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  1. Good piece. Worth a listen.
  2. NY is an employment at will state so it doesn’t matter.
  3. Just saying.....Danny Johnson did push Mandee Pauch out of a trailer.
  4. No sportsman at Weedsport.
  5. Yes that’s Kody’s car.
  6. I would have never gone to the shit show this was. Now I’ll consider it.
  7. I don’t care what the price is. I’m not going to Texas on a Sunday night.
  8. You know my proximity to the track when that happened. Holy shit did it rain with sun & blue skies on both sides.
  9. How many more people do you want to step up & “save” Wall?
  10. With the new speakers you can hear everything at the track.
  11. Just don’t try to run the Paradise line out of turn 2.
  12. WTF is a ministry of labour?