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  1. Auburndale doesn’t run time trials. 15-20 cars in each division. Back at Disney by 11. Modoc 65 cars 5 divisions. Time trialed every damn division. Left before the LM feature back at the hotel 1AM.
  2. F**k it never should have been scheduled per The DTD naysayers.
  3. Fair enough. I’ll pick The SDS so in the end it’s a wash.
  4. Double. Drove through the night for Delaware Sunday.
  5. We all make our own choices.
  6. It was a great day. Went for the conclusion at the mile to 5mp & then on to Delaware.
  7. I don’t have a damn thing to think about. Only 1 guy is getting $53k.
  8. Nobody is deprived of anything. Last I knew it’s still a free country & we can make our own choices.
  9. Why would they be wondering what to do? The whole world of dirt modified racing doesn’t swing off of Deyo’s nut sack. Believe it or not there’s people that don’t care for Fonda.
  10. I miss the Easter Sunday shows.
  11. Some people like to take their race cars on vacation.
  12. Where when with Horton?