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  1. Partly cloudy ,high of 67 low of 40's with 0% of precip.
  2. Wow, what super broadcast from Port Royal Speedway, excellent video,sound,very clear and sharp!!!
  3. I've not seen any news or anything out of Land of Legend speedway or whatever they call themselves now? I'm not on any social media so I'm in the dark.
  4. I don't see it,take you make the updates?
  5. Like allot of race tracks,they rarely update their websites.
  6. bicknell1

    DR at DKM

    So has anyone thought this through? If you have product,doesn't it serve you to try to sell that product and find distributors to sell your product. I'm sure that's why "DOC at DKMs" was there.
  7. Might be that the poster doesn't know the difference between SDS and 360's???
  8. I'm thinking this goes along with the CNYRP question, ain't happening!
  9. How time flies! Guess it has been more than 3 years.
  10. Gary Tomkins was in that car ,think it was 3 years ago.
  11. Amazing what car owners know,huh!?
  12. bicknell1

    Dave Marcuccilli

    With all the security breaches FB is having,no way!
  13. bicknell1

    Dave Marcuccilli

    I'm not on fb.
  14. bicknell1

    Dave Marcuccilli

    Wonder what he'll choose for power,like w-16 or ljl/kevlar eco 358 or dmx power?
  15. So wondering does that include SDS driver running car in STSS and different car in SDS races?
  16. I think that if and when there's change in modified teams,it won't take long for AARN will have story.
  17. All fake news and false rumors!
  18. This is from Flosports:"The late models and sprint cars are not included in our coverage schedule and will not be part of our live stream."
  19. I was promised and been approved for refund and yet received one.
  20. I'm sorry for this posting,apparently I pissed off "FightForTheRails"!
  21. So has anyone received refund?
  22. Actually,for me it was really good on Saturday. So it's not the 12 bucks either,far cheaper than being there,they offered event,they aren't able to produce that event.
  23. Really hope they offer refunds!!!