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  1. I kinda knew I would get reply such as this and I fully thought it be you Jumper12a. I don't need to defend myself.
  2. I wish DTD.tv would again offer STSS on their platform once again instead of going through floracing. Yeah maybe it would cost more,I much prefer buying individual races.
  3. Mike's team sure has stepped up their program,especially in the engine department.
  4. I think Chris Moore and Mimi Lazaro are excellent announcers! Allot of insight and local racing history (Mimi)as far as racing goes,as well as very personal touch.
  5. Since some of us don't have facebook,care to share his posting on facebook?
  6. DTD TV is making choosing which broadcast to choose! I mean what a Friday night selection! 👍
  7. Seems to me that they're more 358 modified tracks then that of Big Block,is this true or just me? Was looking for the line up of DTD TV selections and there just seem to be more 358 than BB.
  8. So is UR going to have streaming this year?
  9. So maybe I missed the story or news. So is Gary Tomkins racing full time in the car he's in at Bristol?
  10. So I've found out he's racing at Orange County this year Saturday nights on his Facebook page.
  11. I would try Speed51 which is streaming most of the tour at around 10 bucks a month.
  12. Anyone know where he's calling home this year am sure Outlaw is one of them?
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