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A-1 Self Storage Bandits
Heat Winners: Mikaela Rivers, Carl Stephens, 1
Feature Finish: Carl Stephens, Michael Oakes, Ray Bliss jr, Austin Kotarski, Cameron Vargo, Mikaela Rivers, Mike Taddonio, Lauren Dubois, Jena DeFazio, Riley McPherson

Rivers Performance Mini Stocks
Heat Winners: Nick Snayczuk, Val Stephens, Randy Barkley jr
Feature Finish: Nick Snayczuk, Val Stephens, Jason Hull, Randy Barkley jr, Brad Shepard, Tom Urban, Sarah Johnson, Donna Bliss, Mike Taddonio, PJ Hauens, Samantha Burch, Rich Zelner, Jeffery York, Joe Horvatitz, Troy Collings, Dave Judd

Original Pizza Logs Sprint 600’s
Heat Winner: John Smith
Feature Finish: John Smith, Jerry Gurney, Keith Heater, Mikey Cilliberto, Val Stephens

Yasses Trucking and Construction Street Stocks
Heat Winners: Butch Zimmerman, Ron Mogavero
Feature Finish: Doug Jones, Ron Mogavero, Kyle Rupp, Mark Loveland, Byron Dewitt, Bill Weller, Butch Zimmerman, Don Newton, Bill Kowski, Dave Bansmer, Jason Babbitt, Darrell Moyer, Jeff Bridge, Kenny Begnouche, Kenneth Cook III, Jason Rumsey, Nate Arnold, C3

Johnny’s Bar 360 Late Models
Heat Winners: Brian Farnsworth, Tommy Kemp
Feature Finish: Jon Rivers, Jim Johnson, Rich Hale, Brian Kotarski, Bob Babbitt, JJ Mazur, Dave Dubois, Alan Wais, Brian Farnsworth, Jason Bridge, jimmy Johnson jr, Neil Patterson, Tom Kemp, Tom Baker, Carl Shetler

Grease Lightning Sportsman
Heat Winners: Rob Pratt, Tim Downs
Feature Finish: John Venuto, Ricky Newton, Ray Bliss, Rob Pratt, Andrew Patton, Tim Downs, Dick Park jr, Dan Norton, Gordon Hermanson jr, Matt Richmond, Tony Pangrazio, Chris Brown, Rob Richmond jr.

Another reminder for the street stocks that ONLY Street Stocker medium tires will be allowed for the rest of the season. They will be looked at so no duct tape on the tires to cover up the compound. Oh come on, like nobody else thought of that.

We look forward to another excellent show next week and wanted to thank everyone who has patronized the track in the first half of the season. I think we can all agree that the track itself has been improving each week and the quality of racing as well. Both go hand in hand and the feedback we have been getting supports that. Remember that it’s not just the quality of the clay, or the driving, but the guy sitting at the keyboard who makes this track what it is. (OK, slight exaggeration on the keyboard guy there).

In all seriousness, the staff, fans and drivers I have spoken to really appreciate the hard work that Jim and Annette Mazur have put into Raceway5. The countless hours and the countable dollars do not go unappreciated. Both work full time at Mazur’s Auto Repair (although the workers there may not agree) and also work what seems like even more hours at the track. Trust me they aren’t getting rich here, but do it week after week for the love of racing. Here’s to many years of

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