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Defunct NY race tracks...

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Addison Hill Raceway - Tuscarora, NY *NEW* IMAGE VERIFIED


Akron Motor Speedway* - Akron, NY. 1/2 mile dirt. Ran in the '30s.


Albion - Still researching this one. May have been a single Sports Car event.

Altamonte - Altamont, NY.


Angelica - 1/2 mile dirt. Ran in the '50s.


Arkwright - aka Vans. 1/2 mile dirt. Ran 50's through '63 or '64


Ashland Park - Warrensburg, NY. 2 tracks here, a 1/4 mile and 1/2 mile dirt.


Bath* - 1/2 mile dirt. Ran for 3 years in the 50's.


Bennett’s Field: The track was on 5s east of Utica near the city line.



Lots of good info on the track is here:






Buffalo Civic Arena - Former home to the Buffalo Bills. Asphalt 1/4 mile. Ran until 1959. Track completely gone. No longer exists.

Burden Lake Speedway - Averill Park, NY. Dirt 1/4 mile, ran in the '40s and '50s. The track was on the south side of Garner Road between the junctions with Sheer Road and Pond Hollow Road. http://i108.photobucket.com/albums/n13/Hal.../BurdenLake.jpg

Caledonia Fairgrounds* - Caledonia, NY. Special events in the '50s.


Cairo* - Cairo, NY. 1/2 mile dirt. Built by Kenny Shoemaker. Ran 2 months in 1974 on Sunday afternoons. Opening day crowd of 6,000.




Carmel Race Track - Ran in the '20s.


Champion Park Speedway (aka: Fairmont Midget Track), Syracuse – 1/5 mile dirt oval (7/02/39 – c.7/10/40) / 4 miles west on Genesee (Rt 5)


Chariot Park, Sloansville – ¼ mile dirt oval (1978) (1980) ran motorcycles in ’78, ran mini-stocks in ’80. (This was the track built by the Fonda promoters at the time I believe.)

Circle K - aka Whitesville. 1/3 mile dirt. Last ran 1987.


Clearview Speedway (aka: Clearview Thrillway), South Westerlo/ located 25 miles SW of Albany on Rt 32/ 1/3 mile dirt oval (1949 – c.1953)

Columbian Raceway, Mohawk – ¼ mile dirt oval (1950’s) / The track was located at Orendorf Corners on Rt 28 just south of Mohawk. Lots of good info on the track is found here: http://www.geocities.com/racing20us2/columbianraceway.html


Coon Road Speedway* - aka Sherman/Wesfield. Ran in Early '60s.


Corning Memorial Stadium* - Corning, NY. 1/4 mile dirt. Last ran in 1951. Track served double duty as baseball park and closed when repairs to outside wall became too costly


Coxsackie - Coxsackie, NY. ¼ mile dirt oval (6/01/1952), then a ¼ mile paved oval (6/08/1952 – c.1953)


Cuba Lake* - Cuba Lake, NY.


Dexter Park - Woodhaven, NY - in the Queens section of NYC. An asphalt midget track was built around the outside perimeter of a baseball field, holding racing events from 1951 through 1955 when the property was sold off for housing construction.

Drum* - Allentown, NY. 1/3 mile dirt. Closed in 1980 when vandals broke into the track, took laps with a car, injured themselves and successfully sued the owners.


Dutchess County Fairgrounds - aka Rhinebeck - 2 tracks, both dirt. 1/2 and 1/5 mile. Ran in the '40s and '50s.


Edgewood* - Alexandria Bay, NY. Ran in the '50s under the Adirondack Stock Car Club sanction.


Empire* - Brewerton, NY.


Erie County Fairgrounds - Hamburg Fair


Freeport - 1/4 mile asphalt. Ran from '34 to '83.


Fort Covington Speedway in Fort Covington NY. I mentioned this one in another thread a while back. Not quite sure, but there's a faint outline of an oval track here outside of town: http://maps.yahoo.com/#tp=1&tt=fort%20...86876&mag=2

Glen Aubrey

Goodle Speedway, Little Falls – 1/3 mile dirt oval (1953-1956)

Goshen 1/2 mile dirt* - Goshen, NY


Goshen 1 mile dirt Tri Oval* - Goshen, NY. Ran from 1908 to 1947.


