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  1. Thanks for the review. Looks like I need to order a book.
  2. Fulbrew

    Ryan Newman

    I would have considered him fortunate to look that well in a month. For it to be only two days is shocking.
  3. Fulbrew

    Ryan Newman

    Much better news than I expected. Glad to be wrong.
  4. Fulbrew

    Ryan Newman

    For some reason Butch Lindley came to mind last night. These releases are usually carefully worded in what they do and don't say. I hope for nothing but the best for him, but the lack of information leads me to think the worst.
  5. That doesn't help, at least on mine. But, to your original point, I believe most of us do know who you are.
  6. I see what you mean. I have seen events appear then disappear, but I have never seen one that referred you to a different service like this one does. Not good.
  7. Flo has had races on their schedule before that they did not broadcast for one reason or another. That is about the only thing I can say negative about them. As for Gateway, I do not recall seeing it on the schedule, but haven't paid much attention since DIRT and USAC ended their seasons. I don't ever recall them sending viewers to another service. Is that from their site or did you reach out to them?
  8. Is this before or after the SDS race?
  9. I knew that would be your response, but it's still nice to see. I'm probably with the majority that thinks it should count, but it doesn't fit your criteria.
  10. I can't believe Fonda scheduled against LOL. Now that that's out of the way, glad to see Fonda come back with such a large purse and not make it a one time thing.
  11. https://www.mavtv.com/shows/motorsports/super-dirt-week-200 Looks like the day after Christmas, unless I am missing something. Last year was Thanksgiving.
  12. Fulbrew

    Brett Hearn

    As was Mike Mahaney in the prior heat. When the heat 2 cars came off the track, someone said 35 to the end of the longest line. A different voice said they did not work on the car. The original voice said it did not matter and that it had been discussed in the drivers meeting. I don't know who either person was, but the decision was made without hesitation. When the next group of cars came off, 20 and 3h were quickly called out. I don't know if either crew touched the car, but I don't think that mattered. They didn't line up "driver's left".
  13. Looks like they have moved up tomorrow's start time a little. Modified warmups at 3 and timed hot laps at 3:15. Still may be difficult to get everything in, but it's a good compromise between trying to get everything in and avoiding daytime racing.
  14. I'm not seeing anything on a time change yet. Thursday looks to be the issue right now. AccuWeather and Fox46 have been pretty consistent with rain starting in the 7-8pm range. Is it safe to assume that any qualifying that gets rained out Thursday gets moved to Friday and Saturday? Since the modifieds are third tier, any chance their heats are scrapped Thursday in order to get in both sets of time trials for the other two classes?