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  1. Your post literally started with "Well then explain how states that have been super lax on all these dumbass measures have done as well or better than states like NY and California?" which I tried to do in a thoughtful, respectful manner only to have you dismiss the entire reply with "yea yea more news". I didn't address what I felt was an ignorant instance of "whataboutism" (the technique or practice of responding to an accusation or difficult question by making a counteraccusation or raising a different issue) since the racing we all love was impacted by COVID-19, not transgender children. B
  2. Also, I forgot to mention I was shocked in the best possible way to see this earlier today. The vast majority of major dirt modified races should be available on some streaming platform this year which is great (cough, Fulton 200, cough looking at you).
  3. The broad comparison misleads by oversimplifying the relationship between the data and lockdown rules in each state. "New York was the epicenter of the pandemic last spring, long before Florida had significant numbers of cases," said Richard Mollot, executive director at the Long Term Care Community Coalition, a nonprofit focused on improving quality of care for people in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. The virus hit New York early and hard, before there was enough access to personal protective equipment and before health officials or emergency room doctors and nurses knew m
  4. Shoot. Ya got me Leroy. Obviously science cannot evolve with greater understanding of a disease process and we should rely on a single minute and 27 second clip from the earliest part of the pandemic and not examine any further thinking since that single data point in time. Well played, I tip my cap to you sir.
  5. Viral airborne diseases generally aren't spread from exposed feet, chests, etc. Ironically most of society accepts those basic hygiene societal norms but a percentage of the population doesn't see the same benefit from wearing a mask.
  6. One of the easiest/cheapest ways to do it would be to get a cheap Roku device or Amazon FireStick (for example https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B075XLWML4/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1) Then you can download the FloRacing app, DirtVision has an app, MAVTVPlus is supposed to have one in the near future, and DTDTV is supported on Roku as well. If a "SmartTV" i.e. Samsung doesn't have the apps, you'd need one that is equipped with Amazon Fire or Roku... I bought a cheap small TV for a second screen specifically for racing it came with Amazon Fire. For whatever reaso
  7. I think Flo's schedule is a little out of date, it shows Port Royal for Saturday but they're only scheduled for practice Saturday - opener is Sunday. Streaming Calendar - 2.28.21
  8. Honestly I wasn't really paying attention because of how they drag it out, even when the LMs came out I didn't watch much so I didn't see any indication of crowd size.
  9. That seems to be the m.o. for many southern tracks.. I had the Late Models from Modac SC on my second TV last night - they started warm ups at 6, didn't get to opening ceremonies til like 8.. everybody hot laps, everybody qualifies. I know this has been discussed before but I still can't believe the fans down there like this type of program.
  10. Looks like hot laps will start at 3:30 according to a recent tweet.
  11. Kinda want them to go every year for the next three years til she closes, too. Get them in while you can.
  12. Late Models at Cherokee at 2:30 this afternoon. Streaming Calendar - 2.21.21
  13. UPDATE: The Lucas Tour has rescheduled their weekend at 411 and Talladega so there isn't a conflict and Lucas tour regulars will be able to participate if invited.
  14. They've already rescheduled Magnolia and The Rev for March 12/13. I was messaging with Brian Carter last night and expect more dates filled as well. If there are 11 races I won't be upset over, it's the West Coast swing when I can't stay awake for the whole program anyways. I counted and there are still approximately 279 races (not counting iRacing or Australia) on DirtVision scheduled for 2021 even after the cancellations. If you bought the Platinum Fast Pass for $299, you're paying $1.07 per race. If you're a monthly subscriber, you at least have notice to cancel if you want (West
  15. WoO Sprints cancelled again for this weekend. Lincoln unlikely. Fingers crossed for Drydene Late Models!
  16. There are two, separate late model events on the dirt. Bristol Dirt Nationals, March 15-20: Super Late Models will headline the Bristol Dirt Nationals and will run full shows on both Friday and Saturday nights, with the marquee $50,000-to-win 50-lap grand finale on Saturday night closing out the historic event. On Friday night, the Super Late Models will close out the night’s racing with a 50-lap feature race that will pay $10,000-to-win. (For awareness, Registration is open to Super Late Models. Stock Cars, Sport Mods, Modifieds, 602 Late Models, 604 Late Models, Open Modifieds and Horn
  17. Yes, this was really cool. Great to see him genuinely happy for a competitor even when he had a chance to win it himself. (I'm sure already having a trophy softened the blow ever so slightly)
  18. The current agreement only allows them to bump the start time up a maximum of one hour. A point I had seen made a few times on Twitter in reference to the later start times with the networks wanting it... if someone was paying you a billion dollars (remember, this is still the old TV package), you'd start at whatever time they'd want you to as well. Hopefully that can be revisited a little bit, but I am not optimistic to going back to 12-1... even though it works just fine for the cash cow that is the NFL.
  19. I know this is driven by the networks and wanting to maximize viewership, but how many years now has the crown jewel been delayed because it starts mid-afternoon and they end up having to start it way late in the evening or the next Monday afternoon (and we'll play the same game tomorrow)... I would think the ratings take a pretty big hit every time they delay, but yet we keep playing this same game year after year.
  20. Happy Daytona Day 😉 Streaming Calendar - 2.14.21 ...and my regular rant that event times should be easily found on track websites the week of the event!
  21. I think they're still getting acclimated to the additional content they're producing, too. I don't know what it looks like as far as producing/division of duties, but I do know there is different content on the Jumbotrons at the track than what we see at times on DirtVision. So I think there's more moving parts this year to get all coordinated on the same page than ever before for them. I'm sure in good time they'll be on their A-game.
  22. Don't forget, Outlaws start at 2:00 today from Volusia! Streaming Calendar - 2.7.21
  23. I was still in sprint car mode when I answered, too! So disregard my point about the western swing as I was talking Outlaw sprints not big blocks!
  24. This interview was after All Tech: Between Cup, Late Models, Sprints, and Midgets expects to do about 90 races this year. 20 in Late Models, the majority of dirt in sprint cars. Will focus on Cup for the first month or so and then will get back on the dirt.
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