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  1. SMH....it's quite simple, really. There are rules, follow them or suffer consequences. No one likes the current changes with the world in regards to protocol and precaution, but play by the rules and you can see racing. If you buck the system, there will almost always be consequences. There was always a saying that you can't fight city hall. If you need to wear a mask and space out to race, everyone should want to do so. I get it, tracks are a business also, but running our own family businesses, we're all in the same boat; we're all behind the 8 ball with these shutdowns. All we can do is focus on moving forward and taking precautions so no one has any more setbacks. JMO
  2. That's another point I forgot to mention; there are already residents who are not fans of the speedways. All it takes is one phone call from someone who's not happy and the task force for enforcement shows up.
  3. Play by the rules. I want to get going as much as anyone, but my concern with this is how they will abide by CDC and NYS guidelines and orders. All I was aware of was masks, and social distancing; up to 5 people per team. If you get 60 teams to show with 5 people per team, that's 300 people within less than a 1/2 mile radius; far above the less than 10 people gatherings and social distance guidelines. The tests that have happened already had very strict plans. You can call this BS or whatever, but regardless of your feelings, the government and Cuomo are currently the 'law of the land' so to speak. So if you push the envelope before your time, will it ruin it for the year, or other facilities? Right now we could possibly be racing by end of June or beginning of July if all goes well within each phase. If we push, and the government wants to push back hard enough and make an example, especially after they notified Fonda and this was made public, would they shut it down for longer, or even the year? Fines big enough that he would not recoup costs even if they could open, especially if we have to run with limited or no fans when the time comes? Fines are set at up to $10,000 per violation, but I have not been clarified through our business on what a violation constitutes....is it per day, per person, etc. Additionally, Would these actions resonate through all capital district tracks and cause implications for those not involved (ie shutting down racing completely in the area for the year if they want to make an example). There are many unknown aspects to all of this to make any determination. The thing we need to keep in mind about all of this is to be smart, and think of how your actions may have a larger effect, and affect other people/places. Just my two cents
  4. I would assume he changed tires in staging at that point. The series has always had a rule that once you 'present' your car to staging, you run it as is or assume a penalty for changes or work done
  5. We typically will put a new body on for Oswego with a slightly or totally different scheme, and keep that body and scheme for the following year on whichever car we run, and run it on the other cars when they get new bodies in the off season
  6. Thank you for the heads up. Hopefully it dries out some by tomorrow morning
  7. Congrats to the whole team. He's been running really well as of late; I told his father the end of last year that the series would certainly enhance his driving, and it seems to be showing
  8. I could be wrong, but I thought you needed Sunoco for any contingencies from them. This was also a shorter race than the entire 200 weekend surface wise. Big blocks will usually qualify well or race well when the track is tacky, but not once it gets really slick. Also, is this confirmed that it was a big block that he had in? I hope any race going on this weekend has a great turnout for cars, and the race itself is great for the fans. The fact is, there's a multitude of reasons drivers are choosing or not choosing to go to any of the aforementioned races (Budgets, rules packages, race format, families, work, etc.). I laid out some of these probable reasons in one of the other multiple posts on this topic
  9. Some Observations or food for thought from my perspective: I think a main point many people on here miss is that most of the racers in the area don't actually race for a living. Most guys work a regular job during the week, and race on weekends and have budgets set between personal finances, car owners, and sponsorship on what they do and don't do throughout the year. Some guys don't run end of the year larger shows to save their money to upgrade things for the next regular season, and some use their money more wisely to go after races they have a better shot at doing well in (tracks they run/have run regularly in the past, or similar to what they normally run). If you're not doing this for a living, you may also try to do other things with family, etc once the regular season is over, especially if you've traveled or run multiple nights a week during the regular season. While large paying shows are great for the sport, money would be more well spent to have the payout spread more through the back half of the field. Same thing goes for Mr. Dirt at my home track; it's a unique facility that can be difficult to figure out, and is even more difficult and tough on equipment. If you take that money and spread it so the last guy to qualify can get 1,500 to start or 2,000 to start, I think you have a better shot to get more people to try. When you have a minimum of a $2,000 investment to run an unfamiliar track just in tires and fuel without travel, wear and tear, lodging (if they don't have a toter or camper) etc., people who aren't familiar with a facility and are on a budget to being with may not want to come for a chance at $600 to start IF they qualify. The last thing may also be the rules package; the fact that open small blocks are legal and less weight than a big block might deter some people. Additionally draw races can put you at a disadvantage depending on the track. If the surface is not conducive to passing early in the evening due to the heaviness or tacky surface, a bad pill draw for the heat race with a stacked group can really hurt you relegating to a B-main or DNQ. I've seen it happen at any type of series races that are time trials or draw. Heavy fast track early can put a damper on heat races, and not have an extremely racy surface until later in the evening (B-mains or feature). I know a lot of people on here hate time trials, but I'm a fan for the sole reason that if we start in the back, we only blame ourselves instead of bad luck of a draw. Big blocks will likely qualify well at combined shows, but a momentum speedway like Fonda if it got completely slicked off by the end of the race could have a larger small block being the way to go unless it locked down and rubbered later on. Again these are just my opinion.
  10. I don't have a dog in the fight, and haven't really ever paid attention, as we only have big blocks the last handful of years, but for what it's worth this is from the Dirtcar 2019 rulebook under 358 rules 18.1.7 – Pistons, Connecting Rods, Crankshaft and Vibration Dampeners A. Any steel and/or cast iron crank shaft maintaining stock stroke dimensions for the engine block that is used will be permitted. B. OEM stock production and/or aftermarket magnetic, solid steel rods with a maximum length of 6”-inches will be permitted. C. Titanium and/or aluminum rods will not be permitted. D. Only 3-ring, flat top aluminum pistons will be permitted.
  11. Our family owns and operates Gould Erectors & Riggers, Inc. which is an industrial plant service provider, offering fabrication and Installation of structural steel buildings, catwalks, conveyors, platforms, laser alignments and other plant needs; we also own and operate Flach Crane & Rigging, which offer crane rentals with operator to perform lifts inside plants as well as non-industrial needs. www.goulderectors.com www.flachcrane.com
  12. Have to laugh at these posts.. Dave is a great guy and a hard worker for his money. I'm sure this is his way of having fun and getting away from the hectic work environment, much as it is for me and my team/family. The series field is a tough group of guys. We've been fortunate enough to have some great runs, but we've also had races where we struggle and get lapped once or twice when we completely miss on setup. Does this mean myself, and anyone who's struggled at times should hang it up and hire someone? Much like Dave, and many other teams who drive for themselves or fund themselves, we do it because we are blessed enough to do so and enjoy the heck out of it.
  13. In the morning meeting, we discussed pitting with flat tires while pits were closed. Most drivers agreed that waiting for the pits to open could cause unnecessary damage to cars just riding around on flat tires. Management allowed us to pit for flats while pits were closed with the penalty being the tail end of the longest line, instead of a 1 lap penalty.
  14. It was either going to be two shorter features for regular points each, or one race for double points. You had a chance for a mulligan with the two, but the principle of a double points night was the case in either way, just as last night was
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