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  1. Follow along here son. DTD gets paid for clicks. You can't suspend the Gretzky, Petty, Foyt, Ali, Brady, Ruth, Jordan, Pele, and Hogan of DTD. Money talks and I'm the man around here. I'd appreciate a little more respect from a minion such as yourself.
  2. Good back pedaling. Take 5 before thoughtlessly slamming the sausages into the keyboard. Same as pictures of empty grandstands. Spell check is not editing. Sincerely, Bone
  3. You're obsession with me is disturbing and recognition of me as the greatest poster in the history DTD is not necessary.
  4. I think the opposite. Thin skin Mallett's list goes all the way down to 40th place where some poor (or crazy) bastard made $200 total for 4 nights. For cripes sake even the $9000 payout for first is embarrassing. Don't embarrass the guy in last place. Use your head. And where's my invite to Pee Week?
  5. Top 40 averaged $1,481 for 4 nights total, $370/night. Article shows poor payouts. No common sense.
  6. I see that Bicknell is having a 1 day sale this Saturday.
  7. Besides DTD - what do you recommend for watching dirt racing content on the internet? Videos, TV shows, etc. I have liked a lot of the Lucas Oil shows on YouTube. I have basic cable so I rely on the interwebs. Can you post any links? Thanks.
  8. P.S. I like your signature. Mine has been "Life's not a dress rehersal".
  9. I am not really sure. Is there a Kevlar option and a Composite Option?
  10. I am not an expert so you could be correct. Summit has part number HPP-DK11131311SF for $1049. If you know more I could use an education.
  11. The HANS has other parts that go with that. They are not included in that price.
  12. There are SA2015 helmets for less than $350. But your point is well taken. It is going to cost some bucks to get on the track this year for a lot of the guys. I would guess that it might really hurt the Novice Sportsman teams. But that being said, I read a thing very recently about a guy that was killed in the midwest racing late models or something like that. He received a basilar skull fracture like Earnhardt did. The one guy said when they got to him after the wreck that blood wasn't just dripping out of his eyes, mouth, nose, and ears... rather gushing out. So that scares the
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