shows from those two tracks were shown. What I found interesting in looking at the Flo upcoming events today is that they have a handful of WoO LM shows listed, plus the World 100, Knoxville LM Nationals, and 9/20 Lucas show from Kokomo.
  12. I have to agree with this. I've had Floracing for 3 weeks now and have no regrets about the purchase. I've already watched 6 or 7 live events and plan on another one tonight. However, the way they approach this issue is shady at best.
  13. No problems at all here, except for how long they are dragging this out.
  14. Does anyone know which other (if any) SDS races that are listed on the schedule are most likely to be removed? I just signed up this month and have enjoyed the Indiana Sprint Week broadcasts, but the SDS broadcasts (my reason for subscribing) haven't worked out too well.
  15. Heck of a finish last night. Worth staying up an extra hour.