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  1. Actually,for me it was really good on Saturday. So it's not the 12 bucks either,far cheaper than being there,they offered event,they aren't able to produce that event.
  2. Really hope they offer refunds!!!
  3. If anyone is thinking of buying the live stream,DON'T!!!! The stream is frozen almost all the time!!!
  4. So are there any plans to host SDW at some other venue other than Oswego or that pretty much where SDW will be going forward?
  5. Really,can you imagine that any football game you attend,that football club would tell fans they can't have tailgate parties???
  6. bicknell1


    So did Ryan Susice win with the W16 over the BB's?
  7. I'll put my two pence opinion here,I think it's only fair whether or not you use Facebook or not,that if it's referenced ,that a quote of what was said should be known. They're those that don't use or have the resources to use either Facebook or Twitter. We live such world now that we feel entitled to know,when en-fact probably lot that's said , probably should be kept quiet.
  8. bicknell1

    Rolling Wheels

    Would have been nice if the state spent money on RWRP instead of the spending on that track that never will be up in Central Square, New York and made RWRP the next NAPA Super Dirt week track!
  9. bicknell1

    Rolling Wheels

    I believe the guys name is Gary.
  10. Yeah that dude is nuts!!!
  11. bicknell1

    Big show 10

    As fast as Matt was,he should of waited instead of stuffing his car between Decker and the inside of track.I'm not sure why Matt felt desperate to do what happen,we'll for me being patient would been the better move or thought. Would been exciting to see 4 cars racing for the lead,huh?
  12. So I was wondering,since I've been out the loop for a bit,what are teams/drivers using,coil overs or torsion bars?