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  1. The track looks like two totally different shapes from 1950 to the 55 image. But, when you look at the surroundings they all look the same. I guess this is the reason why you couldn't use photos to determine the finishes and such back in the day.
  2. Yea, it's cause of COVID. You can still order food after 11 but not on alcohol which is a bit weird. Now, they don't stop you from ordering multiple just before 11 which many are doing.
  3. Yea 7% which is 980. Restaurants are at 50% capacity and you do need to wear masks here. It's actually very similar to NY with the only exception is they don't have to put up the plexiglass dividers. Very eerie with restaurants/bars not full, roads not clogged etc... Oh, and they serve beer to 11PM which gives you a very small window after the races are over... Let's just say something I only want to experience once...
  4. If you want to see how you stack against some of the Track Chasing folks. Click on the link below. I'm at 148, it does say tied with Mr. Mike Mallett but I think I have to send in one or two more for him. Anyone that is over 100 can be added to the site...If you do, just PM me. Thanks http://www.roamingtheraceways.com/overall.php
  5. Good one Bob, with Eurich still active and been a mainstay at OCFS since at least early 70's, (could have been 60's) any driver that has 20 or 30 years there would be a good fit. I had Heotzler off the top of my head, but Wilson is a very good mention.
  6. The Hearn/Eurich or Hearn/Haotzler would several years less than Eurich/Heotzler with Brett going to the Valley for many years. With the CVD/Struck/Howard - you probably should throw in Swinehart as he's been running with thiem all these years as well. Another one I thought of, Pete Bicknell and Rick Hoctor at Ransomville?
  7. Whole key to the question which really makes it interesting is at one track. With Can-Am (Sat/Fri.) and Brockville (Thurs/Fri/Sat.) switching nights, the influx of Edelweiss and Mohawk had cars going different directions. But, Bill as you know, the North Country does have that one common and that was on Sunday night at Cornwall. You have a good nucleus of guys... Marcel, Ovide, Slip and Laurent that lasted quite a bit of time. Not sure if Ox or Dahm was that long??
  8. If you're talking at one track, it would be very tough as drivers often left, came back, left again. A couple come to mind is Rich Eurich and Jeff Heotzler at Middletown. How about Kenny Tremont and Denny Soltis at the Valley? I know Denny rans sprints some but didn't he usually spend his Saturday's at the Valley. The Lape/Jack, maybe Lou and CD would be good guess. Jack only left Fonda for a year or two for the Valley. The CVD, Strunk, Howard would be interesting but they also did leave to run Bridgeport or New Egypt for some years. I would also think Billy Cook and someo
  9. Actually a really cool and unique question... I have probably been in the infield of about 100 different tracks and one, yes one, that stands out the most and I bring it up every time standing in he infield topic comes up is turn 3 at Port Royal in the 80's. Port Royal was known for the tallest cushions and the not so smoothest surfaces of the Central Pa. tracks. It was common to see someone leave the park weekly. For years it was known that only the whacked out or crazies would call the place home. It think it was 88 or 89, I was inside turn 3 for a B-Main. It was the first tim
  10. Sr. and Jr. Ran Orange County also before moving to sprints. Kind of neat how many are thought of running just one class but actually got their start in another. Many didn't know about Fred Rahmer being a Pa small block star before sprints and there are several others. The old Syracuse telecasts or videos will show such a wide array of drivers giving the Mile a shot. Jan Opperman in Cagle's 24, Kramer Williamson in the Hatt #10, Richie Evans in the Statewide #3 and so many more.
  11. Absolutely totally selfish but I guess that is the type of question. But, when I drove Mark Zemcik's sprint car in a CRSA show at Afton/I88. I raced go-carts and even street stocks a few times, even hot lapped Doug Emery's 360 sprint (And you should have seen the smile then)....but. To run an actual event in a real sprint car will probably be the biggest memory I will have in all the years of my racing. To have my pops there as well as many friends and even had Emery as crew chief made for a special night. I wanted to do three things: A.) Have Fun. B.) Legitimately p
  12. How many ML's does it take for Baumes to get through the 24 hours of Daytona??
  13. Where I grew up near Orange County, my dad and I would venture to Pocono for the NASCAR Winston Cup events. It was only two hours away. In 83 my dad decided to go to the Race of Champions and wow did we stumble on a great event. Stumble might be the wrong word as it was there for years, like mentioned earlier first on the big track and then 3/4 mile. But, a find on our end. It had a real big race feel and there were quite a few people there. Felt like it was a great home for the ROC. Unfortunately time saw the 3/4 mile get taken out. Saw Jimmy Spencer win and glad I got the one visi
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