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The annual Wayyyy too early to talk about SDW; SDW entry list thread

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Jamie, I will be there with my 2012, 4 cyl, Honda Accord Coupe.  Mark it down!!

10 weeks from today I'll be sitting on a golf cart with a beer in hand watching cars go through tech. With how good the 200 was and the improved track conditions I'm hoping to see a few more cars on t

I like your enthusiasm but I don’t think a couple Facebook well wishes are going to convince drivers to spend $1000s of dollars to get their car to Oswego. Someone wants to open a check book that migh

Guest aramos20h
7 hours ago, GoFast39Fan said:

He get a motor for one of his cars? I heard on DDD he was hoping someone would step up and offer. Him one. He's ran Roots car at Can Am and Mohawk 

Running the 11 car 

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So what do you think guys , I`m guessing  teams that are going have already made there decisions...last count 58 BB and 42 SB....Do you think we will add to that?...Or do you think thats about it?....Heading up from Central Jersey next Wednesday , hoping we get good weather, safe travels to all.

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On 9/20/2018 at 5:00 PM, CNDDIRTFAN said:

Is Britten going to run the 358 race this year? He did last year.

If yes will Graham field a 358 car for the Doctor?

So far no 358 for the Dr, not sure about Peter Britten, hard to believe everyone says how abundent 358s are but doesn't seem to be any Xtra ...

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Add Willy Decker, Josh Hohenforst, and Kody Graham to the big block lists. Graham also going to have a 358 there (Britten and DJ not planning on running the 358 race as of now), Clement and Alan Therrien also confirmed with 358s. 

Also, even though he's entered, I'm not sure if Butch Tittle has another motor after blowing up at Brewerton. I've also been told Bodie Bellinger, Steve Gray, Chad Phelps, Brian Sage, and Brian Swarthout are going with big blocks, but I have not yet been able to confirm those guys. 

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