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  1. Actually a really cool and unique question... I have probably been in the infield of about 100 different tracks and one, yes one, that stands out the most and I bring it up every time standing in he infield topic comes up is turn 3 at Port Royal in the 80's. Port Royal was known for the tallest cushions and the not so smoothest surfaces of the Central Pa. tracks. It was common to see someone leave the park weekly. For years it was known that only the whacked out or crazies would call the place home. It think it was 88 or 89, I was inside turn 3 for a B-Main. It was the first time and it was on the referral of Lenny Sammons telling me I need to stand there. I did and my jaw just dropped, I could not believe how hard the cars entered that corner. It was like lap 5 and one car lifted , Lenny turned to me and said "pussy". Sorry for the language but it was the perfect word at the time. Just one of those special moments that is always in your memory bank.
  2. Sr. and Jr. Ran Orange County also before moving to sprints. Kind of neat how many are thought of running just one class but actually got their start in another. Many didn't know about Fred Rahmer being a Pa small block star before sprints and there are several others. The old Syracuse telecasts or videos will show such a wide array of drivers giving the Mile a shot. Jan Opperman in Cagle's 24, Kramer Williamson in the Hatt #10, Richie Evans in the Statewide #3 and so many more.
  3. Absolutely totally selfish but I guess that is the type of question. But, when I drove Mark Zemcik's sprint car in a CRSA show at Afton/I88. I raced go-carts and even street stocks a few times, even hot lapped Doug Emery's 360 sprint (And you should have seen the smile then)....but. To run an actual event in a real sprint car will probably be the biggest memory I will have in all the years of my racing. To have my pops there as well as many friends and even had Emery as crew chief made for a special night. I wanted to do three things: A.) Have Fun. B.) Legitimately pass cars. C.) Run the entire A-Main and bring it home in one piece (Started 23rd and finished 18th.) Hell, I even snucked in the victory lane picture (Jamie Cristian was lapping me coming for the checkered. Lol). Just a real cool night and can't thank Mark enough for his trust!! As far as watching, not to cop out, but there has just too many that these eyes have seen to pick just one.
  4. How many ML's does it take for Baumes to get through the 24 hours of Daytona??
  5. Where I grew up near Orange County, my dad and I would venture to Pocono for the NASCAR Winston Cup events. It was only two hours away. In 83 my dad decided to go to the Race of Champions and wow did we stumble on a great event. Stumble might be the wrong word as it was there for years, like mentioned earlier first on the big track and then 3/4 mile. But, a find on our end. It had a real big race feel and there were quite a few people there. Felt like it was a great home for the ROC. Unfortunately time saw the 3/4 mile get taken out. Saw Jimmy Spencer win and glad I got the one visit to the 3/4 mile.
  6. This can be a topic that can be open for debate for a long time.... But where do you draw the line? You have so many scenarios that can come to play. A.) Chili Bowl like Baumes mentions. B.) Knoxville Nationals, under the criteria if you win Wed/Thurs/Fri it doesn't count as well. C.) What about a track like Fulton that gets a big field of sportsman cars and splits it into 2 or 3 features. The drivers get full points and count as an official Feature winner. But.... What's the answer? You got me. I'm not saying it's wrong and I'm not saying it's right. Remember for years the Outlaws didn't count preliminary features as actual feature event wins (even though open to all competitors). My two cents is that they should be counted. They aren't "invitationals" where certain competitors are running a particular race as an invite only. These are events where fields are just simply split because of size or amount of entries. I do want to say thanks so much to Fred and gang for this effort and website. I am on it so often and it truly gives you a detailed report on a driver's or track's history. Thanks again!!!
  7. Thanks Geoff, I should have dig in deeper on the year. It was a tough time for your family but it was good to see Billy bounce back and enjoy racing some again. Hope everyone is doing well.
  8. Got there in 95...ESS and NRA had a combo race. Unfortunately that is where Billy Bradshaw had his bad accident, Just a freak deal. Back then was a very nice facility and they do carry some speed there.
  9. Ugh...Now he will bring this up at Jake's, the 31st Lap, Mugshotz, Steak & Shake (Oh wait, closed on him), and his bi-monthly, backyard bonfires. Jeez.
  10. Holy was Can-Am ever fast and smooth last night. 15 seconds is quick! (but only want to see that a few times). And Brockville was just awesome last night too, Paul had a nice cushion and smooth surface, sprints were side by side all race. Yes, we are down some this year. The main reason is that we just haven't had a rain out since June 2nd at Cornwall. That's 15 races in a row. After Speedweek some teams had engine woes and still are trying to catch up. But, to follow up last year where we had a high of 43 at Land of Legends we knew we would fall off some. It always seems to go every other year, but being in low 30's/high 20's we aren't sending that many cars home as DNQ's (Although we do pay every DNQ tow money). And yes, sprint cars (even 360's) are expensive to keep on the track. We have many of the same issues that other divisions have. However, while counts are down some, looks like we will be paying point fund money to 19 teams that have followed at least 2/3rds of the tour. Eight have hit every show.
