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13 hours ago, blowinblackboogers said:

Racing etiquette hasn’t been one of OCFS’s notable points for many years. And the quality of drivers has been on a decline for years as well.  Ok, Hearn is back, Gular is here, but Perrego is clearly the top driver/car in the modified field today. I wouldn’t be surprised if Hearn agreed to come back only if OC had the fastest in time trials start up front. And I don’t blame him. Perrego was lucky he didn’t get walled by Janiak coming out of turn four going for the lead in the first feature as Janiak made every blocking move he could for two laps. I’ve watched Perrego for many years become the driver he is today with the help of a devoted father. But I’ve said this before here, to beat Hearn in the points, he’s gonna have to dial it back a bit. No need to be that aggressive with a half track lead. I do think he’s gonna gain some attention with the Graham ride. Much more deserving than an overrated Mad Max in my opinion.

I looked at the person next to me and asked why is Anthony running so hard with that big of a lead. I was thinking more that he was going to break something with how rough the track was. Anthony has proven himself at each level that he has raced at, whereas some of these other young drivers have not stuck around long enough to become proficient at any kind of racing. I hope he makes waves on the DIRT series. 

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2 hours ago, Bob Krummel said:

You can never have to big of a lead in racing.............

Unless of course, like scotty29 said, you break something due to a rough track, or your wear the right rear and get a flat, or your on the edge so much you spin out all by yourself like Friesen did while leading the STSS at Accord last year, or a perennial lap car like CG Morey makes a move like he did and you might be better off choosing to take him coming out of the turn or on the straight. If you watched Hearn Saturday, in the heldover, you would of seen a veteran sit back for the first 5-10 laps while starting 26th, letting many falter on their own, and settle for a respectable 6th place finish. That’s how you win a championship.

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