Hannibal* - Hannibal, NY. 1/4 mile dirt. Ran in 1984 only.


Hemlock Fairgrounds - Hemlock, NY. 1/2 mile dirt. Ran as late as 1953 where Dutch Hoag was track champ.


Hollywood Bowl aka: Route 66 Speedway – Troy (Poestenkill) /located four miles south of Troy on SR 66- 1/3 mile dirt oval (c.1960-c.1963)


Hornell - Hornell, NY.



Ida Mae Speedway, Schodack – ¼ mile dirt oval (c.1939 – 1941) ran jalopies/ was connected with the Ida Mae Diner on US Highway 9.

Ithica - Dreyden

Ithica Motor Speedway - Known event ran 10/27/35


Kelley's Motorsports Park - Batavia, NY - 3/8 mile clay semi banked, egg shaped oval. Ran a few Street Stock events in the late 80s or early 90s.




Legion Speedway - Ebenezer, NY Known event ran on 10/6/35 Track completely gone. No longer exists.

Lowville Fairgrounds* - Lowville, NY. Ran roadsters in the '50s.


McKown’s Grove Speedway (aka: Capital City Speedway), Guilderland (McKownville) – ¼ mile dirt oval (c.1938 – 1942) located on US 20 just west of Albany. Track completely gone. No longer exists.

Menands - Menands Raceway aka: Empire Raceways, Menands, was located near Troy- ¼ mile paved oval (6/12/1947 – 9/02/1963) and became the side of the Two Guys Department Store in 1965. I doubt there's any reminders of a track on the property though.

Mettowee - Located on Route 22, just east of North Granville, NY. Ran in the '50s.


Monroe County Fairgrounds*


Morris/Midstate - IMAGE VERIFIED *NEW*


Naples Track completely gone. No longer exists.

Niagara Fairgrounds - Lockport, NY - Known event ran on 9/3/34

Niagara Falls Convention Center - Niagara Falls, NY. Track completely gone. No longer exists.

North Collins* - North Collins, NY.


North Ridge*


Olean* -

Olive Bridge aka Onteara* No further information


Palmyra 1* - 1/4 mile dirt. Ran form Memorial Day of 1950 through Labor Day of 1955. (1954 aerial photo... http://s108.photobucket.com/albums/n13/Hal...a1954Aerial.jpg )


Palmyra 2* - 1/2 mile dirt. Special events in the '50s.


Penn Yan Speedway - 1/3 mile dirt. Track completely gone. No longer exists.

Penny Royal Speedway - Leon, NY located at the Fireman’s Fairgrounds, dirt oval (c.1949 – late 50’s) / now an Amish sawmill and farm. More info here at http://www.whowon.com/Results.asp?TrackID=...;StoryID=168917


Pine Bowl* - Albany, NY. 1/3 mile asphalt. Ran for 13 years until 1963.


Richfield Springs* - Richfield Springs, NY. 1/2 mile dirt. Ran from '53 - '57.


Rock and Roll - Frewsburg, NY. Ran in the '50s and '60s. Track completely gone. No longer exists.

Roll a Bowl - aka Panama/Niobe - Niobe, NY. Ran in the '50s and '60s. Track completely gone. No longer exists.

Sandy Creek*- aka North Country Speedway - 1/2 mile dirt. Ran for 6 years in the '50s.


Sharon Raceway (Sharon Springs NY) was located on Stone House Road: *NEW*


Lots of good info on the track is here:


Satans Bowl of Death* - Busti, NY. (See MoonDogSpots description.)


Saint Lawrence Valley Speedway, Canton – dirt oval (1951)- Bill Wimble started his driving career here.

Saranac Lake Speedway, Saranac Lake -1/2 mile oiled dirt oval (1958-1968)-the track was always a NASCAR sanctioned track.


Schodack Center Speedbowl (aka: Ups and Downs)– Schodack Center – ¼ mile dirt oval (1955) located five miles from East Greenbush Speedbowl / closed by NYS Police as they raced on Sundays (violated blue law

Seneca Falls* - Seneca Falls, NY. 1/2 mile dirt. No further information.




Sky-High - Schenevus, NY

Smyrna* - Located between Smyrna and Sherburne, NY. 2/8 mile dirt. Last ran in 1956.


