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Kinda surprised to not see TMAC on the entry list yet

The list just came out today & it's very early. There are 2 T-Mac's missing from the list still. And there's about 175-200 others that aren't on this list yet. Also, assuming McCreadie is driving for Andy Bondio again, I believe the entry's will be sent in by the car owner, not the drivers.

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Rico says he and CJ Bell got the axe.

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Rico says he and CJ Bell got the axe.

You're reading too much into that lol. It was a joke, sort of. Keith Kunz tweeted his new driver roster for the 2016 season a couple days ago, not counting the CB. Rico responded with a tweet of his own, stating that he & Christopher Bell got the axe, in a jokingly manner. Abreu & Bell will be competing in a lot more NASCAR events next year, they can't commit to the KKM Midget program full time, like they were this year.

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2016 Chili Bowl Entries (165 on 12/07/2015)

Drivers added on 12/7/2015:

Glad to see Kasey Kahne is returning to the CB after skipping the last couple years. Other notable additions today were Larry Wight, Tim McCreadie, Sprint Cup driver Justin Allgaier, Paul McMahan, Joey Saldana & Sarah Fisher-Hartman.

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Here is a pic of the Midgets that JJ Yeley & Austin Brown will run this Saturday during the Inaugural Bad Boy Buggies Indy Invitational @ Bankers Life Fieldhouse. Can't wait to check this show out this weekend! This is NOT the car that JJ Yeley will pilot @ the CB, but I'm positive that Austin Brown's car in this pic is his CB ride.


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With last years CB setting a record for Pre-Entries of 330, smashing the previous record of 286 or 287, here is a little perspective of where things are at this year. Last year, the Entry List debuted at 94 on 12/5. This year the Entry List was unveiled on 12/4 with 144 Entrants, up 50 Entries in one less day than last year. This years list currently sits at 165 as of 12/7. Last year the list grew to 206 by 12/15, 285 on 12/20 & by 12/27 was sitting at 316.

So, this year the list is higher than last years at this point in time, could we see another record at this years CB? I am thinking it will be broken, if not, it will be very close to last years #. If the record is broken, then how many Entries could we actually see? I really believe that 350 is a legitimate amount, time will tell.

On a side note, if the Entry List continues this trend of remaining in the 325-350 range for years to come, I see the event becoming a 6 day deal. They are going to be forced, just like in past years, to add another Qualifying Day. As the CB has grown over the years, they have extended the week of racing. I think Monday will be added at some point as another Qualifying Night, should this continue to be 325+ in Entrants. Ideally, they would like to have 60-70 cars for each nights program. With last years car count, they had 80+ cars on each Qualifying Night. Should they get more cars for this years, this # clearly goes up each night, which in turn makes for each night to become a longer show. With the Tulsa Expo Center having a curfew, this makes that challenge much harder each night. When I went to my first CB in 2004, the event was Wed-Sat. There was no Tuesday Qualifying Night or a Monday Practice Day. These were added as the race grew larger. Time will tell whether this would ever happen, these are just my own thoughts on how this has played out in the past.

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12/13/15 Entry List Update:
182 entries with 166 confirmed drivers from 29 states and 3 countries. 20 A-feature starters and 39 Rookies

Drivers added on 12/13/15:
3B - Joe B. Miller (Millersville, Missouri)
3N - Jake Neuman (New Berlin, Illinois)
3S - Brian Shirley (Chatham, Illinois)
9K - Kyle Schuett (Philo, Illinois)
19N - Nick O'Neal (Wagoner, Oklahoma)
22B - Troy Betts (Newark, Delaware)
25M - Derrick Myers (Stonington, Illinois)
35L - Cody Ledger (Omaha, Nebraska)
41 - Brad Thompson (Austin, Arkansas)
51F - TBA
51J - R.J. Johnson (Phoenix, Arizona)
51R - Matt Rossi (Phoenix, Arizona)
51W - TBA
52 - Brandon Hightower (Natchez, Louisiana)
82M - Steven Shebester (Mustang, Oklahoma)
87C - Coby Hughes (Collinsville, Oklahoma)
88D - Rusty Dukes (Fair Grove, Missouri)

