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  1. Lucas Wolfe & Darryl Ruggles made it a show! I’m not sure what was in the broadcast,but Darryl with his 305 from 21st to 6th. Lucas way up on top to the front in 2 laps. Hell of a show!!
  2. It is interesting if you’re in the hotel/hospitality industry that relies on CMAC to put food on the table.
  3. 9732 pages of political bullshit & a topic where legitimate discussion was occurring gets locked?
  4. Completely agree. I’ll spend whatever it takes to be at the track. I’ve bought 2 PPV ever. The 1st year sportsman were at NFS & a Chili bowl. We’re all different PPV just isn’t for me.
  5. In a holding pattern. No decisions have been made going forward. Genesee following the same guidelines has also cancelled this weeks practice.
  6. Is there any point in time you’ll say something positive?
  7. You all got so busy fighting politics that no one noticed last night that Alan is expanding his schedule with Graham for select shows.
  8. OCFS would likely be the last track to open under the phased strategy our emperor has put in place.
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