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  1. A large number of restaurants have reopened but with either outdoor seating (extremely limited at most places) or take-out only. I think your county will be green by then which means indoor seating but still at a reduced capacity.
  2. Each year I put together my favorite photos from Super DIRT Week. Unfortunately I got pretty lazy last fall and never got around to it. Since I have a lot more time on my hands I finally got caught up on my 2019 photos. Some of these made it into the DTD galleries from SDW however there are others that got passed over in the rush to post content. https://www.brentsmithphotography.com/Blog/2019SDW/n-PsFzWQ
  3. Mods are aero imbalanced towards the rear. Any little bit that can be gained in front will be a help, especially since most of the downforce is generated behind the rear axle. Ideally if you could get the front bumper/shock tower area covered you could make huge gains but for now there's not good way to make that happen. Gary - Is your comment about 'driving harder' related to more time on the throttle in order to get the rear steer? The amount of forward motion I see on the left rear is very much like late model/UMP mod.
  4. Q: Where do I go for Will Call at Oswego Speedway for NAPA Super DIRT Week? A: Will Call will be located at Gate 6.
  5. Rules are posted on the SDW website: If the Caution Flag is displayed and you enter the pit, you will not lose a lap in the pits under that caution period UNTIL another Green flag is displayed AND a Green Flag lap is then scored completed. You may also lose a lap on the racetrack under green flag conditions. A.) In any event that requires a pit stop and/or refueling, the use of two (2) dump/refueling cans at the same time will not be permitted. Only one (1) dump/refueling can, which may not exceed 12 US Gallons in capacity, will be permitted at one time. For all events that require a fuel stop the quick fill connect must be located in the upper corner of the left rear quarter panel. The maximum filler spout size is 4-1/4 inches outside diameter by eight (8) inches long, then tapering over the next 8.5-inch to 3-inch diameter extending to an overall length of 18 inches. The filler tube must take a straight and direct route to the fuel cell from the quick fill connect with one 90-degree bend allowed. Quick fill tubes constructed of aluminum a maximum 3 inches in diameter will be permitted. A minimum of six (6) inches of 3-inch maximum inside diameter flex hose must be used between the end of the filler spout and fuel cell neck. Only one fuel filler tube is permitted with a maximum outside diameter of 3 inches. When a quick fill device is utilized there must be a vent line with a maximum inside diameter of 1.25 inches. The fuel vent line must take a straight and direct route from the fuel cell to the quarter panel and must be able to accept a catch-can with a one-way check valve. The one-way check valve must be a standard manufactured product available to everyone. If the check valve is not listed in a catalog with a part number and price it is not legal. The fuel vent line must positively fasten to the left rear corner of the rear panel. And from the BB rule book - N. For any cars entered in the SDW Big Block Race the Quick Fill System must be installed for inspection prior to race. I don't see where it says you must run a quick fill, unless you interpret the final line as requiring a quick fill since it *must* be installed prior to the race.
  6. I was there, so I'll try to clear up some inaccuracies from your post. Red flag was out due to a massive fuel spill from Justin Peck's crash. Cars were stopped on the front stretch. Teams were stationed in the infield work area. This area was loosely defined by a guard rail and some cones. The guard rail runs parallel to the front stretch and separates the infield from the old pit road. There's a Jersey barrier wall that separates pit road from the front stretch. I was busy watching the clean up so I did not see the crews outside the work area. I will say it was a closed red so I highly doubt anyone was on the track, let alone working on their cars. Per the rules (some question as to where to find the actual rule) crews must stay within the designated work area during the event and cannot stray outside, even to spectate at a different location. Officials deemed that the crews for Smith, Macri, and Dietrich were out of the area, which is an automatic DQ. There was precedent set earlier in the year when Kyle Larson was DQ'd for Paul Silva being out of the work area in IL. As you can imagine things got quite heated between drivers and officials upon being informed they were DQ'd. Eventually all 3 cars were pushed to the pit area. Dietrich was pitted on the backstretch, and crossed the track on foot to confront officials in the pits. A heated exchange took place, resulting in Danny walking down pit road signalling to the tower that they were "#1" in his mind. He then crossed the track in an attempt to talk to either the flagman or access the tower. Security confronted him after which I'm not sure where he ended up. The cars were then pushed off for the restart. Prior to going green it was announced that Dewease and Gee were also being DQ'd for the same rule. It sounded like that some of Dietrich's frustration was with being DQ'd for the same thing the Dewease crew did but at the time they were not being penalized. Officials then made the call the DQ the 69K. The crowd was quite vocal following the DQ announcements. Before the restart a large amount of fans were headed for the exits. I'd say 20% or more left without seeing a single green lap in the feature. At the end of the day ASCoC officials were consistent with what was done in a past event under their sanction. What is not clear, from what I've looked at, is what specific rule was violated in the rule book. Claims were made that this was reviewed at the driver's meeting however it appears the result of violating the rule may not have been touched on, nor did crews understand that they were tied to the work area, even if not working on a car. About everything that could go wrong last night did, including a 30+ minute delay to repair a damaged catch fence pole. Photos, including a few of the front stretch fiasco, from last evening: http://www.dirttrackdigest.com/gallery7/thumbnails.php?album=8648
  7. To answer the original question they have 2 fan decks, one at each corner of the track. They are elevated about 5'-6' above the ground. Last I knew anyone could watch from there, but it's been a few years since I was last at Kutztown. Besides blocking sight lines you're kinda stuck in the infield for most of the evening. Good idea in theory but I agree it blocks visibility from the grandstands.
  8. 160 green laps = 4 Hours of Middletown based upon tire wear during ESW.
  9. Some might challenge the zero stones observation. It may look that way from the stands but that isn't the case on the ground. I will say the added lighting and reduced dust is appreciated.
  10. 30th anniversary of ToTH, at least that's what was said over the PA system.
  11. There are 6 cars that ran all 7 ASCoC races, 4 that ran 6, and 1 that ran 5. Less than 1/2 of the ASCoC field would be tour regulars. Williams Grove got 18 cars. Dietrich and Wolfe are the only two central PA cars that ran at the Grove that maybe would have been at Outlaw. So to answer where were the sprint cars, they don't exist. 410 racing has a problem as the field is shrinking but nobody wants to admit it.
  12. Time trials started around 7:30 as published (I don't have the exact time at the moment) and I was walking out of the pits after the mod feature at 10:45. Could it have gone faster? Sure, but I wouldn't say the show ran *that* long. T Mez is running a midget in IL per his Twitter. 13 of the top 14 in USAC points made the tow along with 3 additional cars in the top 30. I overheard that Andretti had tow rig issues but should be in today. Overall, based upon big point gaps, I think what we got is to be expected. The days are past where a bunch of PA guys would 'take the wing off' to further boost car counts. The depth is there in the top 12 in points but after that it drops off pretty quick.
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