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  Ringoes,NJ – ARRA …..Auto Racing Research Associates, a group of two dozen auto racing historians scattered across the United States is saddened at the news of the passing of one of their founding members and most avid researchers.  Palmerton, PA’s Bill Hanna succumbed suddenly at home Monday.  Bill was instrumental in getting the newly formed ARRA historical group up and running along with other founding members President Fred Voorhees, Bill Braga Jr., Steve Barrick and Bill Skinner. 

   Bill was a long time official at his beloved Flemington Speedway where he served in a number of capacities.  It was his love of Flemington that compelled him to keep a solid notebook of various Flemington Speedway stats and facts.  Indeed, most of the large amount of Flemington Speedway data on the tracks individual page on their website was compiled by Hanna over the years.  Bill also, along with fellow Flemington Speedway fan “Goop” Mondelli, was the genesis of the formation of the Flemington Speedway Historical Society, where he served as the group’s first ever President.

   ARRA President Fred Voorhees noted, thinking back on his close friends contributions to the ARRA cause – “To research and document racing history so that it isn’t lost to time” – reflected …”Bill’s passing will leave a large void in the fabric of our research group!  Bill was quite proud of what we do and the service we provide to the racing  community and there wasn’t a more avid and thorough researcher and statistician.  He was truly a large part of the backbone of our ARRA organization and his enthusiasm will be very hard, if not impossible to replace.”

    Always looking for a way to “pay back” to the sport that had provided him with a lifetime of memories, Bill had just recently attended the Brett Deyo weekend of speed at the Port Royal Speedway and kept the racing public at large informed of what was happening by way of FaceBook posts.  “It was while he was there that I got my final text from him”, Voorhees added, “…he had been proudly wearing his ARRA shirt and hat and texted myself and fellow ARRA founding member Bill Braga Jr. that he was getting recognized and thanked for all of the research work that our fellow historians were doing for the sport!  He was so proud of the work we do!”

   Bill Hanna would have insisted that ARRA carry on with their work.  And that is what will happen.  The groups website at: https://sites.google.com/site/arradocumentingracinghistory/  continues to grow and while it underwent a major overhaul last Winter due to outgrowing its previous set up….this Winter will see the site again make changes to continue to contain the ever growing amount of statistics that are continually added.  “I have a pretty good idea of how I will honor Billy when I work on re-tooling the website this coming Winter after all of the racing has died down.”, claimed Fred as he turned back to his computer to work on a few minor details racing related. 

  Bill Hanna was not only a devoted fan of the sport of auto racing…he was even more of a devoted family man.  Bill leaves wife Sue, Son Kyle, Daughters Kimberly Hanna and Megan Campbell and Megan’s husband Kristofer.  Bill also leaves a Sister Barbara, a Brother Lawrence and his beloved Grandchildren Everleigh and Merrick Campbell.

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