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Some Big Diamond 2020 Crate Sportsman Info

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Posted on tracks FB page today...


Here are a few answers to the 602 crate questions we have received:

-All cars must run the MSD 8727CT digital rev control limiter, 6,200rpm max. 

-All NEW engines must be purchased through & sealed by Big Diamond Speedway. New Egypt Speedway seals will be accepted. 

-All used engines with factory seals will be accepted. 

-602 engines are considered to be non repairable and non rebuildable. If factory seals are removed, the engine is considered expired and a new one must be purchased. If your engine has been rebuilt it is deemed illegal. 

-Aluminum wheels are allowed, 2,400lbs.

-Steel wheels are allowed, 2,350lbs.

-No sail panels. 

-No cockpit adjustments besides brake bias.

-Any track stamped American Racer tire will be accepted. Minimum compounds are 33 left front, 38 right front, 44 left rear, and 48 right rear.

-Sunoco gas must be used, up to 110 octane.

-One single 4 barrel 650, 650hp, 750, 750hp stock carb must be used.

-No high dollar or custom headers. Must be approved by tech inspector.

-All chassis must be at least 1 year old.

Any questions please call Jim at (570) 640-4171

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