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  1. I haven't heard or read any where if the Syracuse show is happening this year in March or not?
  2. Since I didn't see the show, this is guess on my part. I would say that is Matt is blaming Max Matts issues with his car, I would think that maybe Matt needs to fix his issues with his car before blaming others. When you are used to running up front and t's not coming easy as it has for Mat. I believe the team needs to go back to the shop and figure things out instead of getting frustrated with others. Just my opinion.
  3. Wonder if anyone remembers when the 360 was the top class at Dundee? I made there on regular basis to see the 360's. I personally happy with the news of the 360's rejoining Dundee (Outlaw) in 2021. I hoping as others that they drop a class or 2 as someone mention the Bandits and IMCA mods. I love the IMCA stock class also. I also think that having 2 sportsman classes is over kill.
  4. With all the name changes,most fans still call the tracks by well known names,like for me,land of Legends will always be Canandaigua Speedway,Woodhull is Woodhull,Dundee (Blackrock) ,never known Weedsport other than Weedsport. Then there was the Moody Mile.
  5. I just wish it was at pure dirt track. Agreed one location or maybe 2 is best.
  6. So I've been watching Matt Sheppard over this year via TV via DTD and Dirtvision. I've noticed that this year he just seems behind everyone this year?
  7. I think the questions is good one,however,moot point cause they aren't racing each other at the same track and of those that they were both at the same track,Friesen has been dominate!
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