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  1. bicknell1


    Honestly, I don't think so. Really more about family and friends. Racing is just happens to run in the family and most of her friends. (I'm not subscriber of her youtube channel,occasionally watch)
  2. bicknell1


    She has almost 12 thousand followers on youtube,so obviously people for the most people like her videos. Like most things you can choose,you have choice to follow or not.
  3. Really hope to see GT in that car at Canandaigua that he's in at Dirt Nationals, next year!
  4. Exactly my thoughts. We are very saturated with dirt tracks in CNY ,including the north,actually NY state has allot of tracks close to each other and dollar only goes so far families not to mention teams. So side note,racers are out spending their intake,priced themselves right out of car counts or class. I really don't get spending 57,000 or about 10 thousand less for 358 . Granted Bicknell and LJLKevlar have tried to help the cost of running 358,to get winning purse of around 1200 to 2000 average winners purse.
  5. Just wondering besides new clay,what other changes are being made or talked about? I never got there last year.
  6. Graham I believe has already had Bicknells after the Troyers.
  7. So I'm noticing guys I thought were very loyal to Cyclone and Teo switching to Bicknell,so obviously Bicknell has something the others don't? So how is it that Teo and Cyclone have fallen so short?
  8. I did not know these facts. Sure puts different thought on things.
  9. I think the money spent at Oswego could be better spent at place like Rolling Wheels,yeah it be wishful.
  10. I think others have said this before or some where ,Rolling Wheels would as is Weedsport better idea than Oswego is now for SDW. I rather go to Oswego to see the ROC pavement modified or the Wheelen tour.
  11. Would love it if Weedsport became the home of SDW!!!!
  12. NASCAR is also going spec chassis made in Italy.
  13. I will never go to Oswego to see "dirt race"! It's not dirt track! SDW needs to be at dirt track,period!
  14. What happen to Perrego? According the tracker he was running right behind Williamson?