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  1. If your counting modified and modified wins only, some of those total wins these old timers have are sportsman division wins.
  2.  Just thought all these years that this ad on the #2 was for his establishment. Perhaps you can tell me who's ad this is.   (can't post pic i have of this car)
  3. blksheep

    Best Style

    Always, always loved to watch Jack Johnson at Fonda. I don't know about being the smoothest or having finesse, but that style produced 150 Fonda feature victories.
  4. Frankie Schneider is truly one of the great dirt track pioneers of the 50's and 60's campaigning almost anywhere in the northeast, but for the most part  calling those famous Jersey/ Penns. circuits home.  I first saw Frankie at Middletown, NY.at an extra lap event in the late 50's. From there I would follow his career in the racing papers of the day and was always thrilled to see him make an appearance at the big money special shows at Fonda, the Valley and Langhorne. Frankie hung his helmet up in the 90's, but I will never forget his signature red and white #2 coupe with his own Frankie's Sausage Bar ad on the rear quarter. How expansive was Frankie's career? Frankie raced at  Daytona in the '57 and 58' events held there,....on the beach.   Get well soon Frankie. Were are thinking of you.
  5. If they had performed this horse dropping rendition of a national anthem in any other country in the world,...they would have arrested these clowns.
  6. Rene Charland.........Many drivers have earned a nickname that has followed them though out their career and for nearly 50 years when anyone made mention of "Da Champ", the racing community knew exactly who you were referring to. Rene Charland.
  7. Anyone have an update on the condition of Dave Buanno since the Fonda accident??
  8. blksheep

    Kyle Larson

    Kyle Larson is a NATURAL. Period. They don't come along that often, which makes them even more spectacular, but the fact is he's got.... IT. AND,....like it or not, he will be a multi time Nascar Champion if a marriage doesn't derail that train. (Think getting married can't slow up a career? Review the progress of the top 20 Nascar fast Guys over the last five years since their marriage.)   BTW young Mr. Larson, I understand Brooke Gordon has been asking how she can get in touch with you.
  9. Got tickey,..................But no washey.
  10. blksheep

    Old vs. New

    You know, back in the 60's we never had a problem with recognition either. After seeing a race or two, any new fan could easily spot the Ford, Plymouth, Chevy or whatever his favorite was driving. But, in my opinion, that wasn't and isn't today what makes any race car a favorite. It's the style, color, lettering  and the way the car carries itself in competition. For me, I like single tone paint, flames, easily read sponsors and numbers that are throw backs of the past.  Again in my opinion, this pic is a perfect example of a race car that puts me on my feet. And,...I have no idea what brand of chassis/body it is or was and really doesn't make any difference,.... this is a race car.
  11. blksheep

    Old vs. New

    Wings? Air Dams? 80's?, 90's?? They all looked like utility sheds with plastic graphics pasted on the form cut roof and side panels. Long before your buy-it, bolt it together and go racing favorite frame of the week days, you scrounged a junk yard body, torch cut and stick welded it together, scabbed the big block from the family wagon, sprayed on some left over paint and then went racing. Pretty didn't pay, so you spent what you had on go. This accomplishment gave both the car and the driver character. Gave the fans something to relate to and consistantly put 5,000 people in the stands every week. This is a pic of the brand of character I'm referring to. This Championship combination has 113 feature wins at Fonda alone and your Mother wouldn't even let you sit in this one.
  12. How bout a free hot dog and coke for Dad and the kids and be the trophy presenters for the first feature of the night..............Kids meet a new hero, see, touch and smell a real race car and still get home early.
  13. Please tell me that someone has built and is campaigning a #2 car in tribute to the all deserving legend Frankie Schneider. I recently came across a Daytona stat that listed Frankie as a competitor there in the '50's. ON THE BEACH!!! Being from the Fonda area, I only saw him in one race a Middletown, but followed him in the publications for years. His racing career certainly gives a whole new meaning the the old phrase "Been there, done that".
  14. In the 70's, Fonda Speedway's main event lineup included Jack Johnson, Lou Lazzaro, Dave Lape, CD Coville, Ken Shoemaker, Harry Peek, Rene Charland, Andy Romano, Maynard Forrette, ect., and special shows would draw talent like Alan & Danny Johnson, Will Cagle, Jimmy Horton, Kenny Brightbill, Gary Balough and Buzzie & Wayne Reutimann. AND,...put 5 to 7000 fans in the seats. Every week. Was this a trick question???????????????
  15. I don't know Mike personally real well, but I do see him quite often at different racing venues and Charlotte Motor Speedway here in N.C. Even with all the sucess he has had mentoring young drivers and being a consultant to Joe Gibbs Racing, every time I see him I instantly think of the "Magic Shoes and CRA Z/8" years. What a great reunion for mike and this car. I only wish I could be there, but I'm sure I'll see Mike and this car in the very near future. blksheep Dave Wager...in Charlotte