South Columbia*


South Seneca* - Ovid, NY. Last ran in 1954.


Tioga - aka Shangri La - Owego, NY. 3/8 mile asphalt. Track closed in 2005 because of its mining value.


Twin Valley Speedway - Chenango Forks, NY. 1/2 mile banked dirt. Operated from 1970 through 1973. *NEW*


Vernon Fairgrounds - Vernon, NY.


Victoria* - Duanesburg, NY. 1/2 mile dirt.


Waterloo* - aka Maple Grove, Waterloo, NY. 1/2 mile Tri Oval.


Watertown* - Watertown, NY.


Wellsville* - Wellsville. NY.


West Perth* - West Perth, NY.


West Seneca Speedway - West Seneca, NY - 1/4 mile dirt oval, ran in the 50's **NEW**


Whites Beach* - Whites Beach, NY.


Anyone interested in a little NY State Racing history and education can help themselves here at this link.


I was trying to decide if the next two tracks should be included in this list. Neither one ever held an event but were in the process of being built specifically to BE race tracks, and both were unsucessful attempts. I decided to include them because they both fit in with the feeling of this list. The tracks are still there, but no racing on them.

The first track is located within eyesight of exit 41 eastbound on the NYS Thruway between Birdsey Road and Route 414, about 100 yards before the exit ramp starts. This track was in the process of being built back in the late '70s and very early '80s by former race promoter Dominic Tantallo, who reopened Canandaigua Speedway in 1972. I'm not sure that Dominic and rival promoter Glenn Donnelly got along. I am about 90% sure that this track was being built in Donnelly's face to spite him and nothing more. If I remember correctly, Tantallo died of natural causes while still excavating the track. The following link proves the track was in the final stages of layout when the worked stopped.


* * UPDATE * *

It is highly doubtful that the above track will exist beyond the spring of 2008. There is currently heavy logging and excavation happening within 100 feet of where this track sits. I highly recommend that everyone wanting to see it, do it soon. I've heard people say that the property is for sale -or- has been sold, and Native Americans are looking to place a Casino there. Just what we need... another Casino. Below may be the best and final image of the track...


This next track was in the process of being built back in the mid to late '60s. I had heard about this one as a kid, and spent quite a bit of my spare time looking for it after a non racefan fishing buddy told me about it's rumored existance. One day while doing some satellite searching about 30 years later, I finally found it. And wouldn't you know it, fellow DTD'er Mike Coleates steps forward and says it was his father and grandfather that built it. Now I don't have all the particulars... YET. I was given the opportunity to talk to Mikes dad, and pick his brain about it. The discovery of the track, and Mike stepping forward with the news that he has a direct tie with it all came about simultaneously with my divorce, so I was forced to put it on the back burner. Mike... I know you are reading this. We need to talk as I want to get this done. Anyway, here is the track to prove it exists.


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Hey Bob,

The picture of Palmyra is the track at the fairgrounds, which is still in existence. I have been told NASCAR had a "big car" race there in the '50s. The defunct Palmyra Raceway was east of Palmyra on Rte 31. It was in back of where the Moose Club is.

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That makes 2 tracks in Palmyra. Knowing the area fairly well, the Moose Club sits on the right as you head east on 31, just after where 21 branches off to the north, correct? And... is there anything on that property now? You'd be amazed how old race tracks stick out like sore thumbs on a satellite image :)

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I don't believe you can see any of it. There is a ball field built by the Moose Club. Also, there was a junk yard there, which I do not believe was there when the track was. The access for the junk yard was on trolley road. Next to the Moose is the Volunteers of America. Track was behind these

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Hey Bob,

same goes for the picture of Bath racetrack. That is of the fairgrounds, which presently exists. There was another one in Bath, which Dutch raced on but not sure of the location.

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This is all good stuff to know. I'll find out the locations of the other tracks if it kills me. And it probably will. :lol:

And that would have been Hoods junkyard, correct?

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Dually noted... and done Toby. Thank you.

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That's correct Bob....Billy Hoods old junkyard. And are there any pictures of the most beloved Canandaigua Speedland, before they shortened it? You think Canandaigua is fast now....

