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  1. If I'm not mistaken, the owner passed away so the kids got the company. First thing to go was sponsorship.
  2. It was a nice day to enjoy on Sunday. I was there Friday and they didn't have a third of the fans they did Sunday. Gary and his crew are learning and taking suggestions along the way for improvement. This week, they moved the race to Saturday and are starting at 600 pm. Give them a few races and they'll be in great shape. It was pretty cool to see Joey Grammes come out of retirement and looked as if he hadn't missed a beat. Broke the LR shock with 8 to go while leading. He had everyone covered until then.
  3. I remember years ago seeing stuff on the ol interwebs as AkLaTex Winged Modifieds. I was perusing their FB and looks like the group split again. Copied this off their site: Open memo to everyone , with a brief history of Wing Modifieds: ALTWM has historically been an 44" Motor Setback, Skinny Body, Wing Modified Racing Class. Meaning, the distance from the center of front axle, to the back of the motor, is 44". In 2003 , a couple people brought down some "New Generation Wide Body " Northern DIRT Modified cars to our area. The newer cars, have a 60" motor setback , which has alot more rear weight transfer to the back of car, and with wide body panels, that create more down force on the car. Over the next few years, several more of these "Wide Body" cars are purchased. An equal mix of both type cars now make up the ALTWM Series, of about 10-12 of each. Eventually, in 2012, the group split , and a new racing group was formed "Southern Modified Series", for the Wide Body Class. No doubt , the newer cars look sharp, and have alot more bells and whistles, than the "Old Style" originals. After a couple years , both classes began to struggle , just to have a decent car count of 5-6 cars at a race. In 2015 , ALTWM started with a consistent 4-6 cars, and the Southern Modified Series had folded. Sabine Motor Speedway never gave up on us. The track agreed to let us run and try to grow again. Everyone as a group , decided to allow the wide body cars to run again with ALTWM , to try and grow the class again. Still knowing the newer wide body cars have a definite advantage over the older skinny body cars, just by the newer design of the cars. But, we as a group , never gave up. In an effort to try and equal the cars, we imposed a higher weight , and smaller rear tire rule on the wide body cars. We worked, and worked , and for the 2019 season, averaged 12 cars per race , and had 1 race with a 18 car count. Everyone had a great time , on the track , in the pits, on the FB page, and at the meetings or banquets. A few problems arose along the way , but we all got thru them, and carried on. At the end of the 2019 season , it was evident, both classes of cars , could not agree on the rules needed going forward, to keep the cars equal to everyone. Several widebody members want to split again, and start their own series, forming the "Southern Super Modified Series. At the rules meeting in December 2019, a majority of the ALTWM members decided to go back to the original 44" motor setback rules for the series, starting in the 2021 season. This gives any wide body car 1 year to convert their cars, to conform to the original rules, if they want to run with ALTWM Series going forward. I wish the best for the new wide body series , and hope you all do well and grow. The newer cars have the best of everything, in cab adjustments , more rear weight percentages, flashy bodies, and 800HP of Blistering The Track power. The fans should love it. ALTWM will continue to grow, continue to be a family , and put on a great show to please our dedicated fans. Our Home track is Chatham Speedway. The Hobson family is great to us , and we look forward to growing with them. No doubt about it , the "Skinny Body-Wing Modified" cars are old school, unique, original, and stand out - from all the others. We all can hardly wait to say : Let's Go Racing !!! -Kevin Mangham
  4. Good Lord....everyone is going off about numbers doubling....blah, blah, blah. It's because they finally have a bunch of tests out that are getting positive results. This shouldn't be a shock. The fear and shock is ridiculous. It's probably tripled but can confirm it. 81% of people who have it show mild to no symptoms. The fear mongering is worse than the actual virus at this point! Smh. The not so funny part is the virus, or a strain of it, may have already made its way around. Estimates are around Thanksgiving to early December. I had something that absolutely would be identified as this virus, just after Thanksgiving. Picked it up in Pittsburgh at a hockey tournament. Two medical professionals couldn't accurately identify it. Thought it might be a severe respiratory infection with differences. Took three weeks to get rid of. One of them told me about this whole early virus thing the other day. Makes ya wonder. You can't prepare for it. Just try to be judicious with your own personal safety.
  5. The PA Governor announced today that he will not shut down the PA tracks! Woo hoo! Stewie and Sheppard are the latest to file for the two stops in PA. Glad to see JR Heffner make the long tow as well.
  6. Dirtcar rule book states 363 Max ci, as long as it's a sanctioned class.
  7. Anyone know why Marlar didn't run the feature? He ran his heat race. I was told he had an aluminum block motor and people bitched.
  8. FINALLY! We just had this discussion about U-R having some bite. Maybe I'll finally head back to both tracks if they can replicate that surface. Zero reason for tracks to be black slick all night.
  9. I can tell you from experience that a driver can lose 8-10 lbs of water weight in temps like these. I lost that over the course of a three race weekend. By the time I finished the feature at U-R, I was sick, dehydrated. Almost threw up in the car. It's hell on drivers and crews. Have to be smart as team and a promoter. I don't blame them.
  10. Looks like Jordan was set up a lot looser than you, Dale. I saw Tommy stick his nose in there for a second and was thinking three wide isn't going work! Lol. Annnddd....then you were in it on the bottom. The perils of short track racing. Always a pleasure to watch you work.
  11. I simply prefer tracks that have some brown left at the end of the night. Tracks that have a bottom groove, slick through the middle and some bite on the top. U-R has been predominantly black slick after hot laps. Dusty as hell. I've been to several 360 races or tour races and couldn't see/ sat there while they did track prep for two hours. I think it was last year, it was so dusty and black in hotlaps, they pulled the sprints off to rework the track. That tore it for me and I left. On a school/ work night, with my kid in tow, I'm not sitting there waiting on something that should have been addressed the previous few days or a least that morning. The fact the All Stars had a racy surface with bite just means they've not been keeping up with the surface and giving it the right attention. Black slick freight trains is not racing. I'm not all for hammer down/ tacky tracks. Any a*"hole can keep the pedal pinned to the floorboard. I want to see racing. Plain and simple. I've ran sportsman at U-R and crewed on a championship modified team. Mid 2000s...that was a consistent racy surface. I know what a decent racy surface it can be. Just haven't seen it much the last few years. Same goes for Weedsport and why I don't go there now. Now if they could prep it every week to be that racy, I'll come back. So will a lot of others.
  12. Sad to say that's EXACTLY why I didn't go. I gave up going to U-R because of the track.
  13. Billy and the Smith Team read the track perfectly. Matt got involved in a jingle on a restart and never recovered. Fairly certain the Racing Gods have shined on Matt quite a bit already this year. Decker said it's been a long time since he's had a car THAT good. Stewie threw everything at him. Decker was perfect on the restarts and only got better as the green flag stayed out.
  14. My question is how burned up the track will be after TT and heats?! Sprint cars are racing the night before, pending Mother Nature's will. If Friday's show gets in, track will be black slick taking rubber after the heats. Go to Fonda. If Friday night doesn't happen, will probably be a decent show at Fulton. Just depends on if they seal the track over Friday night before the almighty moisture hits.
  15. Yup. Scooby was third. I'm a dumbass. Lol. He was quiet about getting to third. I love the racing at Grandview. Wish it was closer. 4 hour ride makes for a long ride home. Anyone see that Gular will now call OCFS home on Saturday night? He DNQd on Saturday and wasn't added to the field as the defending track champ. Kinda surprised by that. 6th place on Sunday and now he'll be a regular at OCFS. Makes you wonder....🤔
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