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    Fulton Finish

    Fulton has in general had better racing with small blocks.
  2. Winged champs put on one hell of a show. Very well run program even with 9,301 classes.
  3. Mike Coleates


    If WoO was $5 & All Stars were across the street for $30. I’m going across the street.
  4. Mike Coleates


    I’ll take All Stars or 360s all day long over WoO.
  5. Mike Coleates


    He didn’t steal anything. He raced for it.
  6. I was unaware of this. I went back to stats from 1990 & wow they won 8 stand alone races. None after August 11th. Chuck won a single race in 1991.
  7. Ray Evernham’s T-Rex wasn’t technically illegal either,but it never saw a race track again. Listening to Pete Pistone on Sirius NASCAR I’d assume that will be the fate of this truck as well.
  8. Seriously.......? What world do you live in? Do you even watch or pay attention? Out of all the truck teams that support the series they’re going to conspire against GMS/HFR.....
  9. Not a shame at all. You bring an illegal piece you get penalized. Pretty cut & dried.
  10. I would never complain about this.
  11. Mike Coleates

    Rainouts 7-6

  12. Mike Coleates


    Yea,but why let that get in the way of the story?
  13. No,graphics is my means of putting food on the table. That was literally $3 of vinyl. Nothing more was meant or implied.
  14. Mike Coleates


    Isn’t that nice he apologized. 98 1/2 perfect laps then just cleans a guy out.
  15. You’ll have to cry about someone else tonight. Finished p3 in her heat.
  16. Mike Coleates

    plastic wrap tire

    Ads for Hoosier can koozies is what I got.
  17. I’ll put my Grandview rock in front of your blanket. I win.
  18. None of the ones I go to regularly do. 🤦🏻‍♂️🖕🏻
  19. Kept it balanced for 23 years. Must have done something right.
  20. No shit. That immediately turned me off.