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  1. By the time the 90's rolled around the WoO was hardly "young" anymore.
  2. The WoO race will be interesting (as will all the Sprint races) to see how much better the surface is, because usually they just burn their tires off there.
  3. There are plenty of free apps that let you do it. I do it all the time.
  4. I know they got bit last year because of problems with the stream and I understand that, but I think it's about time we stop arguing that livestreaming hurts attendance. The results just don't seem to bear that out. Attendance at big event (dirt) races is higher than it has been in decades. Look at Knoxville, Eldora, and Charlotte....and all three of them have now made it easier to get the livestream than it used to be and they are selling out every year. The only argument against not live streaming the Mods, is that they are a regional series, so they are not as likely to have viewers nationwide who are too far from the racetrack to get there tuning in.
  5. Willamson actually tweeted while he was in the care center getting tested.
  6. I really don't care if it was a new tire or a used tire. If it was so easy to come through the field with new rubber on the car, then everyone would do it.
  7. Must be a slow week in Fonda, and Glen Ridge doesn't have enough controversy about it anymore, so the new whipping post is OCFS
  8. So, when did it happen where it was not in accordance with the rules of the series? You are the one making the accusation, so it's up to you to prove your point.
  9. What always cracks me up with these types of threads is that people like to claim a conspiracy about things that are in the stated rules of a particular series. If you can point to a particular instance in which she received a provisional or a buy-in opportunity at a time that she should not have gotten one based upon the series rules, then you have an argument. Not knowing the series rules is not an excuse. If you know the rules and don't like them, then that is a different (and legitimate) argument. However, if you are going to cherry-pick one driver and accuse the series of favoritism, the burden of proof is on the accuser to point out the actual violation or instance of blatant favoritism.
  10. The mod feature was a great race. There is a difference between slick and rubbered up. They misted the track before the feature and it held up well. Would like to have seen what would have happened between Godown, Watt, and Howard if Godown didn't have an issue, because I think Watt and Howard were both quicker, but Godown would have made that car very wide. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3RrmDUrr2qI&t=67s
  11. Was happy that on Sunday, when the forecast was iffy everywhere, the three tracks running in the "area," (Bridgeport, Thunder Mountain, and Port Royal) all got their shows in with decent car counts and crowds. For once this year, rain didn't win.
  12. Can the part time workers at the track do it as well? It takes more to pull off the event than just open the gates and run the race. What about the safety crew or the ambulance, are they available...etc.
  13. Also, if you don't go to Knoxville that early on Saturday, I would suggest the Downtown Farmer's Market in Des Moines. I went the last time I was there and it was massive and took over the entire downtown like 7 or 8 square blocks with vendors, food, music...etc. and the parking was free in the downtown garages. I wish we had gone earlier in the morning instead of only spending 90 minutes there.
  14. Wait, has Grandview not put any money into the grandstand side of the facility in recent memory? I wasn't sure, I think I need you to repeat yourself at least 2 more times in this thread. No one is arguing about the condition of the "amenities" at Grandview, it's definitely rough around the edges. And yet, even though I've grown up and went to my first race at Bridgeport and live within 20 miles of New Egypt (both much nicer facilities). And although I agree that OC is making tremendous improvements. If all four of those tracks were equidistant from me and running the exact same show, I would vote for going to the race at Grandview the majority of the time, because it has the best atmosphere and the most consistently entertaining racing.
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