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  1. Are you guys going to be providing PPV for New Egypt weekly or just select events?
  2. 410 Sprints/Modifieds this Tuesday at Bridgeport. Streaming Calendar - 4.4.21
  3. Speaking of AARN, does anyone still get the print edition? What's the delivery timelines these days? When I was in Massachusetts some weeks I'd get it a week late, others not at all. Thankfully they switched to an online only option, but I guess now I find that I don't read as much of it as I did with the paper copy in hand. Anyone CNY or WNY have any recent experience with delivery times?
  4. You have to understand that was 22 YEARS ago, too. It was a much "more level" playing field as far as "local" tracks. Even Eldora and Knoxville didn't have the same physical plants they do now. But that's the point. There are several crown jewel tracks now that run circles around OCFS. I just went back and kinda clicked through Eastern States on YouTube. I really don't see the giant tractor tires in 1 & 2 as a big selling point for luring one of the top 3 national series in NASCAR. I haven't been there in person in many years, so I don't know how the lighting looks in person, but
  5. If you were NASCAR and you could choose from: Bristol, Eldora (unlikely with current situation, but none the less), Knoxville, Husets, Lucas Oil Speedway (Wheatland), Port Royal, Vado, Volusia.. do you think OCFS could jump any of those facilities for a national series event? Historical? Yes. But there are many, many better facilities to host an event of that magnitude.
  6. Definitely fun. Now if only they'd tack Sonoma on the end of the West Coast Swing next year and put this race at night in June... they'd have a home run.
  7. Not sure if they'll be aired on NBCSN this year, since they're looking to wind that network down (I think after Olympics). If you want to stream, you can get the NASCAR Track Pass for $2.99/month. Schedule is here (Whelen Tour is on the lower tier so you don't have to pay $5/month): https://www.nbcsports.com/gold/trackpass
  8. Trying a new format for this season. Only doing one week at a time because I found myself having to do each week basically twice since I could only fit a few highlights in the second week. Major series/networks go from left to right and days of the week go down to the left of the solid black line. Then, to the right of the solid black line will be the weekend tracks that have regular streaming arrangements with the various providers (or those that offer their own). I think this is a lot cleaner than the previous design, so hopefully some people find it useful. (I think it will r
  9. Bob - off topic question - how do you post pics? Every time I try I get an error that the file size exceeds some like very small size that no pic could ever scale down to these days. What am I doing wrong?
  10. Agree. I run into this problem every single week trying to compile races for the streaming calendar I put together. Often it's not until the day before the race that any details are posted. Tracks need to realize that they have bigger audiences now, not just those that show up at the gate. Not limited to tracks, either. You'd be surprised at the amount of WoO races that the track doesn't have info up with times, but then I have to rely on DirtVision to post their time which isn't always done at the beginning of the week either.
  11. 411's race just postponed until Sept 23rd due to forecast.
  12. Today: Short Track Super Series at Port Royal: Hot laps 1:15, ULMS Time Trials 2:00 Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series at Atomic: 5:00 Streaming Calendar - 3.21.21
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