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  1. Everyone knew it was going to rain in New Smyrna almost every night. Forecast said it was for days. Yet they got all 9 nights in. Friggin morons for trying right?
  2. This will happen again between 2 different drivers this season. I hope the responses are consistent.
  3. You guys do understand you could have gone to the Super DIRTcar website yesterday & viewed that Matt was placed on probation & lost pay for the night. The rule is explicitly spelled out in the press release.
  4. Less personnel at the track. I think they said without practice,qualifying & no need to bring a 2nd car the teams bring 6 less people.
  5. Outside of Bristol there is nothing on this schedule to get excited about. 7 races between 2 tracks 40 miles apart. Meh...
  6. Wasting his time & money on what? He’s literally done nothing in 3 years.
  7. Pretty cool I can go to The Hill for the night & catch the features at Outlaw on the way home.
  8. Rough is an understatement! I think Vic Coffey finished 8th like 19 laps down.
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