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    Free is free. Don't think mike Payne is going to argue with free. Good luck to the hurricane mike Payne and the Franklin flyer
  2. I never said he was going to win the chilli bowl. All I said was he would do just fine.
  3. The guy won a WOO sprint race this year. I'm sure he would do just fine.
  4. Halmar needs to send stew the shoe to the chilli bowl.
  5. "The natural " was right there before he had that jingle coming off of 2 with stew. Looked like a racing deal nobody's fault.
  6. Will everone just shut up about the prices. It's a lot of laps for one weekend. It's a bargain. Just go to it.
  7. Is there going to be tech after the race for the top 3 positions.
  8. Ocfs should be the Mecca of dirtmod racing. Huge stands. Huge pits. You can park your car and watch the races from the drive in area. It should be the elite place to race an take in an event.
  9. dirtaholic

    Matt Sheppard

    It looked like he didn't drive by Howard. He drove thru him and drove him off the track
  10. Where is glen with his fake "dust free" clay/dirt
  11. Stew sitting on his roof in protest esw200 2011 Maxi doughs. Brett vs Danny.
  12. dirtaholic

    What's with the Hearns?

    Maybe leaving for Florida before the seminar.
  13. So Hearn won the quadruple crown last year. The valley esw Syracuse and Charlotte not to mention accord and a 2nd at Fulton 200. Not to bad.