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  1. DirtVision is getting an app for TVs soon. They've been talking about it on Open Red (World of Outlaws podcast) for a while now. I don't think it will be ready for Volusia yet though (but I haven't listened to this week's episode yet).
  2. Just want to make sure everyone knows you can get MAVTV through nkt.tv for $7/month (used to be only 3, but still not bad). That'll get you the mains Saturday night: https://live.nkt.tv/addon_channels
  3. jwin

    David Gravel 2020

    Happy for him, but also would have loved to see him get a Championship with JJR. Glad that he's not leaving completely though I love watching him race on the dirt!
  4. I do this, too, but I prefer a native app on Apple TV. Flo's app is actually great and I hope DV gets one in the near future. Every so often I have trouble airplaying from my Mac to the TV so it's frustrating.
  5. Everything I've seen leads me to believe you can watch the World Finals next weekend with EITHER your Sprint Car or Late Model Fast Pass. Don't need both.
  6. I wish they'd broadcast this online through either DirtVision, DTDTV, or FloRacing. Looks like I'll be watching the National Open this weekend.
  7. The monthly plan renews every month.
  8. I believe that the races from the Late Model pass won't be uploaded to the vault until the end of the season is what I read somewhere prior to Speedweeks starting.
  9. Yea, I think you have to cast it to your TV through those devices. There isn't an App like FloRacing (yet)
  10. Here's the link to the Lucas rule book. Don't see anything about driver changes, only changing cars. https://lucasdirt.com/images/files/lucas_dirt_rulebook.pdf
  11. The Late Model Fast Pass should cover you ($39)
  12. jwin


    I was also scrolling through the catalog last night and was in AWE of the amount of events they already have up. I'd say both older videos and newer ones though given the recent whole seasons they're archiving. This is an excellent resource/entertainment option to have available.
  13. Can't echo this enough. Moved from NYS a while ago and have been able to reconnect to the racing I love with all the different streaming options. Already looking forward to a week of the Chili Bowl from the comfort of my living room next week.
  14. I stumbled across this track somehow last year and was looking at pictures of it. I thought the suites in the first turn (I think that's the first turn at least) in the chalet style were kinda cool... I now appreciate their functionality even more after seeing this pic.