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  1. So if I’m reading this correctly you want the stars out of weekly racing to run a tour only schedule. That worked real well for asphalt modifieds didn’t it? Who’s going to watch a tour show with only the 4-5 professionals running?
  2. STSS has always allowed multiple engine types. The big small block being the overwhelming choice.
  3. That dude was well entrenched in CNYRP. He didn’t post anything he didn’t believe to be absolute truth.
  4. Maybe you should start your own series & put them both out of business. You’ve got all the great ideas so take a shot. What could go wrong?
  5. Brewerton is a DIRTcar sanctioned track. How would that affect Hile?
  6. So don’t sign it. No one is strong armed to sign it. Matt could walk away from DIRTcar next year if he chooses.
  7. Would be completely fair in both instances. There are rules in the contract. You either follow them or you don’t.
  8. Friesen wasn’t offered a contract because he said from the start he was running a competing race. How hard is that to explain to anyone? Mahaney ran the competing race. Again how hard is it to explain?
  9. I’ve been twice. It’s a fun place,but they can’t start on time for the biggest event of the season. Also left before seeing the full show both times.
  10. Did you read the article? Nothing childish from Dean or DIRTcar.
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