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  1. The night Alan won driving Bobs backup car at Canandaigua. Or the 1st Friday night lights at Syracuse. Maybe 1994 at Syracuse. It was a long day with a lot of beverages. My wife tells me it was a good time & we’re still married.
  2. Mike Coleates

    STSS Port Royal?

    Leroy I generally agree with everything you post on here,but at some point you have to realize this is real.
  3. Mike Coleates

    F1 Race in Behran Bans Fans:(

    I don’t know. Who is it?
  4. Assume...... Zero facts.
  5. Sounds like an argument from the ‘80s. So what is a truck level budget?
  6. Lincoln rarely disappoints. This is the 1st time in many years my season hasn’t started there.
  7. Mike Coleates

    Ryan Newman

    And you are a flat out asshole.
  8. Nah he’s going back to 4cyl at Outlaw.
  9. Mike Coleates

    NBC. And IMSA

    That sucks. I streamed the whole event on NBCsports gold & never had an interruption.
  10. Matt is bringing 2 cars. A BB and a big small block. Also a spec 358 engine.
  11. You’re welcome. You asked a question you already knew the answer to?
  12. Mohawk usually opens 2nd week of May. CanAm got an April show in last year. It’s not impossible.
  13. Brett & Dean don’t get along. It’s pretty easy to figure out.