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  1. I think the questions is good one,however,moot point cause they aren't racing each other at the same track and of those that they were both at the same track,Friesen has been dominate!
  2. There's some pictures of the skins for the car on his fb page.
  3. So I got this theory you all got,so if one of jump into shark infested water,we should all jump,right???
  4. Well I didn't know. I personally have never heard of him until I read he runs Ford power.
  5. So,I'm not sure,but how did this get into this and that about tracks and who's right or wrong? I asked about engine builders logos.
  6. So if this is the case,guess am not surprised. Shame that owner group can't play nice.
  7. So I read some where where engine builder can't put their name on the valve covers,is this true?
  8. Bicknell has the 358 Wagner Dirt spec engine,which has helped the 358 class.
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