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  1. When Bad Things Happen To Good People...   It has been a devastating week for the racing community here in Upstate New York as well as nationally.   The loss of Kevin Ward Jr. & the circumstances surrounding it have shaken everyone in the dirt track racing world, me included! My heartfelt sorrow goes out to the Ward Family, his friends, crew & racing buddies who shall forever be effected by that fateful Saturday night.   With that said, Tony Stewart, whom I admire, is also effected by this tragic set of circumstances and will be for along time to come I'm sure, what happened is not something you just over with quickly. My thoughts go out to him, his family, his racing family & all his friends who also have been touched by this.   This wasn't & shouldn't be the Hatfields against the McCoys, not the cowboys against the indians... why do we have to choose sides... it was 2 hard nosed drivers doing what they love, if nothing had gone wrong they may have been drinking beers after the races together talking racing.   What happened, happened, who's right, who's wrong, the pendulum has swung from one side to the other, against Tony & now swinging the other way, media hype took Tony to the woodshed & back, experts who don't know a sprintcar from a cup car, all chiming in because it was TS & headlines sell TV time... how sad!  A Rush to Judgement!!! How to make a bad situation worse for everyone.   Out of most all racing tragedies comes some good to make our sport a safer one. I believe this will hold true in this one as well. If new rules or regulations help prevent another horrible instance, his loss will not have been for naught.   As far as the rule changes or enforcement of them should be done with some caution & oversight, not all situations concerning a driver exiting a stopped racecar are the same... fire, hot fluids, struck by a rock, broken driveshaft, fumes, sparks etc....remembering a driver is safest inside his car until all moving cars are stopped or under reduced speeds, the real problem exists in retaliation or the attempt to retaliate. If a driver exits & shows a form of retailation by approaching, throwing things or any covert acts towards another driver, track official or staff should warrant disqualification at that point.   If a driver uses his or her car as a "weapon" in a effort to damage someone else's race car, try to hurt or mame another driver or render his car unraceable should be suspended immediately &indefinately!!!   Lets do what we can to keep bad things from happening to good people!        
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