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Jeff Lambert

Orange County Fair Speedway Results - 8/17/2013

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Ric Hill

Jerry Higbie

Craig Mitchell

Tim Hindley

Donnie Wilson

Clinton Mills

Mike Kolka

Tommy Meier

Richie Eurich

Jeremy Markle

Bob McGannon

Joey Decker

Mike Ruggiero

Cliff Ehrman

Kenny Moulton Jr

Bill Pascual

Billy VanInwegen

Chris Whitehead

John Lieto

Chris Shultz






RJ Smith

Brian Krummel

Joe Conklin

Mike Dutka

LJ Lombardo

Anthony Perrego

Chris Stevens

Frank Venezia

Jessie Leiby

Andrew Reeves

Joey Falanga

Pat Murphy

Troy Arnold

Danny Cronk

Dion Naples

Brianna Hurbin

Tommy Vigh

Tyler McKee

Matt Janiak DNS



Rookie Sportsman



Tyler Treacey

Kyle VanDuser

Otto Bradatsch

Thomas Strupp

Rafaele Carson

Corey Lowett

Ira Landrum

George Begg

Steve Eubanks

Howard Murphy

Mike Folchetti

Matt Burke

Mike Weslowski

Steven Ball

Christian Rumsey

Zach Mead

Mike McKerrell

Winter Mead DNS

Austin Smith DNS



Street Stocks


Stephen Kammer

Mike Vigiletti

Stan Vishinski

John Hechinger

Jim Maher

Emerson Cargain

Charlie Donald

Joel Murns Jr.

Shawn Maher

Chicky Bruntfield

Joey Metrando

Ron Constable

Harry Shortway

DJ Ross

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Thank you Jeff for getting these posted!


(Been hoping Donnie Wilson could pull off a win.  He was looking strong the week he looped it in 3 on the restart.)

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Wilson did not loop it - he was taken out by the car starting 3rd on the restart - along with the outside pole car.  I figured him to win that night.

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Pretty sure Ruggiero was 4th on re-start, and was able to miss the mess.

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