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2016 Chili Bowl Entries (204 on 12/14/2015)

Entries Added on 12/14/2015:
0G - Mitch Gladman (Victoria, Mildura, Aust.)
2RS - Chris Windom (Canton, Illinois)
2S - Travis Scott (Washington, Oklahoma)
3C - Raven Culp (Mesquite, Texas)
4 - TBA
5B - Andee Beierle (Bismarck, North Dakota)
5D - Zach Daum (Pocahontas, Illinois)
5F - Rik Forbes (Omaha, Nebraska)
5S - Chase Stockon (Elizabethtown, Indiana)
9P - Parker Price - Miller (Kokomo, Indiana)
15B - Danny Burke (Houston, Texas)
18 - Tony Bruce, Jr. (Liberal, Kansas)
21D - Justin Dickerson (Pittsboro, Indiana)
29J - Logan Jarrett (Kokomo, Indiana)
31 - James Burke (Baytown, Texas)
54 - Evan Pardo (Gatesville, Texas)
57D - Daniel Robinson (Mt. Vernon, Illinois)
59 - TBA
63 - Bryan Clauson (Noblesville, Indiana)
77D - Dean Drake, Jr. (Collinsville, Oklahoma)
83G - Matt Gilbert (Merriam, Kansas)
99P - Dillon Welch (Carmel, Indiana)

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2016 Chili Bowl Entries (221 on 12/15/2015)(Last Year was 206 on 12/15)
#‎ChilIBowl2016‬ Updated List:
221 entries, 204 confirmed drivers, 43 Rookies, 31 states, 22 feature starters, 5 Champions, & 4 countries

Entries Added on 12/15/2015
6A-David Gough (Machesney Park, Illinois)
6K-Josh Lakatos (Pasadena, California)
11B-Travis Berryhill (American Canyon, California)
11K-Gavin Harlien (Mesa, Arizona)
16K-Chris Dyson (Pleasant Valley, California)
17R-Ricky Stenhouse, Jr. (Olive Branch, Mississippi)
21K-Cory Kruseman (Ventura, California)
23-Jimmy Light (Lizton, Indiana)
31B-David Budres (Beloit, Wisconsin)
39B-Spencer Bayston (Lebanon, Indiana)
39C-Payton Pierce (Bridgeport, Texas)
50-Daniel Adler (St. Louis, Missouri)
53-Brett Wilson (Coweta, Oklahoma)
56-Billy Wease (Noblesville, Indiana)
56J-Sheldon Haudenschild (Wooster, Ohio)
77U-Chris Urish (Elkhart, Illinois)

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#ChiliBowl2016 Updated List: 240 entries, 223 confirmed drivers, 48 Rookies, 32 feature starters, 31 states, 6 Champions, & 5 countries

2016 Chili Bowl Entries (240 on 12/17/2015)

Entries Added on 12/17/2015:
1-Sammy Swindell (Germantown, Tennessee)
04-Marcus Thomas (Corsicana, Texas)
7B-Austin Brown (Millstadt, Illinois)
7H-Darren Hagen (Riverside, California)
7R-Robert Ballou (Rocklin, CA)
7T-Brett Thomas (Brisbane, QLD, Australia)
8J-Jonathan Beason (Broken Arrow, Oklahoma)
8K-Blake Hahn (Sapulpa, Oklahoma)
10J-John Hunt (Tulsa, Oklahoma)
11AG-Dave Darland (Lincoln, Indiana)
17D-Alex DeCamp (Locust Grove, Oklahoma)
17K-Michael Koontz (Bloomington, Indiana)
17KT-Joe Janowski (Carmel, Indiana)
17S-Ryan Secrest (Newton, Kansas)
21H-Harlan Hulsey (Owasso, Oklahoma)
21T-Ty Hulsey (Owasso, Oklahoma)
27K-Billy Lawhead (Tulsa, Oklahoma)

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I saw that Tim Bertrand (NEMA midget multi-car team owner and former racer) sent a motor down South that may be fit into a car for Kevin Swindell to run with a great deal of custom work to get him back in a car...



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