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In the office of the fairgrounds are a few old pictures of Speedland before it was shortened. One of them is an aerial photo taken from across Townline Rd., and showing midgets in the infield. My guess is early 1950s judging by the tow vehicles. I'll talk to my mother and see if I can borrow them long enough to scan some day... :rolleyes:

A little more trivia about the Ontario County Fairgrounds. In the early 1900's, the fairgrounds sat at the end of Granger Street, between Fort Hill Avenue and Chapel Street... the same property where Canandaigua Academy sits, and where I attended High School. I've not been able to determine if any auto racing events were held on horse racing track that was on the property. Maybe I'll head over to the museum one of these days and take a gander at some of the old pictures there.

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You can also add White's Beach,West Perth,Coxsackie,Altamont and Menands

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There is also the North Ridge Speedway in Argyle, NY. This is the track that Red Durkey (spelling) opened in the early 90's. A couple towns people complained and it was shut down. It was a fun track to race at. Glen Ridge is almost a mirror image of North Ridge. Both sit back in a woods and since late summer 2006 Glen Ridge is facing towns people that forced a curfew and from what i'm hearing lately also want the track closed. I remember running against Dave Camara, who pretty much started his racing career at North Ridge. Bob Savoie, Donnie Ackner, John Kollar and other CVRA drivers also ran as regulars.

One thing about the track is that if you we're unlucky enough to get over the high 3rd turn wall you would go down a big ravine. (No one ever did it, thank God.)

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A couple of tracks to add which were near the Southern Tier of NY State:

Ithaca-Dryden Speedway(located off Route 13 between Cortland and Ithaca). The track is pretty much still there I think, but it’s used for go-karts today (called Ringwood Raceway). Lots of Southern Tier stock car regulars raced here. It closed in the late 60’s.


Glen Aubrey Raceway (located off Route 26 north of Endicott NY). A mobile home park occupies the property today. Not much evidence of the track, although I’ve read that the frontstretch wall is still visible in places. This was a Friday night stop for Shangri-la, Chemung and Five Mile Point stock car regulars. This track also closed in the 60’s.


Lots of really good old pics and info on Glen Aubrey can be found here:


I do know a little bit about Sidney Speedway which was in the town of Sidney off Interstate 88 (northeast of Afton)…

Sidney's grandstand bleachers are the same bleachers that now sit in Fonda’s fourth turn. They were purchased sometime in the 50’s after Sidney closed. The track was an early URC sprint car stop when the organization was first getting going.

I’ve e-mailed the Sidney Historical Society to see exactly where the track was located but I’ve yet to hear back from them. I’ve always wanted to know. I believe it was the old Tri-County Fairgrounds but I have no idea where that was either. They apparently have a little museum in town and they have pictures of the track and speedway memorabilia.

A couple of other defunct Southern Tier tracks that probably most people have no idea ever existed are…

Campville Speedway was a dirt track which was located between Endicott and Owego off Route 17c near what I think used to be an 84 Lumber yard near the Susquehanna River. Shangri-la Speedway was built after WW2 and filled the void Campville left after it closed sometime in the 1940’s.

Kirkwood Speedway, which was a half-mile dirt track on Route 11, right off I-81 exit 1 near the PA border, is a town park today on the river flats along the Susquehanna. Kirkwood was owned by a brother of Five Mile Point founder Irv Heath. I believe Kirkwood closed somewhere in the late 1940’s.

Both Campville and Kirkwood featured sprint cars (“big carsâ€Â) back in the day. There are little, if any, signs of a track in either location today. The Southern Tier had a number of sprint car teams way back then long before stock cars became popular.

And way, waaaaaaaaaaay back when, my grandfather once told me he used to go to the “big car†races as a kid in the 1920’s at the Binghamton Fairgrounds which is where the Binghamton Plaza is today on State Street near downtown. For those that pass through the area the plaza can be seen from both Interstate 81 and Route 17 as they pass through the city.

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If North Ridge is off the Sweet Road Bob has a picture of it...

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Moondog, do you know where the museum is? I am in Sidney 2-3 days a week f or work and dont remember seeing it. But if I get a good day I would stop and look for any racing related stuff.


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Moondog, do you know where the museum is? I am in Sidney 2-3 days a week f or work and dont remember seeing it. But if I get a good day I would stop and look for any racing related stuff.



