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  1. Mike Coleates

    Dutch Hoag Memorial

    I would guess Ward as well. Headed down with the camper in a bit. My last 2 outdoor races of the year.
  2. Mike Coleates

    Dutch Hoag Memorial

    He’s racing Outlaw per his FB page.
  3. Whole heartedly agree with getting the spectators out of the pits. I am a goddam spectator,but been around the pits for 40 or so years. The people milling around Saturday acted clueless that they were in a live & active work area. How no one got run over is beyond me.
  4. Go past the track,turn right at the Chevy dealer. All sorts of $10-$15 parking.
  5. I made one trip there. Parking is less than desirable if it’s wet,but the track itself produced good enough racing.
  6. Mike Coleates

    Outlaw 200

    Incorrect. Many of us left after they made it a DIRT race & haven’t returned since.
  7. I was pretty sure Gibbz was going over going into 1. Ended up with just the 64 spinning. I saw him coming out of the pits & was like oh shit!
  8. Sportsman race was great except the Corcoran,Gibbz,Rouse dust up.
  9. Mike Coleates

    Fonda 200

    They coexist well at LoLR & Outlaw. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  10. I didn’t think the site could get any better. This is an awesome addition!
  11. I find your posts destructive & hopefully soon your 5th account will be deleted.