  11. Let me take off the red hat and throw on the blue hat... Here is who we are expecting: Matt Tanner, Shawn Donath, Jeff Cook, Kelly Hebing, Dave Axton, Parker Evans, Dylan Swiernik, Denny Peebles, Scott Holcomb, Chad Miller, Kyle Moffit, Tommy Wickham, Tyler Cartier, Kyle Fraser, Edward Kelley. And most likely 2 more. We are looking at 16 total. The event in the past has been very entertaining, our first one we had 12 cars and when we got done with the A-Main you could here the buzz from the crowd. We have a special autograph session just before the A-Main where we bring the entire crowd down on the track which is a big hit. And of course, the entire event will help out the Kevin Ward Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund. You should make a trip, the Gill family is working hard on upgrades and hope to have the track running for many years to come. Thanks!
  12. I was going to say, if they can't get the events right this is not helpful at all.
  13. I actually got to Brookfield twice. Once was 1985 when Phil Bennett promoted an enduro (which I scored and painted numbers on the cars, I believe just shy of 60 cars) and they also had an ESS exhibition. I was in college at Morrisville and his son Dave was in my computer classes so they brought me along to help. I guess my first ever racing job! Then back in I believe 94 or so when the ELS Sprints ran an event there. I stayed until they put a sprint in the trees off turns 1 and 2. I knew it was going to be a while and I had to be somewhere that night. Be cool to see the old covered grandstands filled with some racing folks again.
  14. Mr. C's... Mallett, you go there? I have a few times, try the beef, fries and gravy. Mallett is right about the Speed Limit, my last speeding ticket (honest) was about 13 years ago in Knoxville. I had the ESS Pace Vehicle and the cop was IN FRONT OF ME!. He pulled to the side, got behind and flipped on the lights. Do this day I still say I wasn't doing the speed he said (since..he was in front of me!). I am not sure if this was a "local cop vs. a far out of towner who won't come back to fight this thing." type of deal but it sure felt that way. So....yes, do the Speed Limit!! Or actually, in my case, maybe under it
  15. Eeek. But what happened to Tessio? Lol. Almost as bad as our local hockey team in Syracuse using a quote from 300 for motivation. And what happened there.
  16. My butt ain't that big, but those seats up top were a bit odd and for a butt smaller than mine. But (that's 3 but(t's) in two paragraphs) glad Lenny has most likely found his third venue he has been searching for with the TQ's. The only part I cringe is that sometimes the State will book other events depending on size and of course, money to be paid on a date you might had. With Saturday's crowd I would hope he is safe annually.
  17. Our SDS trailer was parked right across from Bloomer. So got to see his pit area for 6 days strait. Its definitely "different" for lack of a better term... but two aspects set in. A.) I wish I had that hair to screw up. B.) Was disappointed that he didnt have his hauler. It looked like a rental actually according to the sign that was displayed. But it was entertainment.
  18. I just watched the 1999 SDS event at Drummondville...Holy, need anymore tear-offs!?!? Gary, I saw you pulled in while leading?
  19. Kinda been a cell phone "guy" for a while, but the only change I see on my phone is that the CAPS button doesn't work for George??
  20. I was there on the day it was filmed (1982), as you can see during the show it was try #3 to get the actual races in. On this night they actually had the move the modified feature way up in the program (just about halfway) as weather was moving in again. It was cool to see an actual NYC TV station (it was either 2 CBS, 4 NBC or 7 ABC, can't remember) but for the fans it was mixed emotions. Brett was just about on top of his game and lets just say he wasn't the favorite from all in the grandstands. So when Eurich won the night (he had the very fast Troyer Mud Buss) you can bet the crowd cheered pretty loudly. The Chris Berton deal did put a hush over everyone as it was a pretty scary accident right in front of the grandstands. When you watch the show, it's actually pretty amazing this was over 35 years ago. I thought they did a damn good job and back then you can bet most in the production of it had no idea what this sport was/is.
  21. I might have some experience in this and have done with a few... There are many that really enjoy having a drink or few and sitting back to relax, tell stories, etc... Some would surprise you and it's really fun to see "the other side" With that said... I will pick a gentleman that I haven't had the pleasure to do so with. Mr. Jack Hewitt.
  22. Yes, Brent Marks, Kraig Kinser, Ian Madsen and Jason Sides looks to be doing the tour again. As of now, Aaron Reutzel will not be following. Look for Kasey Kahne to do about 50 races next year. Greg Wilson will do most but not all.
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