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From LoLR's Facebook page: 



Land of Legends fans and teams,

First I would like to apologize to everyone for the difficult situations we were faced with this evening. We have been dealing with extremely dry conditions in upstate NY and we tried something to combat the dust from previous weeks and we failed. Track conditions were not up to our high standards. As a result we worked with our drivers as we first and foremost want them safe. It was mutually decided that we forego tonights Modified and Sportsman feature.
To be fair to all our fans we decided to provide free admission to either the 7/21 or 8/11 show with your ticket stub or pit band from tonight. So basically, tonight's racing and Family Autograph night is on us!

Thank you for your patience, understanding, and patronage.

See you next week under better conditions

Promoter Paul Cole and Management


So that answers that...Now the only other thing I'm curious about is people complaining about a driver's win being robbed of them? Anyone with insight there?

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From what I have been told they tried to dig/disk the track and add water.  It did not come around obviously.  I get it, but it takes alot of time to lay the track back down and pack it so it does not get rutty.  It's a weird science cause I've helped out people putting together a track for truck and tractor pulling.  

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