The museum is on Liberty Street on the second floor of the Civic Center in Sidney. I saw a picture of the speedway/fairgrounds display on this website when I was looking for an email address for them:


Let me know what you find!

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In Regaurds to North Ridge....

I actually sent out an email to question it, but..... if you look around the Argyle area there are 3 or 4 "tracks"... There used to be a gokart track there also which I believe may have become the "turkey trot" track (I sent an email to the address on its website to see) as I followed the directions to the place to look on googles hybrid maps...... By the looks of that..., the current cart track (or atleast the one in the photo) is where part of the pits were off turn 2, and you can see the outline of the track. That closed in what? the end 1990? I remember going there once, it was a nice place... it rained on and off all day but they did a good job to get the show in. Track had a lot of potential.

Rumors had it that CJ Richards had a good part to do with that track closing, it posed a threat to him and his car counts. I believe I once heard that he may have paid the lawyers fees for the "locals" that wanted it closed. Have to love the rumors right?

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Moondog.. On the Sidney Speedway, Im not sure what has since become of the bleachers, but those bleachers were taken down and left the Fonda Speedway with Ralph Compani. The current ones that are there were put in when Ric Lucia took over.

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Moondog.. On the Sidney Speedway, Im not sure what has since become of the bleachers, but those bleachers were taken down and left the Fonda Speedway with Ralph Compani. The current ones that are there were put in when Ric Lucia took over.

My last visit to Fonda was like 16-17 years ago back when Compani was promoter. Now that you mention it, I seem to remember reading about that.

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Sidney is posted MoonDog... We left the road names in it specifically for you.

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Sidney is posted MoonDog... We left the road names in it specifically for you.

Oh, that is too cool!!! Thanks! How the heck did you find it?

A couple of things, though:

Campville: I'm not sure that's it. I know the track that's pictured, however I believe it is a private track builit for training horses. It's visible if you're driving on Route 17 toward Owego. I was told the old Campville track was on the other side of the river by Route 17c. I know someone who used to go to the races there way back then. I'll try to give him a call to see if he remembers exactly where.

Brookfield: This is another one I'm not so sure about. I've been there before and looked over the track. I don't remember there being so many trees surrounding it, although this was probably 15 years or more when I did so. Still had the covered grandstand and everything. It was difficult to find because it was on a country road, well off a main highway. I tried looking for it on Terra Server but have had absolutely no luck, so it may be right.

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I have made dozens of trips to Brookfield...a couple for racing but mostly as a kid traveling with my dad on the tractor pulling circuit (the series he runs in still runs there (and back in the day ran there often)...thats not Brookfield...If I remember correctly theres a main road going in (and crossing roads close by) also the grandstand ( all be it scary as all hell to walk in) is much like Fonda's in terms of looks, etc. Its not visible and it would be from this distance. Plus, there is an infield tower much like Fonda used to have and again you can't see anything in this picture but you should be able to.

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Sorry for the “low-tech†TerraServer images, but here are a few more…

Circle K Speedway, down near the border with PA along the “western part†of the Southern Tier near Whitesville. I remember it being built and it was open for a short time in the 1980’s. Built by Woodhull regular Don Kio:


Hannibal Speedway was up in Oswego County but didn’t last long. Ran sometime in the 1980’s. Mentioned by “outkast24†in the “Share Your Stories†thread on this board:


The “original†Ransomville Speedway:


Pine Bowl, which was south of Troy NY was originally a dirt track but was later paved and closed somewhere in the 1960’s (Tommy Corellis used to race here):


Smyrna Speedway was a dirt track near Sherburne NY that ran in the 1950’s. Some of the same crowd who raced at Brookfield back then raced here:


I’m pretty sure this is Victoria Speedway near Dunnsville NY. I remember driving past it back in the 70’s and it was overgrown with weeds, but the grandstands were still there. Looks like they’re gone now?


Last but not least, this defunct speedway has my all-time favorite defunct race track name: Satan’s Bowl-O-Death which is outside of Busti NY, near where Stateline Speedway is today. A small creek ran over the track surface and drivers raced through it! The remains of the track are supposed to be somewhere here, but I sure as heck can’t find it!!!!


Maybe Bob, Zach or someone else who’s more adept at Google Earth than I am should be able to find these for better images if they’re available.

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