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  1. Hopefully I've captured all the shuffles this week. Thunder Mountain this afternoon at 3:30 on DTDTV Fairbury moved from Tues to Monday night. Streaming Calendar - 9.12.21
  2. POSTPONED Coalcracker moved to Monday night, hot laps 6:15, racing 6:45 Hillbilly 100 postponed til Spring 2022
  3. Thanks, Flo has it listed as 7:00 on their site, but track website shows 1:00.
  4. There's even more options on Flo for tonight but tried to highlight the local area more for today. Classic this afternoon at 1:00 and Silver Crown at DuQuoin tomorrow at 11:00am if you need a mid day fix. Little race called the World this week, too. Plus the Tusky 50, and SDS at Weedsport. Streaming Calendar - 9.5.21
  6. Little bit of everything this week. Streaming Calendar - 8.29.21
  7. I look at it like this, and this is simply my opinion. If I buy a ticket to go to the track that night, I get the whole show. Even if I only want to see "x" division, I don't get to pay a cheaper price and no one comes up to my seat with a black sheet and holds it in front of me for the duration of "y" divisions' events. But, the streaming world hasn't caught up to this. The ones that drive me nuts are when you have to toggle back and forth between DV and Flo (e.g., "Let's Race Two" at Eldora or the DirtCar Nationals with the All Stars. At least this year they've improved on content
  8. They owned Ransomville for decades and he did it there.
  9. Outlaws tonight at Husets, Short Track Super Series Tuesday at Georgetown. Outlaws rescheduled River Cities which is almost always a great race to Wednesday night. Edited* No Larson in a late model at Port Royal. Streaming Calendar - 8.22.21
  10. Brewerton Tuesday, BC39 from Indy Dirt Track Weds/Thurs. Streaming Calendar - 8.15.21
  11. Where did I say targeting and murdering police officers was ok? Perhaps you shouldn't paint with such a broad brush. You made a statement, and I contributed additional facts, all be them inconvenient to your guided tour view of the events of January 6th.
  12. Five people died either shortly before, during, or shortly after the event: one was shot by Capitol Police, one died of a drug overdose, and three succumbed to natural causes.Many people were injured, including 138 police officers. Four officers who responded to the riot died by suicide within seven months. Calling January 6th a guided tour through the capital seems disconnected from reality, at best. "You name me one damn policy point that Democrats have the correct angle on": Social security, medicare, medicaid, voting rights (which, the last Voting Rights Act was reauthorized in
  13. He was a huge part of my childhood and I loved broadcasts with him, Benny Parsons and Ned Jarrett. If any of you are into podcasts, he's on Dinner with Racers Ep 161. He talks about how he really didn't care for stock cars AT ALL but credited BP and Ned for making him enjoy it. He also talked about the McDuffie fatality and again gave credit to Benny on that, too. Good interview.
  14. It was Dave Rieff.. I'm sure it was a bare room with studio lights and green screens not too expensive. But Dave is a great at track reporter and the studio portion isn't needed. Get him pit side.
  15. Big sprint car race in the midwest this week (tonight, too). Links for Nationals PPV: Full Package Wednesday Aug 11 ($39) Thurs Aug 12 ($39) Fri Aug 13 ($39) Sat Aug 14 ($49) Streaming Calendar - 8.8.21
  16. Again, just speculating, but I am sure there are MANY people who do not maintain a monthly pass all year long. As has been discussed ad nauseam, the fast pass is 28 days, so you end up paying 13 x $39 if you maintain the whole year = $507. I would guess that the majority of folks do ten billing cycles, starting around Feb 8 for Volusia and cancelling around Nov 8 for World Finals, for $390. BUT that assumes that entire group doesn't cancel right after Volusia and waits about two months because there isn't a ton of racing in March/April and even less when you factor in rainouts. Yo
  17. I know there are fundraising auctions throughout the year for the WoO Benevolent Fund. My guess/hope is they go to that, too.
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