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  1. I always just assume that after heats my money is gone for the night. I’ve also been to one track that offered cash back instead of a rain check & another that did a night of features with the stands free to anyone.
  2. I can verify that & the night Rick Wilson flipped across the pit entrance all the way to the creek.
  3. You’ve never had someone south of Can Am make Poutine. To us from the finger lakes Mohawk was the Mecca of poutine. Id rate the food in general at Rolling Wheels a generous 2.
  4. I’ve been watching on YouTube as well. I’ll have to seek out the raw feeds. The DirectTV channel arrangement always puzzled me. Now I have Hulu which is alphabetical instead of numeric. It’s great except for trying to find local channels. ABC(13) is 1st,CBS(8) is 4th and NBC(10) is near the end.
  5. FB page is Fall Cleanup Demolition Derby. It was updated July 8th and says October 17th @ 2pm.
  6. The only one I know of still on is the season ender at Paradise.
  7. What Matts86 said is true. I’ve been there many times & you’re free to come & go as you please.
  8. Lucas Wolfe & Darryl Ruggles made it a show! I’m not sure what was in the broadcast,but Darryl with his 305 from 21st to 6th. Lucas way up on top to the front in 2 laps. Hell of a show!!
  9. It is interesting if you’re in the hotel/hospitality industry that relies on CMAC to put food on the table.
  10. 9732 pages of political bullshit & a topic where legitimate discussion was occurring gets locked?
  11. Completely agree. I’ll spend whatever it takes to be at the track. I’ve bought 2 PPV ever. The 1st year sportsman were at NFS & a Chili bowl. We’re all different PPV just isn’t for me.
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