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Whelen Tour Race at Wall Stadium (NJ)

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The NASCAR Whelen Tour Modified race for Wall Stadium is approaching quickly.  It is Saturday the 18th.


From the day it was announced I had full intention of supporting it.  Sadly, it does not look like my work schedule is going to allow that to happen.


While there is a slim chance that could change, what won’t change is my desire to support the track (and the Krause’s) for ponying up the money to host the Tour.


I am thus going to purchase 1 General Admission ticket and gift it to someone.  The tickets can be purchased online.  I will buy it and then electronically send it to you.


Here is how the winner will be chosen…


- Write up a few sentences on why you want to go.  Have you never been there?  You want to take somebody who hasn’t been there before?  You haven’t gone to a Tour race since the last one in NJ?  Etc.

- E-mail it to me.  My e-mail address is simple – take my screenname on this forum and then add @hotmail.com to it

- I will review the responses over this coming weekend

- I will choose which one I liked the best

- I will purchase the ticket either on Monday or Tuesday and send to you



Let me know if you have any questions.  Thank you for reading,

- (Michigan) Mike

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