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Big Diamond Coal Cracker 72...

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You weren’t there last night you missed out on an INCREDIBLE race, one of the best CC races EVER...Huge crowd on hand were on the edge of their seats with the show CVD, Brett Kessley, Duane Howard, and earlier on in the race Alex Yankowski put on...Jake Smulley has the new clay surface figured out and is just nailing it perfect week after week now...2020 is gonna be fun as soon as the gates swing open next spring...

Short Results 9/1/2019 - The Coalcracker 72 presented by Jack Rich, Inc.

Insinger Performance Modifieds – The Coalcracker 72 was won by Craig Von Dohren and followed by Brett Kressley, Duane Howard, Mike Gular, Frank Cozze, Jeff Strunk, Ryan Godown, Richie Pratt Jr, Billy Pauch Jr, Rick Laubach, Jared Umbenhauer, Danny Bouc, Alex Yankowski, Dan Hineline, Wade Hendrickson, Frank Yankowski, Briggs Danner, Neal Williams, Kevin Beach Jr, Louden Reimert, Timmy Buckwalter, Doug Manmiller, Mike Lisowski, Cale Ross and Nick Rochinski.

Did Not Qualify - Craig Whitmoyer, Kyle Weiss, Kenny Gilmore, Kris Graver, Frank Yankowski, Brett Gilmore, Justin Grim, Dan Waisenpacher, Dave Dissinger, Ryan Krachun, Billy Pauch, Billy Osmun, Shawn Fitzpatrick, Matt Stangle, Brandon Grosso, Brandon Grosso and JR Fulper.

The Modified heat races were won by Kevin Beach Jr, Nick Rochinski, Richie Pratt Jr and Duane Howard.

Savage 61 Roadrunners – The feature was won by Chris Holland and followed by Kris Ney, Shawn Mulhall, Kevin Holland, Ronny Suhr, Seth Reichert, Tonya Lance, Jim Kost, Matt Ney, Mike Reichert, Terry Kramer, Alex Ditzler and Tod Roth Jr.

The Roadrunner heat races were won by Kris Ney and Chris Holland.

Eash's Salvage & Towing Street Stocks – The feature was won by Jasen Geesaman and followed by Ryan Smith, Jeff Haag, Kody Sites, Eric Tripp, Chris Derr, Elvin Brennan III, Kyle Saylor, Mike Radocha Sr, Robin Wagner, John Snesavage, David Conover, John McGeoy, Dean Hine and Bruce Ditzler.

The Street Stock heat races were won by Jasen Geesaman and Jeff Haag.

Xcel 600 Modifieds - The feature was won by Geoffrey Sutton and followed by Matt Warner, Sam Scicchitano, Jeff Sechrist, Brianna James, Brian Blankenbiller, Ray Gradwell, Ryan Stoner, Travis Fichter, Tim Higgins, Jermain Godshall, Shawna Schibilia, John Singley, Chuck Bowers, Keith Inglin, Cody Manmiller, Grant Schibilia, Steve Sterner, Hunter Diehl, Korey Inglin, John Willman and Trent Warner.

The 600 Modified heat races were won by Matt Warner and Hunter Diehl.

2019 Track Champions:

Insinger Performance Modifieds: Craig Von Dohren

USS Achey Sportsman: Doug Hendricks

Savage 61 Roadrunners: Chris Holland

Eash's Salvage & Towing Street Stocks: Kody Sites

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The track was in great shape again for sure. The racing real good. And a large crowd. Lots of food and tailgaiting fun in the lot all day long.

Something  else stood out to me though.   The Coalcracker 72 does not count caution laps.  Whenever they are riding around under yellow, the lap counter never clicks.   nice

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