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  1. Outlaw is off the schedule as well.
  2. It’s an honest statement. I don’t care for Fonda or Brett Deyo. Plain & simple. We all have choices to make. I choose not to support Fonda. I wish nothing but the best for the fans & the track itself. I’d never wish for someone’s home track to go away,but sometimes tracks go away for a reason. No tears from me.
  3. I wasn’t going in ‘19. Not going in ‘20. He could schedule it whenever he wanted. Still wouldn’t make me want to drive 3 hrs to see it.
  4. I don’t hate him. The 1st time I met him I felt his goal was to further diversify modified racing. The “working mans series” was a sham from the beginning. He’s very intelligent. Knew exactly what his end goal was & further proves it with allowing engines that Glenn banned years ago.
  5. Right or wrong everyone has choices to make.
  6. ESW wasn’t sanctioned when Weedsport ran against it. So there goes your competing series argument.
  7. Please keep Deyo away from our CNY tracks.
  8. You disagreed with me I said this a few years ago............
  9. LoL lifer here,but a bit of overkill I think.
  10. As a person I have no use for him,but there’s no denying the talent.
  11. Mike Coleates

    Mike Maresca....

    3rd at Bridgeport tonight.
  12. Mike Coleates

    Brett Hearn

    Haers was assessed the same penalty.
  13. Mike Coleates


    We are not friends,but I’m well aware of who you are. Keep sharing your expert knowledge.