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  1. Matt is bringing 2 cars. A BB and a big small block. Also a spec 358 engine.
  2. You’re welcome. You asked a question you already knew the answer to?
  3. Mohawk usually opens 2nd week of May. CanAm got an April show in last year. It’s not impossible.
  4. Brett & Dean don’t get along. It’s pretty easy to figure out.
  5. Stop feeding the troll.
  6. There may or maybe not a few sets of heads funneled through my non racing shop in the past. You’re correct. The suppliers don’t give a shit where the parts go.
  7. Eric Williams is a BB.
  8. Mike Coleates


    Carl long was on SiriusXM NASCAR recently & said he rents xfinity for $25,000,but ARCA is in the $40,000 range. That didn’t make sense to me until he explained ARCA pays virtually nothing. There are no perks with ARCA for fuel & tires. Basically no chance for ROI.
  9. Wow you don’t think Joe & Gary took some light hearted jabs at drivers? You must hate Shane. Have you ever been to a USAC race where they refer to the starters as wiggly & jiggly? I agree pull the stick out. Have some fun man.
  10. ARRA has it posted as well.
  11. Outlaw is off the schedule as well.
  12. It’s an honest statement. I don’t care for Fonda or Brett Deyo. Plain & simple. We all have choices to make. I choose not to support Fonda. I wish nothing but the best for the fans & the track itself. I’d never wish for someone’s home track to go away,but sometimes tracks go away for a reason. No tears from me.
  13. I wasn’t going in ‘19. Not going in ‘20. He could schedule it whenever he wanted. Still wouldn’t make me want to drive 3 hrs to see it.