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  1. Streaming Calendar - 11.22.20 Couple Late Model shows today. One on DirtVision, one on Flo.
  2. From Bob Pockrass on Twitter: NASCAR says that the Knoxville guardrail barrier has been approved by NASCAR's consultants at U of Nebraska-Lincoln. It will continue to evaluate whether any changes are needed.
  3. Agree, just wish it didn't have to be that way. Will be interesting to see how Knoxville does with it it's a novelty for sure.
  4. That seems to be what Bob Pockrass was speculating in his tweet: "My guess: Tony's new series surprised NASCAR & NASCAR doing dirt at Bristol then surprised Tony/Eldora, which had spent $$$ on improvements & lobbied for Cup. That combination of events probably didn’t make it easy when they tried to negotiate a 2021 sanction for a truck race.' I don't know what Knoxville has as far as infield care center-type facilities - will they need to construct something? Once I read Bob's tweet I started to wonder if Eldora's hashtag #TruckYouVeryMuch wasn't so much a play on "Thank" b
  5. Correct - very few true "a la carte" options to get only the channels you need. That's why you see those apps needing your DirectTV subscription.
  6. Fair questions, John. I had similar ones before I "cut the cord". First misconceptions - YouTubeTV is not just like a fancy version of YouTube, with lots of videos. Think of YouTubeTV as my version of Comcast or Spectrum. They are essentially my "cable provider" (I get internet access through Spectrum at $49.99/month). I get most of the same channels you do, live. They're just streamed across the internet instead of a cable box. I use the YouTubeTV app on my AppleTV or Firestick to access it and get a live guide/DVR just as you would with cable. When I first cut the cord,
  7. I use YouTubeTV for cable, it's not offered on the basic tier (that now costs like $64.99). The tier with MavTV is the SportPlus tier which is another $10.99/month and that's the only channel I'd watch. LORTV is a better bargain for me, personally. Especially since all the Late Model races will be broadcast live in 2021 now.
  8. Lucasoilracing.tv has their annual package for I think $99/yr. It included Chili Bowl Saturday for the C-B-A mains. A cheaper alternative has existed for the last few years for Chili Bowl Saturday. You can buy MavTV a la carte for a month on nkt.tv I think it was $6.99 last year. It looks like they have a 7 day free trial on their site now, not sure if they'll remove that before the Chili Bowl as I imagine they get at least a little bump in subscriptions for Mav for that event.
  9. AARN said Carber passed on the KKM ride to instead pocket the $10k cash prize
  10. Why do you think that a unified government wouldn't go above and beyond what has already done to help struggling businesses and families if more lockdowns were needed? The current administration let the $600 supplemental UI expire and sent only a single $1200 stimulus payment to some of the population. Multiple democrats have supported much broader stimulus and support programs, that would have a much better chance of becoming reality with a unified government... do you think that would be a bad thing? I don't know anyone that would be "good with" hindering of closing a good percentage
  11. Some racing on this afternoon. Hope these tracks have as nice of weather as we're having in NY this weekend. Streaming Calendar - 11.08.20
  12. Does anyone else's topics with multiple pages now look like this (I use Chrome). Don't know if it can be tweaked but it's a little obnoxious. I liked the uniform row size no matter how many pages the topic expanded to.
  13. STSS at Georgetown for today was rained out. May be some others on Flo from the West Coast. Streaming Calendar - 11.01.20
  14. Utica Rome Speedway - New Utica Rome Speedway - New Venture(I think?) Speedway Ransomville Speedway - I'm pretty sure it's only ever been Ransomville Do you count Rolling Wheels as one if it's been both Rolling Wheels Raceway and Rolling Wheels Raceway Park? I'm thinking Lebanon Valley and Five Mile also fall into the one name category?
  15. There are a few other West Coast races on Flo - check your local listings, I never can stay awake for them! Streaming Calendar - 10.25.20
  16. Given they've had both connection issues in the past and criticism of the broadcast direction, I'm surprised they didn't partner with DTD or even DirtVision (especially since they cancelled WoO Late Models this weekend, they could have used the equipment) and seen if there was a way to do PPV via DirtVision instead of including in the FastPass. Sometimes trying to keep the whole pie to yourself leads to less pie overall anyways... already a few folks in this thread passing on buying the PPV based on what they've read. Like Bob said above, completely preventable.
  17. I'd be shocked if no windshield. The trucks use them at Eldora (and I always enjoy the in car shot of the contraptions the guys have to wipe the insides down with). I think Bristol is longer distance than Eldora will be, but I can't see them not using a windshield. Personally, I'm more excited to see what other divisions will get the opportunity to run on it while it's laid down. I hope the Cup cars will be entertaining and will certainly watch, but I'd rather see Lucas LM rip around it.
  18. Understand why they cancelled the Big Blocks from the show, but the reasoning of can't have both LM/Sprints in the pit area at the same time doesn't totally square with the World Short Track Championship that appears to be still on next weekend? With nine divisions?
  19. Larson racing in Silver Crown this afternoon. Practice at 1, feature at 3. Streaming Calendar - 10.18.20
  20. Agree! I don't want to be staring at my phone while trying to watch a race.. I was initially against the side pylon scoring when NASCAR adapted it from F1 (in the beginning it was solid black background) but I think Flo and DV have done a good job bringing it into the broadcast. Like you said, you'll never please everyone!
  21. Dang, wish I would have checked back, I always prefer the Flo App.
  22. Realized I forgot to post last week's of all weeks! Streaming Calendar - 10.11.20
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