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  1. Another jam packed week with something for everyone every night of the week, and great to see DTDTV has picked up the Modifieds in Louisiana! Looking ahead, Eldora when they postponed The Dream announced a no spectator late model race would take the place of the event next week, but I don't see it on the top of their website yet with other events so I'm not entirely confident it will happen (fingers crossed!) Return to Racing Calendar - 5.24.20
  2. Pa. DCED says Lincoln Speedway shouldn’t host Memorial Day race, defers to local law enforcement
  3. Truly one of the best people I've ever known in the sport. Fulton's facebook post was perfect, very classy move by the Wight family.
  4. Are they streaming? (I've been trying to just list ones available on the major streaming platforms)
  5. A good problem to have.. really started to get cramped for this weekend so I did a two week version for the time being: Return to Racing Calendar - 5.19.20
  6. I saw Mallet put out a feeler tweet for it but not sure if they made a decision yet.
  7. Yes, I've seen a few Lucas races on TV from the Mag, really like it. Tyler County is spectator free. https://www.dirtondirt.com/dirtwire.php?id=5945 If you subscribe to DirtOnDirt, they have an $11.99 monthly subscription that if you subscribed tonight would get you 7 races in the next 30 days. Hard to beat that value!
  8. Dropped I-55 and US 36 for WoO LM This weekend and Monday Added Tyler County Thurs May 28. (love seeing these Thursday shows keep popping up) Return to Racing Calendar - 5.15.20
  9. Magnolia cancelled tonight, rescheduled for tomorrow Removed All Stars in PA, added in Park Jefferson Added NASCAR dates Added 411 this Saturday Added Thunder Hill next Saturday Return to Racing 5.14.20
  10. Updated to: Add Magnolia Late Models tomorrow (Thursday) night Remove Selinsgrove from this Friday If anyone sees that Bradford on June 7 is streaming, let me know and I'll add that in a future version. Return to Racing - 5.13.20
  11. Phase 1 Construction Manufacturing Wholesale Trade Select Retail for Curbside Pickup Only Agriculture, Forestry, and Fishing Phase 2 Professional Services Finance and Insurance Retail Administrative Support Real Estate, Rental, and Leasing Phase 3 Restaurants and Food Services Phase 4 Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation, Education I can't imagine racing or any sport fitting in anything other than phase 4, but that language I posted earlier still makes me think it'll be a stretch for anything with spectators for a while.
  12. My bad, I didn't look at the one on the home page first. There's another one under the Gallery Tab. I was hoping for a nice drone shot and that's in one on the home page. Looks really nice and a huge before/after difference in one of the shots they had in that video on the gallery page. Would love to know more of the backstory on this place. And hope they get some nice specials booked in the future.
  13. Must be different versions of the reopening plan going around - phase 3 in this doc on page 31 says restaurants and food services. NY Forward Reopening Guide
  14. Recreation is phase four and each phase has to have a minimum of two weeks before moving to the next one. So if I'm doing the math correctly, that'd be July 15th-ish at the earliest. This is also in the plan released: Not getting my hopes up. Did see where Magnolia Speedway is hosting a Thursday night race that will be on Floracing this week, though. I'll take whatever I can get at this point. Will upload a revised calendar in another day or two.
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