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Hoosier Tire Sportsman-
Heats-Anthony Kimble, Will Shields, Alex Payne
25 lap feature-Will Shields, Zach Sobotka, AJ Lloyd, Travis Grover, Tim Guild, Tommy Paine, Zach George, Brett Buono, Jeff DaVoli, Jim Spano, Jorden Moden, Bryan Rhodes, William Bradley, Alex Payne, Ray Bliss, Frank Guererri Jr., Anthony Kimble, Stacy Jackson, JT Sparring, Ajay Potrzebowski Jr.
Stan’s No Tubes Street Stocks.
Heats-John Carpenter, Jake Karlnoski
25 lap feature-Quinn Sutherland, CJ Guererri, Glen Whritenour, Aksel Jensen, Gene Balmer, Chuck Winslow, John Carpenter, Jake Karlnoski, Mick Seeley, Luke Boom, Dave Guererri, Jeremy Potrzebowski, Jared Hill, John Zimmerman
Friendly Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram Modifieds
Heats-Dave Marcuccelli, Matt Sheppard, Ron Cartwright Jr.
30 lap feature-Alan Johnson, Matt Sheppard, Danny Johnson, Erick Rudolph, Justin Wright, Cory Costa, Ryan Susice, Donnie Lawson, Tyler Siri, Dave Marcuccelli, Steve Paine, Kyle Coffey, Brady Fultz, Eldon Payne, Greg Birosh, Scott Boudinot, Jim LaRock, Josh Nobriga, Ron Cartwright Jr., Ray Bliss, Tommy Collins Jr., Chris Ostrowski, Jordan Siri.
Sunrise Insulation American Racer Tire Sportsman-
Heats-Karl Comfort, Ajay Potrzebowski, Dale Welty
25 lap feature-Ajay Potrzebowski, Zach Sobotka, Ted Morseman, Chris Fisher, Kenny Peoples Jr., Karl Comfort, Dale Welty, Troy Sparring, Brett Buono, Jim Spano, Kaiden Dgien, Billy Paine, Chris Silvers, Reese Hackett, Stacy Jackson, Travis Grover, Doug Kline, Will Shields, Cole Youse, Justin Schenck, Alex Payne, Lance Erwin.
Hobby Stocks
Heats-Wayne Ellison, Bruce Kinner
20 lap feature-Wayne Ellison, Justin Eldredge, Marc Minutolo, James Eldredge, Bruce Kinner, Shawn Lloyd, Allison Pierce, Amber Pierce, Brian Lloyd, Casey Wagner, Phil Yaw, Jeremy Trank, Brian Austin, Kenny Hunt
IMCA Modifieds-
Heats-Bump Scutt, Rodney Morgan
20 lap feature-Rodney Morgan, Brad Smith, Nichole Spaulding, David Scouten, Rick Watt, Sparky Hills, Bump Scutt, Rich Karlnoski, Kevin Smith
4 Cylinders-
Heats-Scott Lehman Jr., Robert Doolittle.
20 lap feature-Robert Doolittle, Ray Hyer, Rick Conte, Scott Lehman Jr., Scott Lehman, Jeremy Bunn, Lee Fritz, Desi Force, Brian Scouten, Jason Smart, Eric Stinson, Larry Wise, Robert Decker, Derek Puryear


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