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  1. overrevved47

    The Voice

    I found him wandering around Utica Rome a while back. He was doing the old timers club racing and was fun to work with. So the next season, we brought him on board. I guess it was a good choice as he is still around.(just kidding). As Dan said fun to work with, knows his stuff and willing to try anything no matter how silly it may sound. Hope to have him at Fonda with me again some time....... Jim King
  2. overrevved47

    Glen Ridge

    My bad on the 50-50 announcing. Got it going in the right direction this week-end. Like George said, it is the Driver point fund......I buy tickets every week, as do all in the tower. Jim King
  3. It was an ongoing weeklysituation. The PA wiring was cut every week. Electric feeds pulled down, fences knocked down on the property. Garbage dumped on the grounds. Just about everything they could think of. Could'nt get any help locally from town fathers on the vandalism. Tough situation. Jim King
  4. The front wall wasn't filled in behind it, with the rush to get open. The people locally just didn't want the track. Every race day we had to fix things that we're thrashed by the local people. Could have been a really nice facility. Matty Scirillo was Ken's partner in that deal. Jim King
  5. overrevved47

    Canandaigua modified field

    Crazy season and the predictions of the demise of Fonda are already flying. The gates will open, cars will show in all the divisions and we'll race. If the drivers that say they're leaving really leave, we wish them well. The place has be'en successful and has had great racing since the early fifties and we'll do it again this year. Hope y'all have a great new year.
  6. Thanks to Kenny Gates, Leo and Terri Mohrman and Shawn Pangman. Great guests on show tonight. Thank you! Jim King
  7. Because of the holiday, show will switch to Tuesday at 7 pm. Kenny Gates and his gang will be with us.
  8. Kick off of Motorsorts hour tonight featuring the Ridge and Fonda. Fonda promotors Pete Demitraszek to be featured guest!
  9. Since the money is based on participation at both tracks.....weekly, why could'nt any race team have a consistent season and take the cash?
  10. Elmer was the original.....I was always ready to steal a good phrase and this was no different. Clancy got the photo gig at Fonda and immediately I realized he was truly round and his photo prices we're a good deal. So, he became the second square deal guy! Worked for me and Clancy for many seasons. Actuall, I knew I heard it on WENT radio at some point???? Oh, anyway that is the story. Wow, that was while ago. Jim King
  11. overrevved47

    Rocky Warner

    I talked to Rocky today. It certainly made my day. He was quiet in conversation because of the respirator that ha just taken out. His spirits were high, they were starting to get him moving and that is good. I guess we all know what the costs of something like his illness will cost. Time for some folks to step up and as race fans lend a hand.
  12. I meant rumors.....darn phone